It’s BEE Season!

Spring is in full swing here, and I’m really looking forward to all the beauty, all the sun, all the birds singing and all the bees buzzing around our lavender and roses. It’s BEE season! I’m so looking forward to this  season, when our gardens will be buzzing with life!

French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement

It's BEE Season

French BEE Apothecary Jar | Antique Blue Quilt

Just as the garden is starting to burst into life, I’ve gone bee crazy! Those busy bees are so helpful in nature. Did you know that bees pollinate almost three-quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food? Not just trendy in stripes, bees are pretty important to our ecosystem.

This past weekend we were at our local nursery here in California, and a whole swarm of bees were hovering over one side of the rose department. It’s really awesome to see them swarm, although we didn’t get too close.
bee quote

Bees are also a charming decorative symbol. The bee was chosen by Napoleon as the emblem of the sovereigns of France because it represented power, tenacity, resurrection and hard work.


It’s BEE Season

I love to bring bee décor into FrenchGardenHouse at this time of year. Legend has it that it’s good luck to find a bee in your home because it means you’ll soon have a visit from a friend. Not sure about bees in the house, but I do love hearing them buzzing in the garden in spring and summer. These days bees symbolize wealth, luck and prosperity.


gold plates and bee napkins

BEE Napkins| Chambray Placemats |Gilded Plates| Gilded Glasses| Silver Vermeil Salt Cellars

mother's day brunch

If you love bees, it’s easy and great fun to incorporate bees in your home decor as a personal touch. You can decorate everything with bees. Use beeswax candles, bee linens, bee prints, and bee jewelry.

It's BEE Season

Bee Skep Guest Soaps | Farmer’s Bee’s Wax Votives | Bee Melamine Plates | BEE Rhinestone Napkin RIngs | Tortoise BEE Napkin Rings | Farmer’s Skep Bee’s Wax Votives


French Country Table for spring
New Linens Collection| BEE Rhinestone Napkin RIngs

I love bees so much that I chose a whole jewelry collection around them. Bees are classic good lookers.

Bee jewelry
BEE Necklaces | BEE Bracelets

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What are some of your favorite animal motifs that you love to decorate with in spring?



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2 thoughts on “It’s BEE Season!”

  1. Alice Genzlinger

    Bees are a favorite for sure. I decorate using them on upholstery also. Do you remember the first time an adult Shared a piece of the honeycomb? It was delicious to my young taste buds. Setting a table for friends with the gilded plates and glasses would be so very special.

  2. Alice, I don’t have anything upholstered in bee fabric but I’ve seen some chairs with bees on the fabric that I love! And yes, I love honeycomb too. I think I was already an adult before I tasted, that, now I love putting pieces of it on charcuterie boards. Happy BEE season to you! Xo Lidy

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