cherish the little things




HAPPY MONDAY!!  It’s always a happy Monday when it’s MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS.  There is nothing like the beauty of flowers to encourage us – at least that is true for me. And you won’t believe the gorgeous flower therapy my inspiring and talented friends have for you today.  I’m taking time this week to think small –  to Cherish the Little Things.



Monday Morning Blooms for spring



It doesn’t really take much to make me happy.  A beautiful sun peeking around the clouds in the early morning. A bird singing in the garden. A butterfly darting from bush to bush in our front garden. Listening to my little people laugh. Talking to a good friend. Reading a beautiful story.




Lately, I’ve been in heaven. Oh, I know. I KNOW. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Our lives have been turned upside down. But there is “something” about this time, isn’t there? Something that makes all those little nuggets of beautiful moments that we’ve talked about here so often, stand out even more.




cherish the little things





I don’t know about you, but those little moments, those little blasts of beauty, are what makes our life one worth living.  Time used to seem to fly by, before this all happened, at the speed of light for me.  It was filled with work, buying trips, meetings, gatherings with family and friends. I DO miss all those things, I do.





This time at home has slowed down the pace, but it’s also slowed ME down.  I have come to take more time and sit back to appreciate and enjoy the blessings of our life, much more! You, too?







cherish the little things





Around here we have been home at FrenchGardenHouse for 8+ weeks. And as I’ve been home, I’ve realized even more so that our lives are filled with simple little pleasures. Beautiful gifts, little moments to enjoy something simple that takes a regular, maybe monotonous day to an extraordinary one!




I’ve always wanted to make pretty little areas at home, but now, it seems that I SEE them even more than before.





Cherish the Little Things





My offering for today’s Monday Morning Blooms is a very simple one.  I haven’t been out to buy flowers, nor created a big, showy floral arrangement for us to share this time.





Our Eden is filled with the most gorgeous blooms, but I’ll be honest, since our garden update, it’s one of the few things blooming, and I am loathe to cut many of them for flower arrangements inside right now.





cherish the little things




My arrangement in our kitchen consists of just three roses, two sprigs of ivy, and two alstroemeria clusters from the garden.  I inserted a water glass in the antique French enamelware canister, popped in the flowers, and was amazed at how truly beautiful it is!





cherish the little things




Little things – they provide the seasoning of life.  Often my Monday Morning Blooms focuses on the big things, a large table setting, or a large floral arrangement. But more often than not, a little nosegay {don’t you love that old-fashioned word?} can bring just as much joy to your heart and the heart of those who live with you.



Especially during this time, I hope you take time to surround yourself with beauty.  To focus on the little things.  Those little things, be they a little vase of flowers, an organized office {note to self!} or a pretty table-setting for dinner with your family, those are the things that will fill your memories years down the line of this time.  And of course the smiles you exchanged with your neighbors walking by your front garden and stopping to chat across the fence.  The sweet face-times you have with people you love and miss.  The little things that keep you motivated and grateful on the daily.



cherish the little things




It takes little effort,  but it may make a world of difference to you or someone in your family seeing a few flowers, even a few branches if nothing is blooming at your house, lovingly displayed. I know it does for me – even something as small and seemingly trivial as rose signals hope in these trying times.



cherish the little things



I want to challenge all of us to think about how these tiny beauty moments are the ones that can help bless our day.




Beauty always blesses our soul.  Once we focus on the beauty and blessings in our world, the uncertainty and chaos will fade and leave us with a happier day, and that will make for a happier day for the people we love, too!




cherish the little things




Thank you so much for joining me today.  Please visit my cherished friends, all of them are inspiring and will give out some lovely flower therapy.  Just click on their names below.




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cherish the little things

and me, LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse










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