For the Love of Green

Hello! I’m so happy to have you join Mary, Pam and me today. I’ll be sharing their links at the bottom of this post so you can visit them later. This Monday we are all featuring green, and I’m sharing my For the Love of Green table setting with you all in anticipation of Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s easy to create a flower arrangement with fresh greens, and set a festive table using greens for lunch or dinner with just a twinkle of gold.

For the Love of Green Tablesetting

Happy March! St. Patrick’s Day is just a few weeks away and spring is hopefully around the corner! Here in Southern California we had S N O W and hail this past week, and although it didn’t last, we never have snow here. It’s been a cold and chilly winter everywhere, hasn’t it?




I think on Saint Patrick’s Day everyone wants to be a little Irish, no?   Mr. FGH shares a sailboat with our neighbors and good friends, who both just happen to be Irish.

For the love of green

Fun, lovely people, we can’t wait to invite them over for some kind of Irish dinner on Saint Patrick’s Day!  I set this table as a “trial run” ahead of time, for you to see it, but when they come, this will be the table setting I’ll use.

Green Linen placemats

For the Love of Green
The green linen placemats provide the foundation for each table setting, I layered antique green Wedgwood plates on our everyday plates. On top, my favorite folded white linen napkins embroidered with a crowned monogram {in green, what else?!} complete the stack.

roses in antique French green pottery

for the love of green

The most incredible green flowers were so thrilling to find this week, the roses look like little cabbages {so appropriate, right?} That bright green hydrangea is always a favorite.  An antique French Country preserving pot is wonderful for larger floral bouquets like this one.  {I inserted a glass vase.}

saint patricks religious quote

Besides falling completely in love with the Green Lemonade Roses {they remind me of cabbages!} I was also quite enamored with the Queen Anne’s Lace cousin Ammi Visnaga Green Mist. It’s supposed to be a little more sturdy than its royal cousin Queen Anne’s Lace. Each bloom is topped by dense, chartreuse domes that bloom into to creamy white flower heads. The billowing, feathery foliage is something I adore, it adds so much  texture and airiness to arrangements.

green cabbage roses


I actually had loaded my arms full of all sorts of flower bunches in whites and greens when I spied this large pre-made bouquet. Since everything in the bouquet was something I loved, I bought that instead! I generally don’t love pre-made bouquets, but this one is gorgeous!

Green flowers

In case you are wondering what that sprinkle stuff is on the table, I haven’t captured the true sparkle of it. Last night we celebrated a dear friend’s landmark birthday at a beautiful restaurant Eddie V’s. They had taken the time to sprinkle these little glittering ‘diamonds’ all over our table and written a beautiful birthday card for our friend. It made her evening even more special.

When it was time to go home, I asked if she could drop 3-4 of these sparklers in her card to show her daughter. The waitress let us take all of them home. I immediately thought of sprinkling mine over this St. Patrick’s Day celebration table as a touch of ‘gold’. Each one is tiny but diamond shaped, so they really sparkle!

Green embroidered crown napkins

After dinner, I’m planning on serving a very simple dessert. For this trial run, I placed cinnamon muffins in an antique green painted caddy along with dessert forks.  Both Bentley and Mr. FrenchGardenHouse are already circling the table asking if there will be treats after the photos are finished.

for the love of green

antique green painted wood caddy

The small French ironstone pitcher is quite unique, the handle is on the side, rather than the usual place. It’s a great server of syrups, cream, really anything that will accompany a dessert. At one time it may have been used in a French country bistro for a single serving of wine.

antique French ironstone pitcher for cream

The menu hasn’t been decided yet. Since my Irish friend makes a killer Irish stew, I’m not sure I’ll brave that, because I’m sure hers is better. I think there will have to be potatoes. What do you all serve on Saint Patrick’s Day?

