Autumn Le Cadeau Parfait Collection

While I love every season, if I had to choose just one, I have a soft spot for autumn. Celebrate Autumn’s bounty with inspiring gifts, home decor and artisanal treats. It’s the season to fall in love with updated classics and new favorites.

Welcome to our Autumn Le Cadeau Parfait Collection!

fall French gift guide

Whether it’s the cooler breezes after a fun-filled summer, the warmth of the late afternoon golden glowing sun on crisp leaves, or life’s slower pace, we’re all in our glory at this time of year. In this year’s Autumn Le Cadeau Parfait collection, we’re offering some of our favorite staples for the season – what’s at the heart of fall.  The colors, the scents, and the small cozy touches for your home as well as perfect little gifts for the people you love.  An introduction to luxurious fabrics for throws and scarves, scents to add coziness at home, and much more. It’s my hope that this collection inspires you for the upcoming season and excites you for everything else to come!

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New this season, our gift wrap sets to make gift giving a true joy.

In anticipation of gifts you will want to give this season, our new velvet ribbon with frayed edges has a truly luxurious, elegant feel. Use this ribbon for wrapping gifts, hanging wreaths, or for holiday decorating projects. Complementing the velvet ribbon is a hand made seasonal miniature bouquet filled with both natural and faux botanical to embellish one very, very special gift. Or use this miniature bouquet as a stylish embellishment to an autumn decorative display at home. Designed by us and hand made in the Parisian Atelier studio, so each is one-of-a-kind.

The Gilded Twine set is another charming way to add a touch of love to every gift you present this season. A generous 50 yards will last you through so many gifts. Our exclusive hand made twig wreath made by hand in the Parisian Atelier studio makes a thoughtful topper for a gift presentation to your most favorite person. The miniature wreath is embellished with faux fall foliage, and an acorn and pear. Includes a box of small ivory tags impressed with a gilded crown to make all your gifts perfect for the season!

autumn Gift COllection

Welcome a change of season with a small accessory that will make a beautiful difference in your wardrobe.

I’ll admit, most of the things I choose for the Gift Collections are things I personally love, and want! These scarves are no exception. The silk plaid scarf is large enough to use as a very light wrap {in summer over a cocktail dress}, but silky enough to just wear as a scarf {which is how I wear this with jackets and blouses.} The larger scarves are thicker, I actually use one on my chaise lounge as a mini throw when I’m reading in our master bedroom.

French designer scarves

Once the temperature starts dropping, nothing is quite as welcoming as the glow of candles burning.

So calming and cozy, a burning candle creates a relaxing environment in your home. Welcome Your Favorite Season with Candles. Whether scented or made of 100% beeswax, candles lend a soft light and shimmer to make our homes {and us!} look especially becoming.

Our new beeswax candles are made by a small American company in the foothills of the Catskills Mountains, they design and produce handmade beeswax candles in their own studio. Each is hand poured and hand finished, lovingly made from 100% pure North American beeswax. While I truly love the beeswax candles we import from France, this year I searched for an American made candle made here in the USA -to support a family business and American honey bees.  A subtle scent, you will love these!

organic beeswax candles

Scents of the Season,

Enhance your home with fall fragrances. Made with premium essential oils, our exclusive blends will warm your home. Scented candles will calm your inner being, lift your spirits, and remind you why you love autumn so much, even though the days grow shorter and sun can be hard to find.  We have a few signature candle scents here at FrenchGardenHouse that are a great favorite. Because I’m highly sensitive to candle scents, I chose clean, natural scents that are not overpowering.

End your lovely evening ritual on the right note with our new Gold Candle Care Kit. Like all beautiful things, candles require maintenance in order to perform optimally. Consisting of a douter {snuffer} and a wick trimmer in brass, these will extend the life of your candles and keep them burning clean and bright. The new match boxes are made in Oxford, England…again by a small family company – I fell in love with these matches in England and am happy to offer them to you.

French candles

Fresh Fall Linens

Create beautiful autumn table settings with our organic linen table cloths and napkins. New this season is a selection of wonderful napkin rings….you know, jewelry for your tables!

french linens and designer napkin rings

Favorite Fall Treats

Our favorite fall treats include our Fleur de Sel Caramels – melt in your mouth good, made ‘by hand’ process in copper pots to coax rich, luxurious flavor from organic cream, butter, and sugar to create a velvety, tender confection. Finished with flakes of Maldon sea salt. Packaged for FrenchGardenHouse in our exclusive slide box tied with a luxurious satin ribbon.  Another great favorite is back, French Chocolate Neapolitans Gift Boxes in dark or milk chocolate. Last year we sold out, this year I ordered 3x as much since they are not just delicious, but so attractive, too! Tie two boxes up {dark & milk} together with a lovely ribbon and these make a out of the ordinary hostess gift. {get a few for you, too…for chocolate emergencies or un-expected gifting needs.}

Along with these, we have our selection of ribbons, both French wired and non-wired, little decorative accents, new tags and French sachets made by Parisian Atelier, cozy alpaca wool throws that are beyond heavenly, and much more.

French ribbon

French cashmere throws

French caramels

The aged Wine Signs are back this season, I love these, and you do, too, because last year we totally sold out within hours. Aged metal, used on wine storage racks, each has wear, rusting and plenty of patina. They look so great on a wall near your wine bar, or for those of you who have a wine room or petit wine cellar, there.

French wine signs

French toile

As autumn breezes in, welcome it with creative small decor moments and gifts for the people you love {and you!} that bring the splendor of the season.

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