Aristocrat Muse Jewelry Collection

Refined, extravagant and artful, our Aristocrat Muse Jewelry Collection is a new generation of heirlooms meant for occasions and every day. Pieces with history, captivating love and sentiment, with vintage yet modern up-to-date appeal. This collection of curated jewelry pieces will capture your heart and inspire your soul. Each one has sheer artistry and beauty, and even though we no longer know the meaning or story behind these little pieces of history, they endure to be part of new stories. Your stories.

The Aristocrat Muse Jewelry Collection

This season, wander through the past with us. Many of the pieces in our current jewelry collection were gathered during trips through the brocantes. We’re drawn to imperfect things with a storied and sometimes quirky pasts, and imagine a beautiful life lived well long ago. Our collection is made up of antique lockets, charms and silver award fobs, as well as contemporary pieces with a regal, elegant, and timeless feel. We hope they enchant your heart and charm your soul.

Adding a touch of refinement to any ensemble, this antique French sterling cuff bracelet is elegantly rendered and masterfully made. The new crystal earrings bring a touch of sparkle to compete with the glitter and glow of the chateau’s massive chandeliers.

antique French sterling bracelet

{Let your imagination join us at a chateau in the French countryside, and wander through the rooms with us}


Welcome, to the enchanted life of an Aristocrat Muse. Our jewelry pieces are elegant, heartfelt, and alluring, inspired by the women of history with enthralling stories to tell.

antique French chateau
chateau french jewelry collection

The epitome of storied, sentimental antique jewelry, keep two of your favorite photos near your heart with this exceptional necklace. The chain is made of two late 1800’s watch chains with slide, the locket opens and closes well , this is something any lady of the manor would love to wear.

antique gold locket on sliding chain

It’s the delicate pencil necklaces that always fascinate me. Every designer, artist, writer, blogger, teacher, dreamer needs one of these. Worn on a lady’s chatelaine belt long ago, these retractable pencils now make a storied necklace guaranteed to be an original style maker. Wear history!

antique gold pencil necklaces


antique-chatelaine pencil necklace



The following necklace was made with vintage Miriam Haskell pearls and rhinestones by jewelry maker Georgia Hecht. Worthy of an evening at the chateau, when entertaining at a bal dansant.

antique Pearl and rhinestone necklace
These aren’t vintage, but certainly have that feeling, royal, elegant with a touch of romantic, luxurious plum glass teardrop earrings are simply stunning!

formal crystal earrings

Two other classic necklaces created for us by artist Georgia Hecht. Perfect for swanning around the grounds of the chateau.



classic baroque PearlsThe champagne pearls, of incomparable quality, texture and luster were personally designed for and curated by Miriam Haskell, doyenne of the finest quality costume jewelry and make our Champagne Countess Necklace glow.
countess necklace

An antique cameo is always evocative of romantic liaisons in secret garden spots. Hand carved and considered a true treasure to purchase on a Grand Tour and presented to the love of a traveler’s life back home, a cameo is just as current today as in the 1800’s. Romantic at heart, personal and offering a message of devotion to its wearer.


antique cameo

One of a kind, vintage French crystal beads reimagined as contemporary necklaces in the most delicious colors.
vintage chains

This storied, sentimental Edwardian necklace has the most beautifully monogrammed watch fob as its focal point. Wear the history and charm of the early 1900’s.

All the pieces in our latest Aristocrat Muse Jewelry Collection are filled with beauty, history and the grace of time. You can shop all our jewelry, both antique and new HERE >

We also have lots of exciting new jewelry pieces for summer from our favorite jewelry designers. Happy Shopping! Happy Summer!



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    Bonjour, Lidy,
    This is one of my favorite blog posts, the young lady is beautiful and the gown is lovely, just lovely and all the jewels are so pretty. I love all of the pieces and the colors and you have them so well placed , just a super placement of everything! I so enjoy all your posts and your home. Thank you for sharing – I enjoy every one I read. Happy summer, stay cool! CA is a hot one now. Always, Jean~~~~~

  2. Gloria P

    Oh I love the locket necklace. Wish my budget loved it too. Wouldn’t it love to be beside the perfume bottle necklace I bought from you.

    1. Gloria, it is a beauty! It is the price it is due to the exceptional chain that’s made of two late 1800’s gold watch chains and slide.

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