Giving with a Story

Giving a special person you love a gift with a story is meaningful, unexpected and will delight your gift recipient. Here are my best tips to elevate your gifting to be personalized, on point and extra wonderful – Giving with a Story.

This is the time to show how much you notice the details. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s more about your care and insight. Choosing a gift referencing your recipient’s personal story, passions and likes shows your consideration and thougtfullness.

Tips for creating thoughtful gifts: Giving with a Story

Gather Ideas

Keep a little list {mine is on my phone} and note any little gift ideas throughout the year. That way you will have a good list of gift giving ideas. Shopping with your sister and you notice she loves a certain French enamelware pot? Note it in your phone!

Gift a Beautiful Moment

Think about elevating the everyday moments for your gift recipient. Some examples of gifts that elevate the everyday:

*Luxurious candles, with a set of designer matches, a candle care kit, and a note from you describing how you remember talking all night by the glow of candles.

*A beautiful antique tea cup and French tea, for your friend who dreams of visiting all the Parisian tea salons in the future.

*A stack of luxurious tea towels for your friend who always admires yours, along with a promise to help do the dishes at her next event.

*A leather make up bag and glasses case for her purse, since she’s constantly grabbing around the bottom of her bags for both

Go for Indulgence

There are certain people you love that just deserve an indulgence. We all have friends or family members who give beyond the normal. Perhaps one of them managed your household while you had surgery, or it’s someone who does everything for others, but not much for herself? She deserves a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Or an antique breadboard with a recipe for your best sourdough bread! Or a luxurious set of linen napkins. You get the idea.

Giving with a Story

Gift at an Unexpected Time

Gifts that are given “just because” outside of the expected holidays or birthdays make a lasting impact. Create your own occasion, and give a friend or family member a delightful experience with an inspired gift. With a touch of thought and planning, a gift like this will serve as a touchstone for growing relationships.

*Gift a porcelain dog mug and tea towel to your neighbor that you love, who is completely smitten by her two pups.

*Curate a collection of lavender products to delight a friend who needs a pick-me-up! Lavender sachets made from antique lace, lavender wands, lavender soaps and lavender sugar scrub and perfume are all a delightful choice. Nestle these into a beautiful box or basket, and your friend will think of you all day long as she smells the scents of Provence!

Best Gift Ideas For Francophiles

Make it Personal

Always include a hand written note! Our oversized designer tags are perfect for this. Write a sweet note on the back, or a favorite scripture, and sign your name. I can’t emphasize enough how special it is to get a hand written few sentences from someone you hold dear.

Even better, write a memory about a shared experience you had together! The more personal you can make your gift, the more heartwarming it will be.  A shared memory on a little tag or card ties a gift together with a thoughtful finishing touch.

Multiply the Benefits

One is good, two is better – bundle your main gift with some inexpensive add ons.

*Give a friend who is recuperating from an illness some of your favorite books to read, tea from Paris, some French chocolates, and perhaps a beautiful soft pink shawl. While she is snuggling warmly in bed reading your book, drinking tea and perhaps eating one of the chocolates, she will think of you with such appreciation and love.

The gift of tea in a basket

Care About Details

Details matter! Take time to wrap your gift in solid paper, a pink frayed velvet ribbon and little floral embellishment go a long way to make for an exciting presentation.

Multi Task

Make it easier on yourself to stock up on a variety of small, beautiful gifts! Dedicate a shelf in a closet to your “gift giving” – and stock up for when occasions or inspirations arise. Add some lovely notecards, a favorite pen, some wrapping paper and a range of lovely ribbons and tags for wrapping.

I hope this has given you some ideas how to give elevated, inspired and deeply personal gifts to the people in your life this year! Our Gift Collection is a great place to shop for small, beautiful and meaningful gifts. Discover this month’s selection >

Giving with a Story


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