Antique French Linen Sheet with Monogram and Date


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Beautiful Antique French Linen Sheet with Monogram and Date of 1900, this is such a wonderful textile with a softer yet sturdy “hand” for all sorts of projects, to use as a tablecloth or even to sleep under.  It’s a lighter linen, pale off-white ecru, with a wonderful texture. This has a hand stitched center seam where the two hand woven linen panels were seamed together to make the one larger piece.

It’s beautiful to use in upholstery and pillows with the seams highlighted, this is heavy fabric. A gorgeous and very high quality textile, this sheet is ideal to use for upholstery, tablecloths, pillows or anything else your heart desires.  

  • Measures 63″ x 73-1/2″.
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