Antique French Silk Embroidered Carriage Baby Cover


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Antique French Silk Embroidered Carriage Baby Cover, of soft luminous silk. I couldn’t resist this, it’s so lovely, in buttercream golden yellow.  This silk blanket cover was made for a baby carriage or to use in a cradle. Made of the finest silk, the cover has the most delicate hand done detail stitching around every edge to create four stripes. 

The pillow cover {not a case, a mid-19th century flat cover} has two silk embroidered floral bouquets. That silk is so fine, it has a thinning area and two small losses, as shown, perhaps you could tuck that under the pillow as they are on one side. A delight to use as a display with your antique French dolls, or to use as a centerpiece on a table, or for a sewing project?

  • Measure:Blanket Cover:25″ x 48″;Pillow Cover:22″ x 21″. 
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