Antique 19th Century French Enamelware Pink Cafetiere


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Fantastic 19th Century French Enamelware Cafetiere {Coffeepot}, with the most glorious color PINK. This is what we are always on the hunt for, it just doesn’t get any better than this one….decorative, romantic, feminine, and French!

Two part top with filter and lid, the spout is the split spout indicative of the 1800’s. Great size, there is the normal wear you would expect from a piece with this age. The filter has some rusting. A stunning addition to your French Enamelware Collection, or the beginning of one. Display this like the piece of antique art it is, fill with your most luxurious roses from the garden.

  • Measures 15″h x 10″ {handle to spout} x 5-7/8″.
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