Happy {almost} Fall

We’ve been so lucky around here, our summer weather hasn’t gone H O T at all, instead we’ve been blessed with cooler temps…high 70’s to low 80’s in the heat of the day, then it really cools down at night. All of this is making me oh so anxious for F A L L. It’s my favorite season….I love the crisp days, the wind, the apples, the pumpkins…okay…you know what I mean.

It helps that we have been shooting lots of photographs of AUTUMN products, too.  Like our new Autumn Egg Soaps in a Nest above. {Aren’t they adorable?  Smell so great too. }

What kinds of things do you change at home to make your home warm and cozy and become more like AUTUMN? I’d love to know.  I’ll be doing a post about some things to do later this month, and I’d love to incoporate some of your stellar ideas!

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10 thoughts on “Happy {almost} Fall”

    1. It looks great, Betty! Love the warm glow…oh happy autumn…I can’t wait.

  1. I love putting a scarecrow up in the yard with a few bales of straw. I put my wooden crows on the mantle and wear my dangly, delicate candy corn earrings on in Oct. I love going to the State Fair and Rodeo and seeing the livestock exhibits. I even love smelly barns! Eating candy and caramel apples, piling nuts in the wooden dish, putting up my pumpkin bird house!

    1. All perfect reasons why I love FALL! Candy Corn earrings? FUN!

  2. have fun decorating for the fall! it’s such a fun time of the year. PS. I vote for the white kitchen on the second photo, it’s to DIE. All kinds of perfect!!!

    1. Nuit, they are ALL all kinds of wonderful! Lucky for me I don’t quite have the financial part in order yet, so I still have time to decide.

  3. Oh Lidy! So glad I’m not the only one looking forward to Fall! Now if we could just get the crisp weather to go with it!
    Your soaps are adorable. Gonna have to buy some for a friend that has her guest bath decorated in the Bird theme.
    xo, Amber

  4. nancy el

    as you can tell by my e-mail address, i love October & fall. i change couch pillows from creme& blue stripe to rust linen. i get out my collection of pumpkin or gourd ceramics, wooden acorns. and seasonal candles and in Nov. i have turkeys of every kind.. thank you for so many great ideas…

  5. I love to change my duvets and/or comforters with each season. Each bedroom gets a fresh new seasonal change that way.

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