How to Use Antique Lighting in Your Home

Nothing brings a glow to your home like antique and vintage lighting. To delight your eye, sparkle and shine, and illuminate all you love, our vintage and antique lighting is just the thing to brighten up your rooms at home. Here are a few things to consider, tips on How to Use Antique Lighting in your Home.

How to Use Antique Lighting in your Home

How to Use Antique Lighting in your Home


There are few things more key to your interior design than lighting. The right amount of light in a room makes a huge difference! A striking antique or vintage lamp, beautiful all by itself, makes even a better statement.

Antique lighting is one of our best sellers, year after year. Because whether you love elegant classic, shabby vintage chic, contemporary of French Country, there’s an antique lamp that’s just perfectly right for your home!

Choose Like Art.


Choosing the perfect lighting for your home is quite daunting at times.  The right light infuses your home’s interior with illumination, but also sets a tone and creates a space that makes you, your family and friends feel a certain way.

Antique lighting is a work of art for your home, you should choose a light fixture just like you choose a painting or beautiful sculpture. Since you’ll probably be living with it for quite some time, the light fixture {s} should make you happy and smile each time you see it, on or off.

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To dim or not to dim?


I personally love dimmer switches, there are times when a soft, glowing light is just what you want, and other times when you want the lights up all the way. Especially at that magical ‘le heure bleu’, at dusk, you might not want a bright light, but a soft light dimmed is just perfect and transitions your rooms beautifully into the evening.


Bulbs are Not Created Equal.

There is such a range of bulbs these days, from the long lasting LED bulbs to the softer, warmer glowing bulbs. Try to be mindful about what bulbs you choose for what area of your home. You want bright, LED lights in bathrooms, kitchens, and offices, but for your bedside and living room table lamps and chandeliers  I suggest you get the softer, warmer light bulbs.

We have three different light sources in our bathroom at FrenchGardenHouse. Bright LED lighting, a softer warmer light from a chandelier, and smaller lights recessed in the ceiling over the mirror.


How to Use Antique Lighting in your Home

Mix it Up.

Last, mix up a variety of lighting in each room. In our living room at FrenchGardenHouse we have an antique French chandelier {with a dimmer switch!} hanging from the ceiling, but also plenty of smaller table lamps. I can turn on the overhead chandelier, or enjoy the softer, romantic glow of our  smaller table lamps. It’s fun to mix up antique French lighting with a more modern lamp in the same room!


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Think it Through.

Consider everything about your rooms and home when you choose lighting. Think about what you use the room for, how many cozy pools of light you want, where you might want to add a single or pair of antique sconces to warm up a wall and illuminate your favorite paintings. Use a small table lamp in your kitchen? Sure, why not? It makes for a warm feel and another little bright spot at home.


Shop our Latest Antique Lighting From France.


We are unpacking the most exceptional lighting we purchased in France from our favorite antique lighting dealers. Each one is special, each one has illuminated both grand and French Country homes, maybe one will be perfect to add to your room at home to add instant French ambience.

Antique lighting fixtures offer unique ways to light up interior spaces, and make each room beautifully lit. Why buy a modern reproduction when you can purchase an authentic lamp or chandelier?

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  1. Dianne K Winters

    I just received my soap order and it is luscious! Thank you! One of those simple things that bring me joy!

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! I love the soaps, it is a small luxury, isn’t it? xo

  2. Alice Genzlinger

    Yes lighting in a room is my thing. I’m looking for a light by my chair to illuminate my project or book or magazine but in the rest of the room ambience is the key to making the room feel warm and welcoming. Yes I put a lamp in every kitchen to make it welcoming when the bright light used to cook and clean have been turned off. I even have a sconce on a cabinet by the kitchen sink. It makes me happy to turn it on.

    1. Alice, you are so right, a small light in the kitchen makes it very welcoming!

  3. Theresa Keller

    Hi Lidy,

    I love old lamps and have some of my great grandmothers oil lamps that were converted to electric and my dining room chandelier is hand made brass from the 40’s I also have a pair of brass lamps that were wedding gifts to my parents in the early 50’s.
    Thank you for this fun post and I love seeing your beautiful lamps too!


    1. Theresa, what a blessing to have inherited so many lovely family lamps! I am sure that the history they have with people you love make them even more special to you.

  4. Jean Van Buskirk

    Bonjour, Lidy,
    Love all the lamp’s and antique one’s add such charm to a room and I have a lot of lamp’s and change them about 2 time’s a year and alway’s want to buy more, but enough for now, I want to wish you a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY~~~~~~~Alway’s, Jean~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Thank you so much Jean! I wish you the same- I hope your day is a blessing!

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