antique ironstone tureen



If ever there was a time to serve up some comfort, it’s NOW. Today I’m sharing some of our Favorite Comforting Soup Recipes here at FrenchGardenHouse.

I hope that you are all doing well. Many of us are cooking more than ever before, and enjoying it a little bit more, as mealtimes have become more of a highlight of the day.






For me, nothing says comfort more than a hot bowl of delicious soup.  The beauty of soup is, that it really doesn’t matter if you don’t quite have the exact ingredients at home right now to make a certain kind. You can substitute.




You can “make do” and substitute a few things, add different vegetables to the pot, and your soup  will still turn out amazing.  It’s a perfect way to use up vegetables that you need to use soon, too. A WIN WIN.






antique french wood spoon

Antique French Wood Spoon



I’ve been decorating our kitchen here at FrenchGardenHouse a little bit more than usual with French antiques.  And setting a pretty table for the two of us.




I’ve been focusing more on how to make our home as lovely as possible, since we’re all spending so much time at home during this time.  And nothing brings great style to our kitchen more so than French culinary antiques.






Luckily, we still have wine! : )  We’re carefully drinking a very tiny glass with dinner.




Any bread we have, I serve in one of our favorite Antique French Bread Baskets….lined with an antique linen towel.




aAntique french bread basket

Antique French Bread Basket




Our collection of antique bread boards is another beautiful culinary antique we’re using when we can! I just added some more beautiful antique round boards to the shop.  The ones with the carved exteriors are getting rare to find!



Antique Carved English French bread boards

Antique Carved Bread Board 1|Antique Carved Bread Board 2| Antique Bread Board 3




A few small wedges of cheese, a quarter of an apple, and a few dried apricots that I still seem to have in large supply together with a handful of hazelnuts make for a beautiful appetizer display, and one that goes well with a bowl of heartwarming soup.



I make a little cheeseboard like this on one of our antique cutting boards from France.




antique French cutting board



Cutting  Board 1.| Cutting  Board 2.| Cutting Board 3.




Serving the soup in an antique ironstone tureen makes it even more special, doesn’t it?




antique ironstone tureen

French Country Linen Towel


ironstone tureen with wooden spoons

Antique Ironstone Tureen



Here are a few favorite soups that you most likely have ingredients for already at home.  And if you don’t have everything, substitute or leave things out.  Although most of these were posted in autumn, now is a good time for making them! Happy Cooking!: )







I hope you are staying well, and have courage as we face each new day.  In talking to a client on the phone today, she admitted she was scared.  I gently reminded her to take each day at a time, and to try to find joy in the small things at home.


She said she was watching the news a lot. I encouraged her not to, and find something she loves to watch {Miss Marple Mysteries, Hallmark Movies etc. } instead.  Worrying about the current situation won’t make it any better, but it definitely will make our own day more difficult.


I’m so grateful to all of you for your friendship. Please follow me on my Instagram for a daily update! xo



Please share in the comments below how you are doing, and if you have a tip for all of us during this time….PLEASE SHARE.  We need each other’s encouragement.





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