Beautifully folded napkins add an extra special touch to your table setting and this one only takes a moment to create. Today I’m sharing this easy way to add some charm to any table setting with a French Country Napkin Fold.

Warm Thanksgiving Table in Autumn Colors

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to set an extra pretty table with a little more care and attention than usual. Because Thanksgiving is the time to spend lots of time with family and/or friends and nothing is as delightful than spending time at a beautifully set table together. The menu in most families is pretty much set with our favorites, and a more attractive setting makes all those “must haves” taste even better!

I love fancy napkin folds, I do. But after trying to create a few napkins for our Thanksgiving table that are supposed to look like turkeys, or swans, or any of those intricate folds that always take me at least five good tries before I get sort of the hang of it, I’m thinking super simple is good! Super simple but with an elegant French Country flair.

French Country Napkin Fold


For our Warm Thanksgiving Table in Autumn Colors I folded our napkins over the flatware. It looks very casual, and is absolutely perfect with linen napkins because they have a substantial yet soft fabric.




French Country Napkin Fold

  1. Fold your napkin on the diagonal into a large triangle.
  2. Fold it again into a smaller triangle.
  3. Lay your Silverware towards the left side.
  4. Fold the right edge of the napkin over the bundle. That’s it!


Fall French linen napkins


This easy French Country napkin fold makes a big statement! It combines casual with elegant, you can add a spray of wheat and an edible dried orange slice like I did. You can also tie it with a ribbon or one of our designer tags. Or include a personal note or scripture inside the napkin for an extra special touch for your guests.

French Country Napkin Fold


I hope you will be inspired to create your own napkin with a beautiful fold for your table!  Experiment, and see what you create and love! 





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