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Welcome to this first MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS in February!



Today I’ll be sharing one of my very favorite parties of the year.



And the flowers that make it special, of course!




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Valentine’s Day really is the perfect time to show your girlfriends some love


and celebrate these vital relationships that mean so much to our well-being.





Set the stage for your special friends with a charmingly feminine Valentine’s Day Dessert Party.




A round table is placed in front of our French windows looking out on the garden


on a winter’s afternoon and laden with small desserts, a steaming pot of tea, and a celebratory drink.




The romantic pink roses and small carnations are


lovingly placed in a vintage silver plated pitcher.




This is the easiest of all arrangements, just cut flowers to size, and arrange!

I kept the flowers all in the same color family.





It’s the perfect setting for good friends,


and this setting has all the makings for a perfect afternoon.





I set this table with a large French patchwork cloth

covered in squares of striped and flowered Provencial designs.




A beautiful box of MaeMae’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect gift for all my friends.




The table is adorned with stylish vintage gold encrusted plates and glassware



to balance the delicate palette of deep pinks and lighter pinks.





Indulge sugar cravings {it’s a party, after all!}


with a sweet selection of desserts.





I bought all of these, including petite cupcakes,


a chocolate mouse cake in the shape of a heart,


and delicate pastel hued macarons.





This romantic floral arrangement

looks just as lovely on our antique French commode



on the tea tray on the other side of the room.







 Celebrating friendship is one of my favorite reasons to throw a party!






Happy Valentine’s Day 


Here’s hoping you can reserve a little slice of time


to let your girlfriends know how much they mean to you!


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à bientôt

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24 thoughts on “RECIPE FOR FRIENDSHIP | Monday Morning Blooms”

  1. Oh my I love this most beautifully elegant arrangement and you had me at silver! I am always on the lookout for beautiful (and affordable) silver teapots to one day gift an arrangement of flowers to each of my sisters. Your exquisite Valentine’s table honoring your girlfriends is magnificent and I can imagine hearing the hearts of your friends skipping a beat when they see this table…The first and third Monday of the month is my favorite as I get to share it with you and the lovely ladies of Monday Morning Blooms…My regards to your many Valentines!! Have a most beautiful day Lidy!!

  2. Lidy, that looks positively dreamy, all decked out with your flowers among your treasures in silver! That serving bowl you have the champagne in is to die for!

    1. Rita, thank you so much for your visit!

      I know Shirley has your heart today with her flowers in the courtly checks… : )

      Hope your day is wonderful!!


  3. Swoon Lidy…what a feast for the eyes! We should all be so lucky to join you for dessert at your table overlooking the garden. I’m smitten with all the pretty details of your dessert table…the patchwork quilt, silver service, beautiful engraved bowl with bubbles and sweet treats. Your flowers are gorgeous blooming from your silver teapot. Thank you for the beautiful start to my morning. I always look forward to MMB. <3

  4. Lidy, your Valentine Dessert Party is so stunning! I adore the French patchwork quilt, it sets the perfect romantic ambiance. Your attention to detail is always impeccable. It would be such a pleasure to enjoy the sweets and fellowship around your table. It is pure pleasure to join you for Monday Morning Blooms!

    1. Pam, how I would love to gather you with our floral friends and celebrate our friendship!!

  5. Silver teapots and pink roses were made for each other especially on Valentines or Galentines Day! And add chocolate, tea and champagne and you have created the perfect celebration Lidy! Everything looks so pretty, so romantic and so girly, fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much Jenna! I wish we could all gather for a party like this, it would be so much fun!

      Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,


  6. Simply beautiful Lidy. Love the carnations because they are one of my favorites. For 30 some years my husband gets me carnations because I love them. Some are surprised Rose’s aren’t my favorite. Something with their petals speak to my heart.

    Beautiful setting and all the goodies look wonderful.


  7. Cindy, I love the little carnations too, but the larget ones have the most delicious spicy scent, don’t they? And I agree, those ruffled petals are so beautiful! Thank you for your visit, Cindy. Xo Lidy

  8. Alice Genzlinger

    I’ve been drinking in the beauty of your post this morning and enjoying Pam’s and Mary’s also. These bring back precious memories of sweet moments in the past. My sweet mother in law gifted me with her old Valentine cards that she had saved from many years back. No card today compared with them. She also gave me the Calling cards her beaus left her. They sit in a nice antique dish by the front door so that I think of her when I pass by. Seeing these post this morning sets me off to Trader Joes to make an arrangement. Hubby spoils me most days but Valentines is special, is it not?

    1. What a special treasure you have to remember your dear mother-in-law Alice. Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoy your flowers this week!xo

  9. Alice Genzlinger

    Forgot to add sweet Sihirley’s blog post as hers always proves to be remember able also.

  10. Susan B

    Lidy, your table is so beautiful and elegant. I love the silver pieces you displayed. Together with the beautiful pink flowers, it makes a stunning presentation!! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  11. Gorgeous, Lidy. As you were describing the flowers, I was thinking, “She only used the flowers, no extra greenery!” Then I read the rest, and sure enough. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  12. I am here visiting you from Pam’s beautiful blog. Oh, my! Your blog is so beautiful, too! So happy to have met you today. I will be following you now! Many blessings to you. 🙂

    1. So nice to meet you Cheryl! I look forward to connecting with you here new friend. xo Lidy

  13. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    What a lovely table with such tasty looking treats – you can tell it was lovingly planned and prepared.

  14. Your vignettes are exquisite…Such beauty!!!Thank you for your visit in my little blog.Best wishes.

  15. I have been following you on Instagram for quite awhile, but I have really been missing out by not visiting your blog. Every thing is so beautiful. I will be a devoted reader from now on!

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