Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial

Bring the magic of the season to your home with a centerpiece that will easily transition to the holidays later on. A beautiful centerpiece is exactly that, the center focal point in your kitchen or dining room. I’m sharing this easy Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece tutorial with you today.

Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial

Here at FrenchGardenHouse, I love nothing more than adding flowers and greens to our rooms. Because my Mom was not the creative one growing up, she encouraged me to be! I hung paintings on walls, made little flower centerpieces for our table, and stuck greenery in little jars to my hearts content from the time I was eight or so in our family home. It’s something that has stayed important to me from then on. . . to make a home that welcomed everyone with open arms, where guests could feel safe and leave inspired.

Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial

Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial


You can do the same for your own home. This Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece will take you from right now all the way through the holidays!  And it’s beautiful and easy.


Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial

Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial

  1. Choose a bowl, I picked a large antique Ironstone bowl. If it’s really deep, you can fill the bottom of it with crumpled up paper.
  2. Add two Large Provence Orange and Magnolia stems. I had to bend the stems over to fit in my bowl. Arrange them facing left and right, meeting in the middle with their stems.
  3. Next, place three Provence Orange Holiday Sprays in the bowl See what looks good. For mine, I put two on the sides where the other stems left a gap, and stuck the third one sort of on the top. Remember the stems can bend, so you can move the oranges and greens around a little to fill up the space.
  4. Tuck in the Provence White Magnolia Flowers here and there to cover any empty spots. I used three. If they want to slide off, you can use the clip to attach them to a nearby branch.
  5. If you wish, you can cut some real eucalyptus to add to this. I didn’t, because by bending and arranging the greens, flowers and oranges my bowl looked full.



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Provence faux greens

I hope you are inspired to try something like this at home too! I can’t believe it’s the holiday season already! Next time I’ll share this pretty table setting…looking forward to seeing you then!




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7 thoughts on “Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece Tutorial”

  1. Thank you so much Janet! Wishing you a beautiful day today! Lidy

  2. Lidy I LOVE oranges of all sizes and of course sticking them with cloves is so aromatic. I have been using the little tangerines lately because I accidentally ordered two bags of them instead of one. LOL Thanks for the tips on making a magnolia centerpiece. Right now my magnolia tree is bare of many of it’s leaves (thanks to Hurricane Ian) and there are no blossoms. 🙁 BUT I will definitely make note to make this easy centerpiece once we are back to normal…whatever normal is. And today hurricane Nicole has decided to join her brother “Ian” to see what havoc they both can bring to Florida. God is so good as Nicole is bringing only light winds and a bit of rain (so far) to the West side of Florida.

    1. Kari, my daughter “Nicole” was a little put out that they named a hurricane like her….but she might be happier now that it isn’t so havoc-wreaking. : )

  3. Lidy, everything you touch is so lovely! This is beautiful and so easy with your detailed tutorial. You offer so many exquisite items in your shop. Happy Weekend, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you so much! I love it because it can stay for the whole holiday time without any worries about watering.

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