We’ve been so lucky around here, our summer weather hasn’t gone H O T at all, instead we’ve been blessed with cooler temps…high 70’s to low 80’s in the heat of the day, then it really cools down at night. All of this is making me oh so anxious for F A L L. It’s my favorite season….I love the crisp days, the wind, the apples, the pumpkins…okay…you know what I mean.

It helps that we have been shooting lots of photographs of AUTUMN products, too.  Like our new Autumn Egg Soaps in a Nest above. {Aren’t they adorable?  Smell so great too. }

What kinds of things do you change at home to make your home warm and cozy and become more like AUTUMN? I’d love to know.  I’ll be doing a post about some things to do later this month, and I’d love to incoporate some of your stellar ideas!

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