We are still weeks away

from S P R I N G.



And even though we can’t rush rush Mother Nature,

it’s easy to celebrate the coming of spring inside.




Our FGH Les Belles Fleurs Spring Collection is here!





Garden inspired faux florals help you weave touches of this season of new life into your own décor.


Decorating for a new season is all in the details,

and there is nothing that livens up a room like flowers.


While fresh flowers are ideal, sometimes they are just not practical.




The boutique floral arrangements from our Les Belles Fleurs Atelier showcase the colors of spring


and will last long after your garden has faded.




I designed this collection to brighten up chez vous


with the most beautiful long lasting faux floral arrangements.



Our florals bring the allure of “just picked in the garden” French style flowers to your home.





After we sold out time and time again for the gorgeous life-like hydrangeas


I made sure to have plenty for this spring!





I added some of your most requested colors too!




And…I am thrilled to say that I {finally!}


found the perfect faux peonies

to add to our collection.




Planted in our new hand painted metal tole Blue & White jardinieres,


they are lovely to look at and easy to work into your existing, year-round displays.




I also designed a perfect bouquet, for you to arrange in your own vase.





Our exclusive  bouquet has three fully open peonies,


two opened flowers with a loose bud, and two tight buds.






I am loving these at our own FrenchGardenHouse.



The antique ironstone pitcher shows off two bouquets.





Sometimes all you need is to add a bouquet  to your décor


to get you through the last months before spring.





Or a small pair of topiaries.



Lavender Topiaries are one of my favorites right now.




I know you will love this latest collection!


I designed it with you in mind…


fellow lovers of blue and white, peonies, lavenders and all things French Country!




à bientôt

If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.