Hospitality is a such beautiful word.


There is something so special about having people over for a meal at home.



Hospitality is about sharing your heart,



and your home with people.




It’s not supposed to be stressful, or crazy-making.



Hospitality is about spending time with people you love,

and gathering them together to share a good meal.






A huge plus of spontaneous entertaining is that

you don’t have the time to obsess

about place settings, the perfect flowers and dishes.





You will be able to focus your attention on where it should be,

on your guests and the time spent together.


You have to pull something together with what you have.






For this table, I used a gorgeous Magnolia Garland that


I was blessed to win right before Christmas.





The Magnolia Company was kind enough to send me this beautiful, lush Golden Woodlands Garland.



It has magnolia leaves, and pine cones, feathers and gilded elements for an elegant look.

And it dried so beautifully that I am using it now on this table setting.





There is something beautiful about spontaneous entertaining at home.


Say you see a friend at the market, and suddenly realize it’s been way too long

since you heard all their latest news.


A spontaneous invitation to lunch or dinner is just the thing!






The joys of entertaining at home are many,

the first of which is that it brings people into your own space.



You can sit closely together at the table, and actually hear each other.





I’ve got some super easy suggestions for you as far as the food prep.



None of the dishes are difficult or time consuming.

{you know me by now!}



One of my all time favorite meals to make with guest is a simple pizza.


 I buy the pre-made crusts at Trader Joe’s

and have several different sauce options {red, white alfredo sauce, pesto} and toppings.



Everyone makes their own pizza, they take just 8 minutes or so in the oven, and it’s great fun!






Roasted Grape Arugula Salad


Parmesan Artichoke Risotto





I hope you do some spontaneous entertaining this year!

It’s the sort of “please join us” kind of thing


that can happen any day that can become a beautiful habit.


*Blue Linen Napkins

*Vintage Silver ware

*19th Century Blue Chinoiserie Plates

* Acorn Place Cards {coming soon!}

à bientôt


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.


  1. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Lidy, your table is beautiful, and I am swooning over those pretty blue and white plates. The magnolia garland and fruit make a perfect centerpiece, and your recipes look scrumptious! Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Lidy, what a gorgeous table with the blue chinoiserie plates, blue linen napkins and the vintage silverware. The magnolia garland is perfect to welcome your guests. How I would love to sit at your table and enjoy Parmesan artichoke risotto!??

  3. Thank you so much Pam, I would dearly love to have you visit and be able to spend hours at my table!

  4. Elaine

    beautiful and helpful hints, makes people want to be there. I love magnolias, we just moved and now have 2 magnolia trees on the property. I will always be looking for ideas to use their leaves. Do you do anything to the leaves to make them stay fresh looking?

  5. The table is gorgeous and love love the magnolia garland. Simple dishes served on very special dinnerware is the ultimate in making your guests feel special. I am definitely making that Risotto!!! Reading your posts always leaves me happy with wonderful inspiration! Have a beautiful week Lidy!

  6. What a beautiful and wonderful post! Be still my heart, I dearly love your Blue Chinoiserie Plates! What a gorgeous setting and your recipes are perfect. I’m going to try that risotto asap!

    Have a great evening, I’d love to drop in and have a spontaneous dinner with you! What time is dinner? lol

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Nancy, and for leaving such a sweet comment. Sorry, dinner tonight is left over Chinese. : )

      But you are welcome to come over. Hope you will stop by my blog again, friend.

  7. Gloria

    The lemon chicken receipt is so easy and looks wonderful when presented on a beautiful platter. I have made it so many times and could do it in my sleep. I also make homemade chicken stock from the bones.

  8. I just knew this would be a great post, Lidy…you give so many good tips and advice. Your photos are outstanding!

    About the magnolia garland. Is it fresh when it comes to you, and how long can you use it until it dries beyond hope? I love magnolia and I only see it in the South.

    All of the recipes sound great! I actually found a risotto recipe that you can make in the oven. I’ve done the time laborious method on the stovetop, but this was sensational and fed and nice group of people last Easter.

    As always, thank you!

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