19th Century Bronzed Cast Iron Door Knocker Hand


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Exquisite 19th century French Door Knocker in cast iron with bronzed finish. This collectible and beautiful antique door knocker in the form of a lady’s hand holding a round ball, it is a very heavy cast piece. The hand is well formed with a ring, what makes this knocker unusual and special is the sleeve “cuff” it rotates from, with two buttons on the top. Stunning original patina, over 100 years of darkening and “softening” of the hand, what you want to see in a decorative piece like this.

Doorknockers were meant to allow the visitor “to take hold of the house, like a handshake.” Through the way the door was knocked, it declared the emotion of the visitor, too, like haste, frustration, timidity or confidence. Perfect to add to your collection, use on your French desk to hold your papers.

  • Measures 6″ x 2″ x 2″h.
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