How do you beat the winter blahs?


It’s cold and dreary outdoors. The holidays are over, your house seems a little bare.


I suggest flowers!



Flowers do more than just brighten your home.


They actually have a brightening and uplifting effect on your mood, too.

Research has shown the impact is more powerful than a bar of chocolate!







If you have come here via my friends Shirley, Pam or Mary….

I’m so happy to see you here, and hope you will stay a while.





I’m away at market this week sourcing products for our FrenchGardenHouse Gift Collections.



I’m showing you photos of a table I set a while ago.



It was set with a family dinner in mind.



Since the colors of the grey linen tablecloth and the white and grey delft dishes were so neutral,

I chose bright, happy flowers in pinks and a soft apricot color.





It’s my take on a traditional mixed bouquet.



Here at FrenchGardenHouse, I like to keep my flowers in the same color family.

But you can mix colors to your taste in your mixed bouquet.











  • DO combine bunches of different flowers.
  • Buy lots of greenery. {Probably more than you think!}
  • Put room temperature water in your vase, and add flower food if desired.
  • If using a clear glass vase, I just add a few drops of bleach to keep water clear.
  • Begin with the greenery. Strip every leaf off that will be in the water. Then criss-cross the stems in the vase. This creates a collar around the top of your vase that will support the flowers. And it’s a grid-work for your flowers too.
  • Make sure you’ve cut your flowers at a slant and the stems are at most 1-1/2 x the height of the vase.
  • Arrange your flowers one by one, inserting them in your greenery.
  • Step back, re-fluff if needed, and ENJOY the beauty!




This table features my very favorite hand painted dishes, they are so exquisite!


The clear glasses I’ve had forever.


And our hi-lo secret, I picked up the black stemmed goblets at a dollar store.



Shh…don’t tell my fancy antiques and luxury linens! They can be a little snobby.

What they don’t know won’t hurt them.


You can see the entire table setting HERE >




 photo French-country-grey-tableclotht.jpg| photo Sears-hand-painted-delft-platter.jpg| photo Untitled_1.jpg





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