Bloom into Spring with Floral Jewelry

Spring is the season of flowers. Primarily meant to attract bees and other pollinating insects for reproduction purposes, let’s face it, their bright and colorful blooms definitely attract our attention! Take inspiration from spring’s most enchanting flowers and discover our spring jewelry collection – gorgeous pieces of floral jewelry. Bloom into Spring with Floral Jewelry!

One of our favorite jewelry artists takes inspiration from nature’s enchanting flowers and fruits and berries to create many gorgeous pieces of floral jewelry.

A new favorite, the blueberry pieces are beyond charming! They can go with jeans and a t shirt, or dress up for a date night.

Modeled after wild blueberries, which are celebrated for their delicious flavor and health benefits. Meticulously cast in bronze, and hand painted to capture that captivating green patina of the little leaves in nature, accented with deep blue glass berries that reflect delicate blueberries in nature.  I love that they are hand made in the artist’s studio in New York, USA.

Used as symbols of love, appreciation, and remembrance for centuries, each type of flower has its own unique meaning. The floral designs in these jewelry pieces have special significance. Every new floral collection is a labor of love with unique designs and flawless craftsmanship.

Fine Lily of the Valley dainty pieces are cast in sterling silver with a mat 24 kt gold finish. The delicate lily of the valley flowers are cast glass, each filled with a fresh water pearl.  The lily of the valley is timeless, adored for its dainty buds and wonderful fragrance. Delicate and so lovely!

Rosemary was thought to improve the mind and memory. Victorian brides carried it in their bridal bouquets, as a sign of fidelity. Delicate and so lovely, cast from real rosemary branches for life-like detailing, the earrings and necklace are cast in bronze, the earrings have sterling silver ear wires.

I am completely over the moon smitten with this line of jewelry! As the sun makes spring days and evening warmer, wearing your hair up will really show off a pair of stunning floral or ‘nature inspired’ earrings. What a beautiful way to celebrate this fresh and inspiring season.

Modeled after the beloved morning glories, those magnificent trumpet shaped flowers that open each morning with a bright face. This Morning Glory Blue Necklace is made with a combination of  hand patinated bronze leaves and 24 karat gold twigs, accented with light and dark blue cast glass flowers. 

Throughout the centuries, flowers have been able to express beauty, and feelings. During the Victorian age, interest in the natural world went hand in hand with the Victorian interest in the “language of flowers”. At a time when feelings were discouraged and repressed, flowers were able to communicate love, friendship, and many other feelings.

I hope you discover a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings that features a favorite flower to wear for this season!


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