The Charm of French Style

Evoke the joys of a languid afternoon spent with a friend in France and set your own table with The Charm of French Style. Today I’m sharing a pretty and easy French inspired table, it combines all the joie de vivre and formal/casual “mix it up” style my French girlfriends are so adept at creating.


If this past year has taught us nothing else, it’s to savor the splendor of every moment.  And to cherish every single memory and lock it in our hearts.  For me, almost nothing beats sitting at a pretty table with a person {or more of them!} that I love and enjoying a small meal, laughing, sometimes crying, as we share our lives. {meaning me, with a friend – Mr. FGH doesn’t cry much when I tell him something that touches my heart!}

The Charm of French style



Welcome to our beloved Monday Morning Blooms.


Shirley isn’t able to join us this time, but as a special treat we have a guest joining our flower therapy today!  We’re excited to welcome Sarah of Hyacinths for the Soul as our guest. I know you will love her as much as we do!  Be sure to visit her, Mary and Pam by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post.



Monday Morning Blooms

Monday Morning Blooms



Honestly, I’ve missed gathering people around my table more than anything else during this time, I think. You too?  This table works just as well for your immediate family as it will, later, when larger gatherings are once again de rigueur.





The Charm of French style


TIP ONE: Flowers are a must.


If you have been a subscriber and/or reader for a while, then you know that for me, flowers are always a must have for any table setting.

French friends always, always, always have fresh flowers on their table. It can be a lush bouquet {and it usually is, flowers aren’t expensive in France} or just one or two single blooms in a glass bottle. I made two arrangements for my table, since I couldn’t choose between spray roses, miniature French carnations, and beautiful sea lavender in two colors.


The Charm of French style


long pink flowers


The Charm of French style


TIP TWO: Use Unusual Containers.


While a proper “vase” is always in style, it’s so much more fun to use something else to hold your flowers!  For my first bouquet I used an antique French enamelware coffee pot, with a sweet pink rose design on the front.


The Charm of French style


The Charm of French style


For the second floral arrangement for this table, I used an antique French pudding mold, because I loved the shape of the ridges on it.  I taped the top off with our clear floral tape in a grid, to allow the flowers to stand.


pink spring French Country tablesetting

The Charm of French style


pink French Country Cottage Roses


TIP THREE: Mix textures.


For this table, I was inspired by the way my French friends set their tables at home. They don’t worry too much about layering an antique linen with new pieces, so neither did I.


I began with an antique French sheet, then layered these sumptuous pink velvet round placemats. How gorgeous are these? I wish you could feel them, because they are so soft. The ruffled linen napkins are a perfect combination.


The Charm of French style


pink table setting for spring


pink Spring Table setting


TIP FOUR: Mix and Match Flatware.


I used two pieces with mother-of-pearl handles and a spoon that is part of my Mom’s silver that I inherited. Like my French friends, I say “flatware is very happy mixed together, and actually makes your whole table setting much more interesting.”


The Charm of French style


The Charm of French style



TIP FIVE: Keep to a monochromatic color scheme.


French style can be a riot of colors, but more often it is a study in classic, elegant monochromatic design.  My table has a neutral base with the French antique sheet in flax, then I added the soft dusty pinks of the placemats and the napkins.  The flowers are also in monochromatic colors of pinks, highlighted by my Lenten roses that I had left over.


pink French bouquet


My flowers :

  • Dianthus Caryophyllus {Miniature French Carnations}
  • Limonium  {Pink & Purple Sea Lavender}
  • Pink Spray Roses
  • Matthiola Incana {Stock}
  • Helleborus Orientalis {Lenten Rose}


Whether you are setting a table just for your immediate family, or later, for a group of people you adore – follow these easy tips to set a beautiful table with The Charm of French Style. Have flowers! Even if it’s only one single bloom in a little glass, or a big beautiful bouquet or two, like I did today.


One of the joys of life is sharing a delicious meal {bought or home-made} with your friends and family.  Thank you so much for joining me today.


Josephine Baker Quote



Please Visit my friends by clicking on their links below:


SARAH of Hyacinths for the Soul


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Mary of HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs

The Charm of French style
and me, LIDY of FrenchGardenHouse.




