Antique Belgian Bobbin Needlelace Linen Lace Collar


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A very pretty collar, entirely hand made, in Creamy White , with a lovely undulating pattern of scroll work, typical Belgian “points” and a variation of fleur de lis. Made up of a combination of tape and Deuxième point, this is a wonderful piece to add to your lace history collection, or just to display proudly on your mannequin, or perhaps wear.

Beautiful hand work, I am constantly amazed about the work women long ago created, this is a stunning example of their ability. In very good antique condition, with a few broken brides, two small spots on one of the points. Sweet surprise where the two sides join in the back, a cross that looks very similar to the Maltese Cross.

  • Measures : 26″ fully extended, 9″ at widest point.
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