Embrace the freshness and hope of this new season – welcome to The Spring 2021 Gift Collection. Our Spring edit will inspire you to create a beautiful home filled with light, and all the joys of the season.


I love spring, this year even more than I usually do. You, too?





The Spring 2021 Gift Collection



The renewed hope and fresh beginnings, the warmer days, birds singing, well, you know what I mean. Here at FrenchGardenHouse, there are signs that the seasons are changing, the air is warmer, trees are beginning to blossom, and I spied a diligent hummingbird crafting a nest in the orange tree yesterday morning!


The many joys of spring inspired this year’s Spring Gift Collection. It’s the time of year that we all welcome warmer weather with open arms, to embrace the freshness and hope of this new season! Let’s throw open the windows and doors, and enjoy a more relaxed life that spills outdoors effortlessly.





After months of winter, freshen up shelves or a corner in a room with a few decorative pieces you love. Spend an afternoon re-arranging and freshening up your interior with some French style.



spring French Decor


Simply changing out the faux flowers on my vanity in the bathroom brings a touch of spring.  Our Soft Pink Hydrangea Stems come in a bunch of five, and their color speaks to the new lighter season!


pink hydrangea


Candles lift your mood with their glow any time of year. Bring in lighter, cleaner scents to lightly perfume your rooms. I am excited to show you our custom candles for Spring.  I re-designed the packaging, and I love how they look.  The lavender candles are back, and they remain our top spring and summer seller, with the scent of the Provence lavande.



Inspired by our memories of going to the ocean in summer, you will love this scent on days you want a vacation. Experience the ocean’s natural fragrance with this elegant candle. Impeccably blended with a high dose of French charm, our hand-poured candles are carefully crafted to provide you many special moments. The light green marine notes are layered with sea moss, the fresh scent of ice juniper and aniseed, then a subtle touch of amber and sandalwood to create the simple, elegant L’Ocean.


luxury candle



Another beautiful way to bring botanicals and scent to your home is with potpourri.  This season, we are offering a Lavande|Amber and a Citrus Garden Potpourri, both of which come with their own little refresher oil.



The Spring 2021 Gift Collection

Fragrance your home beautifully with a burst of citrus fragrance. Reminiscent of the hills in Menton, in Southern France, this citrus fragrance bring a bright splash of scent to your home. Lemon, lime, and orange layered with thyme, coriander, rose and gardenia delight.



Good as gold, our Monsieur Lapin Bunny is sure to charm you. A gent who is celebrating spring, our planter is made of pottery with a metallic gold finish. He is carrying a basket filled with beautiful faux flowers. Blooms in lavender, purple and pink include pansies and roses, basket is embellished with French wired chartreuse satin ribbon.


The Spring 2021 Gift Collection


Of course Madame is not to be left behind!


The Spring 2021 Gift Collection






lavender French luxury


Indulge in the relaxing scent of lavender, with our curated French Lavender Gift Box. Tucked neatly in purple shred, the two bars of French soap join lavender perfume, and the world’s most luscious lavender sugar scrub. A hand made lavender wand joins the party to scent your favorite pj’s.  What more could a girl want? {besides a butler}

Make a promise to you: relax more, stress less. Catch up with friends, face to face hopefully. Read great books. And take good care of yourself.




You already know this, but adding a few new spring colored towels to your kitchen makes you, your family and your kitchen very happy!  Happy towels, made by Europe’s finest weavers, in the most gorgeous designs. Add these to your French kitchen, it will help make you smile each time you do the dishes. {ok, maybe not, but darn it, you’ll use very good looking towels while you do it!}


The Spring 2021 Gift Collection


Add a few “joy givers” to your kitchen area, like these new towels. Also, our antique kitchen pieces make every kitchen feel special, and you will love them more each time you use them.



Maybe it’s because I personally have quite a thing for beautiful, good quality soaps, but soaps are still our #1 requested item for the gift collection by you.  : ) This season, our sweet little “nest” soap sets are back. They are little hand made egg soaps, nestled in a little nest of shred, on an antique porcelain plate. Bagged up ready to gift. One for you, one for me.



egg soaps


The Spring 2021 Gift Collection


And then there are these:



The Spring 2021 Gift Collection


I’ve been lusting after these for a few years, and finally found them! They come in sets of three, with a tag and ribbon, or with a natural sea sponge in a set. Ready to give to someone you really, really love.  {When they first came into the shop, I really wanted to just run home with all of them, they are so beautiful and smell amazing.}




Part of the fun of putting together our seasonal collections is that it allows me to add some whimsy to the ahem…serious antiques.

There Parisian Atelier Tussie Mussie Candy Cones are always a treat. Hand made just for us by an artist using antique wallpapers, millinery and trims, Dresden, silky French ribbon, and a liberal sprinkling of imagination.

Aside from these, our selection of spring colored French wired ribbons is back, for you to wrap gifts with, and tie on your own decorative wreaths, planters and seasonal decorations.



The Spring 2021 Gift Collection


I hope you embrace the coming Spring Season warmly, it’s the season of hope, and renewing.  May you find gratitude in your daily life and in the smallest things!


gift colletcion





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