Antique French Costume Pochoir Print 1800s Snowball


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Exquisite antique French Pochoir Print. dates to the 1800’s. Published by the Société des Journaux Professionnels in Paris. Made with a French process where color is manually applied to a print through a series of carefully cut metal templates, pochoir prints were extremely labor intensive, and therefore quite costly. Many artists of the School of Paris (Ecole de Paris) used this technique. What makes these so very desirable is that the colors are as rich and vibrant today as when they were made.
Features two costumes for a bal costumé, the Castillan & Boule de Neige. Gorgeous colors, and is entitled with the imprint of the publisher. There isbaging commensurate with age, and the very left bottom corner has come off, which can easily be matted out.
  • Measures:14″ x 10-7/8″.
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