6 Ways to Style Faux Flowers at Home

Today is all about spring flowers and 6 Ways to Style Faux Flowers at Home. You know me, I adore fresh flowers! It’s actually one of the reasons we design a faux floral collection each season. One of the main benefits of faux flowers and botanicals is that you can have flowers everywhere in your home. Because while I usually have a fresh flower bouquet in the living room, I use little faux “fakers” here and there at FrenchGardenHouse.

6 ways to style faux flowers at home

Another benefit of faux florals is that there are many people that are allergic to real flowers, but still want to enjoy the beauty of garden flowers.  Below is my inspiration board for this spring’s floral designs.  I really focused on hydrangeas and tulips for spring, and got huge inspiration from our years of living in the tulip area of Holland.  Our family’s woods, where I spent blissful weekends and vacations as a little girl, is in a town in Europe that has the most amazing hydrangeas. It was another big inspiration for this collection! We searched high and low and went to many wholesale floral factories and showrooms to select the best faux flowers, personally choosing each one for looks, quality and affordability.

I’m really proud of our spring floral designs! The designs are hand made in our own studio, one by one. When they are sold and are winging off to a your new home, I send along hopes that the flowers will make you smile each time you see them and fill your homes with the beauty and joys of spring.

6 ways to Style Faux Flowers


The faux flowers of today are gorgeous, it’s difficult to tell the difference between fresh flowers and faux florals. I want to make sure that you know how fabulous faux flowers can look! And how to get the most out of each pretty one. From single blooms to hand-tied bouquets to arrangements, the possibilities to use them in your home are endless.

luxury faux flowers

Wouldn’t you love to have your favorite flowers blooming in your home in every room? I would! Today I’m sharing 6 Ways to Style Faux Flowers at Home – easy tips to make your pretty faux flowers look real.


Single Blooms


Add single blooms to some greenery for a “just picked from the garden” look. The key to having a single faux flower look real is to study the real ones, and bend your “faux” flower a little like a real one would be in the vase. Adding a little sprig of real green adds to the illusion.

Our hand tied bouquets come apart easily, you can seperate them over several vases.  This Parisian Florist Hydrangea bundle comes with five two-toned pink flowers, you can show off one perfect hydrangea in an antique French bottle, and refresh an older faux bouquet that you love by adding in the rest. You’ll have two amazing results – a new spot of floral therapy and a new life for your ‘tried-and-true’ favorite.

6 ways to Style Faux Flowers

Another way to add some floral beauty is by having potted “bulbs” like these pink hyacinths. Potted in a vintage flower pot and with the addition of moss, they are a fun nod to spring. They don’t look quite as realistic as our other faux bloomers, but I selected these because the leaves are glossy like the real thing, and you can bend the stems to mimic real growing hyacinths.


pink single hyacinths


Display a bundle of a single kind and color of flower ‘en masse’ for a truly spectacular look.  Our Vineyard French Country Bunch has beautiful colors. The delicate cluster of petals on these faux designer flowers have that ‘almost dried’ look. In a combination of antique lavender and green, they will bring your room to life all year long.


6 ways to Style Faux Flowers


Arrangements or Bouquets


Small arrangements or bouquets fit in everywhere!  Don’t overlook places like your kitchen or bathroom. The fact that the flowers are faux is actually perfect for these areas because at times fresh flowers don’t do as well in those spaces due to heat or moisture.


6 ways to Style Faux Flowers


Simple Elegance


The trick with faux flowers is to keep the look simple and stick to one or two colors. Adding fresh greenery from your garden is one smart way to “fool the eye” into thinking the flowers are real.

Our new Chateau de Lorraine Hydrangea Bouquet is inspired by the gardens of a magnificent chateau in the Loire Valley, Château de Hattonchâtel. The bouquet is the perfect accessory to bring beauty to your home.  Sold in a bundle of five stems, three are very light pink and white, the other two have hints of green and softest lavender

How to Style Faux Flowers at Home


Kissing Cousins


Fresh flowers and faux flowers are kissing cousins. By mixing in some faux flowers and foliage to a vase of fresh flowers, you will create a really luxurious bouquet without having to spend a fortune. You can create something really special from a simple bunch of flowers from the market by adding just a few faux blooms! I ‘enlivened’ an almost spent bouquet with our stunning Blushing Beauty hand-tied bouquet and got another week’s worth of beauty!


mix faux with real flowers


TIP: Yes, you CAN place your faux floral stems in water, but seal the ends with clear nail polish first. Let dry completely. This will keep the water from turning a color if a little piece of the flexible metal in the stems get wet. * NO more than 2 weeks in water for your faux is a good rule of thumb.


Cut to Size.


Your goal is to make your faux flowers look real, so don’t be afraid to cut the stems! If you arrange fresh flowers in a container, you cut them to size. Do the same for their faux cousins!  Most stems can be cut to size with a wire cutter, don’t be afraid! If you think you will want to use them again in a larger container, you can try if you can bend each stem and arrange in a non-see-through vase. Most faux flowers look much more real when they are cut closer to the top of the flower vase, like our FrenchCountry Reverie Bouquet below.


pink blue french country flower bouquet faux


Out of the Vase


Not all your faux flowers have to be in an arrangement!  There are times when a few faux roses on your mantel add just the right amount of garden beauty to a room.  You can layer them with real eucalyptus branches for a more realistic effect.

Roses on Mantel Faux flowers


The photo below is from a Valentine’s Day party where I decorated the mantel with faux roses, it looked so romantic!


faux roses on mantel


Faux flowers are hardy but you can’t abuse them. Like fresh flowers, keep them out of direct sunlight because they will fade.  Store them upright covered in a plastic bag so that they stay good looking for future use. {Here at home I have all my flowers that are not currently ‘in rotation’ in a huge enameled French bucket in a closet.}. You can also store them in a big bin, taking care not to crush them.

With these 6 Ways to Style Faux Flowers at Home you can have your favorite blooms gracing every room at home with the beauty of the garden.




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  1. Sheila in SF

    Great idea how faux flowers can be in water but to seal the stem!
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