Meet Jewelry Designer Susan Shaw

I met my first piece of Susan Shaw jewelry in the gift shop of a gorgeous hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Niguel, the Ritz Carlton. I fell in love with a hand cast gold plated horse bit bracelet. So timeless, I still always get compliments on it when I wear it! Since then, I’ve been thrilled to offer her beautiful jewelry at FrenchGardenHouse. It’s classic, elegant, timeless and well made.  I personally love it and know you will, too!  I’d love you to Meet Jewelry Designer Susan Shaw.


Meet Jewelry Designer Susan Shaw


Susan Shaw jewelry is carried by many luxury hotel shops such as the Ritz Carlton, the Biltmoor, Waldorf Astoria, The Cloister at Sea Island, Hotel del Coronado and luxury shops.  The jewelry is so well designed and crafted, and made in the USA.



Originally from Lockhart, Texas, Susan grew up among Southern women who didn’t leave the house without putting on lipstick and some jewelry. { My European grandmama and Mom were secretly Southern – they share common values! }

From an early age, Susan was interested in art and fashion, she earned a Bachelor and Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas. Together with her husband, she moved to San Antonio after graduation, where she taught school and became an interior designer. In 1979, as a young mom, Susan began designing her handmade jewelry collection as a creative outlet. Inspired by her Southern roots and travels throughout Europe, the Susan Shaw collections have distinctive silhouettes, and vintage motifs of Italian wax seals, coins, crosses, and bees.

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All Susan Shaw jewelry is handmade in the United States. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas,  each piece is handcrafted by a team of skilled artists with signature details such as genuine pearls, triple plated 24Kt gold, and semi-precious stones. Mindful of a woman’s busy lifestyle, each piece is lightweight and designed to be easy to wear.  Everything in her collections is so versatile, you can wear alone or combine the pieces with other jewelry for a rich layered look.

“I’m a Texan and a Southerner, which means I come from a long line of women who don’t leave the house until they are put together,” says Susan of her quest to design everyday pieces for the woman who wants to look elegant every day. “But as a busy working mother, I learned early on that it doesn’t matter how beautiful a piece is, if it isn’t effortless, you won’t wear it.”

Jewelry Designer Susan Shaw

It’s this attention to detail and mindfulness of how real women live, work and dress, that have made Susan’s jewelry a family tradition for many women. Woven throughout a woman’s stages of life, Susan Shaw jewelry is treasured by daughters and granddaughters alike.


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What is Hand Cast Gold?

All Susan Shaw jewelry is either 24Kt hand-cast gold plated or hand-cast sterling silver plated. Hand-casting is a plating method done by hand. This method produces the most consistent and highest quality plating possible and is far superior to standard machine plating. The pieces are hand-cast with three coats of 24Kt gold or sterling silver. All items are plated over a lead-free, nickel-free base metal.

Meet Susan Shaw

Is the Pearl Jewelry Real?

Each individual design will use different pearls, and be noted in the description. Some are made with freshwater pearls, some with cotton pearls, and some with high quality glass pearls. The cotton pearl collection is unique and unlike genuine pearls. A cotton pearl contains a tightly wound inner-layer of cotton with a paper-maché-like outer layer. They are extremely light weight, giving you the benefit of bigger pearls without the bulky weight. The necklace, shown above, is made with glass pearls.

meet Susan Shaw

How to Care for & Clean Susan Shaw Jewelry.

As is the case with all jewelry regardless of manufacturer or method of plating, alcohol based sprays (such as perfume and hairspray), if sprayed directly on to the pieces, may over time eat away at the silver or gold plate. In order to preserve the original state of the jewelry, Susan Shaw suggests you simply apply your sprays before putting on any jewelry. To clean your jewelry, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth.

There is so much to love about Susan’s jewelry! For now we have the bees in stock, but they are selling out quickly, as they always do. I love that Susan’s business is a family business, she runs it alongside her husband, son and ever-growing work family. Susan keeps her vision as the soul and brilliance of the brand and continues to create new collections and styles each season.

Thank you to Susan Shaw for graciously allowing me to use her images, all images of the designer copyright Susan Shaw.


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4 thoughts on “Meet Jewelry Designer Susan Shaw”

  1. Susan’s jewelry is beautiful! I have saved sponsored posts of hers on Facebook. So happy you’re able to collaborate with her, Lidy!

  2. Thank you Rita. I love her jewelry, and have sold it for a few years. I’m trying not to keep one of everything for myself! Each piece is so lovely, no matter what I wear I always get compliments!

  3. Rebecca Spencer

    I have been a fan of Susan Shaw for years and have multiple pieces and sets. Each necklace is a showstopper. I wear a necklace with the horse motif to the Derby party each year. Always a lovely compliment to any outfit.

    1. Rebecca, I agree! Each piece is a show stopper! How fun to wear your horse motif necklace to the Derby party! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment.

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