Antique French Enamelware




Antique French enamelware is a classic decorating accent. The shiny enameled pieces with glossy colors in white, pastel or bright jewel colors liven up any room with their French country charm.








Authentic pieces will often have hairline “age” cracks on their glossy surface, proving that they were once the work-horses in French kitchens. This only adds to their charm, their old-world beauty.




antique French Enamelware





The French began making enameled pieces in the 1800’s by covering metal {sometimes heavier cast iron} pieces with several coats of enamel and then firing them to give the pieces a baked on finish.





A finish that resisted rusting, and gave them a glossy, glass like look.




antique french enamelware




I have always loved antique French enamelware, and I’m thrilled with our latest collection that is currently in the shop.





Antique French enamelware,  it’s having a re-surgence, although with true collectors and lovers of all things French, it’s never been out of style.







It’s one of the things most sold and most asked for at our FrenchGardenHouse.












It’s loved by food editors, magazine editors, decorators and style setters.










Full of nostalgic, old-fashioned style, it’s often still functional, and works inside as well as outdoors.









With heavy use, {or if someone dropped a piece} it might have chips at the edges, or on the knob of a lid. Some collectors say that’s part of its appeal.








French enamelware adds a decorative and quite impressive French flair to any room in your home. Most antique enamelware is used today for display only.






A collection of antique French biggins and coffeepots is stunning when artfully displayed in a French armoire. Massed together, these gorgeous pieces take on the loveliness of pieces of sculptural art.








French enamelware is addictive, once you start collecting, you will be enamored with the pastel palette of dusty pinks, pale blues and greens, each one resembling a sweet and decadent French macaron.











Antique French enamelware is always a beautiful and decorative addition to your French style home.  It fits in with French Country style, it fits in with a more eclectic interior.  It looks beautiful outside in the garden.




In the garden of one of my favorite French dealers, antique French enamelware pots, saucepans and bowls are planted with blooming plants. It’s so charming!







Read my article that appeared in Romantic Homes Here >







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    1. Thank you Shirley!They are always so lovely, there is something about their aging and colors that just make them shine, isn’t there?

    1. Each one is beautiful in its own way, Sharon. Best part is that we know they were part of a family’s kitchen / home….

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