19th Century French Hand Blown Glass Apothecary Jar Red Tole Lid Ledoux


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19th Century French Glass Apothecary Jar with Red Tole Lid Ledoux. A beautiful decorative addition to your French country {or city} home.  The red tole metal cap is decorated with a gilt accent, the label reads A LEDOUX. It is a replacement label, glued over the older label – perhaps a selection of bottles bought from another business to repurpose? A wonderful addition to your collection of pharmacy jars and bottles.

The old glass has bubbles, and waviness, the bottle has a rough pontil on the bottom, it was hand blown. This has all the personality, quirkiness and original patina of the antiques you found in that little shop in Paris long ago.  These are getting rare to find, especially with the less common red caps.

  • Measures: 4″ x 10-1/2″h.
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