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24 thoughts on “The Charm of French Style”

  1. Good Morning Lidy! I love all your pretty pink layers of flowers, dishes and linens (I’m crushing over those pink velvet placemats). Your petite multicolor dianthus are so sweet and your French Enamelware Coffeepot is a beauty. I’m a fan of mixing and matching of flatware and love how you used your French pudding mold as a vase. Thank you for the beauty this morning. It’s always a treat to join you for some flower therapy. <3

    1. Good morning Mary! I loved those miniature dianthus, they are super tiny but so cute! Always a treat to meet you here on our special Monday Morning Blooms!! xo

  2. Good morning Lidy! I have always been a fan of the mix (Charles Faudree) and I love textures and layering and the softness of your table is so inviting. I do love the ruffled velvet placemats and I think I might need to order them. Your two arrangements are perfect in the enamel coffee pot and the French pudding mold. You have so many antique and vintage pieces to choose from to always make a beautiful setting. Your impeccable French style is a highlight of Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you a lovely week! <3

    1. I’m such a fan of the mix, and of Charles Faudree too!! Oh, he was the best, wasn’t he?! I do have the ruffled placemats available. They are beyond delightful.

  3. Ooo la la Lidy, such a delightful arrangement and beautiful setting! Merci for all the tips too! I do miss dining with friends, definitely times to treasure. I love all the joyful pinks and ruffles and how it all feels casual and elegant at the same time.

    1. Jenna, happy Monday to you! Thank you for visiting, it’s always a joy to see you here. In this February month, we need a little bit of velvet and ruffles, and pink.

  4. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Good morning, Lidy! I agree with Pam. We both share Mr. Faudree’s opinion of “it’s about the mix.” It just makes everything more interesting! Your setting is just gorgeous with the beautiful flowers and pretty china. I’m swooning over the pink velvet table linens. I hope you have a most blessed day. Happy Monday, sweet friend!

    1. Good Monday Morning, Shannon! We all three share Mr. Faudree’s opinion…: ) Thanks so much for your visit, it’s always a joy to see you here, friend. xo

  5. Beautiful florals, and I especially like the use of the pudding mold with its low profile. Great tips, all. Thank you Lidy, and have a beautiful new week!

    1. Thank you Rita! I love how the pudding mold arrangement turned out too, the ridges are really cute! Have a beautiful week too, Rita, hope you stay warm!!

  6. Lidy, your table is stunning. I so love your placements and napkins. I know they must be even better actually seeing them. It would be a treat to be a guest at your table. Have a lovely week, my friend.

    1. Sandra, thank you! I would love to have you as a guest at my table. And yes, the placemats especially are amazingly soft and a gorgeous color. They work anytime of year, but they are really good at speaking “spring!”

  7. Your french style is charming. I love your antique coffee pot and pudding mold as containers. Simple and elegant is delightful. The velvet placemats, linen napkins and linen table cover with your elegant florals are so lovely. I also love your china and gorgeous pearl handled cutlery.
    You find such beautiful flowers with great textures and panache. Your commentary makes me feel I am there with you and that would be enjoyable.
    How is your weather?

  8. Bonnie, I would love to have you here with me! Wouldn’t that be so much fun? Thank you for always being so kind. Our weather is sunny, low 60’s, which is nice and sometimes does go up to 69 in the afternoon. Happy Monday friend!

  9. Bette Jean Herrmann

    Bonjour Lidy—-I just lost my BEST friend from the age of 4 where we grew up in Sunnyside, Queens, NY, my Maid of Honor, until now. All of the photos were truly beautiful but I’m writing because of the poem by Josephine Baker you included for Valentines Day . It really hit home for me right now in terms of my personal loss. Thank You. Regards–Bette Jean

    1. Oh Bette Jean, I am so sorry. It is the worst thing losing someone we love. She will always be your best friend, I hope in time your many sweet memories of her will give you comfort.

  10. I felt as though I was in France…!
    Thank you for such a beautiful gathering of pretty flowers and lovely dishes.
    Happy Monday to you!

    1. Thank you Nancy! I hope you enjoyed your visit here, and maybe soon we can once again actually visit France!

  11. Alice Genzlinger

    You always have a lesson for us to make our day more charming. I must ask what is sea lavender? I don’t know it. Also I love the mixing of flatware and will use my mother of pearl pieces mixed with old silver pieces at the next setting. I would love to have a flax small tablecloth to use but haven’t found one. The velvet placemats, oh my goodness, would really romanticize the setting. I also think having friends over, my family lives 1500 miles away, is what I have missed most, because I need the contact and I love to cook and serve.

  12. Alice, I’m so hoping that you will be able to see your family again very soon. Now that we’re getting vaccinated, surely this will be the year of gatherings once again? Fingers crossed. Sea lavender is Limonium carolinianum, it grows here in our coastal area of California. I have some in our front garden. It is a hardy plant, and the flowers are tall, and practically a “dried” flower straight out of the gate. You should google it, it’s a pretty thing.

  13. I have a French mold that I purchased in France and I’m anxious to use it as you did. What a gorgeous collection of flowers. Oh those dreamy placemats are the perfect compliment to
    your beautiful French inspired table.
    You make me smile always.

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