irish blessing

One thing I do want to make is a paté, which is a favorite appetizer in Ireland. I love the antique French trompe l’oeil porcelain paté terrines made by Pillivuyt. This is a quail, and the other one is another kind of game bird, but I’m going to make chicken liver paté and serve it in there because I’m not even sure if I could get quail or like it in a paté.

antique French pate form

I found this easy recipe by Kerry Gold Paté with Balsamic & Capers. This chicken liver pate is full of gutsy flavors and is a wonderful starter with crackers or toasted baguette slices. It freezes very well – cover tightly with plastic wrap and thaw at room temperature before using. {I’ll confess I skip the anchovies, but I’m sure they’ll add another wonderful flavor! I’m sure if Mr. FGH was making this, he’d throw in a few extra of those, since he eats them on his salads.}

St. Patrick's Day inspiration

Thank you so much for your visit! Please visit my dear friends below by clicking on their links! Happy March, and I hope you’ll be loving the green later this month!

St. Patrick's Day table setting

Pam at Everyday Living

St. Patrick's Day table

Mary at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs

For the Love of Green Tablesetting

and me, Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse




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34 thoughts on “For the Love of Green”

  1. Green flowers never looked so good, what a stunning flower arrangement Lidy! I agree about premade bouquets, but yours is a beautiful combination of flowers and textures, especially with the lacy Ammi Visnaga Green Mist. I’ve never heard of Lemonade Roses, they do resemble mini cabbages. Such pretty green majolica plates topped with your statement embroidered crown linen napkins. The sparkling ‘diamonds’ are such a festive gesture on part the restaurant for a birthday celebration. I adore your wee French ironstone pitcher with the side handle too, it would be perfect for serving cream, syrup or vinaigrette. As always, it’s a treat to share blooms and flower therapy with you and Pam. Happy March. <3

    1. It’s always a joy to have you visit, and to join you and Pam for our Monday Morning Blooms too! Wishing you a blessed March and a joyful wearing o’the green!

  2. Pamela

    Oh those flowers! Especially the green cabbage roses. The pate tureens are wonderful. I always make corned beef cabbage with potatoes and carrots. Our favorite thing is to thoroughly drain the leftovers then the next day I chop all up and fry in an iron skillet till toasted well. Better than the original meal in our house :). I’m also hosting 6 neighbor ladies for lunch that day and making potato and leek soup. Although your pate is causing me to rethink. ? this month’s theme is very inspiring for me so I might be doing an amalgamation of all 3 tables featured. ?

    1. Pamela, the leftovers do sound almost better than the original corned beef and cabbage! How fun you are hosting 6 ladies for lunch, I wish you a really great time together!!

  3. Well, I would’ve sprung for that bouquet, certainly! It’s gorgeous just as it is. I love your enthusiasm for the upcoming hosting of your Irish friends. I’d be a little intimidated on the meal making, given their heritage, but love your ideas for apps and dessert.

    We’ve had the mildest winter in years here, amd spring has definitely sprung. I think we had less than one inch of snow all winter!

    Happy Monday Morning Bloom day!

    1. Rita, I AM a little intimidated, although they are the easiest friends and I know it will be great fun! Spring can’t come fast enough here, that’s for sure! Happy March to you dear Rita!

  4. The bouquet is beautiful Lidy and the Green Lemonade roses are perfect, they do look like cabbages! Your antique paté terrines are a lovely touch to your St. Patrick’s Day table, and I like the scattered sparkle too~ I know you will have a lovely Irish dinner with your friends ??

    1. Jenna, thanks so much for stopping by! I always love when you do. Happy March! xo Lidy

  5. Lidy, You have outdone yourself today. The flower arrangement is delightful with so many great flowers. I love the white agapanthus, white broom, lemonade roses and amni visnaga green mist. It is fun to learn new flowers. Maybe I have seen the amni vsinaga green mist and just thought it was a green Queen Anne’s lace!
    Your quotes are meaningful and beautifully styled!
    I’m loving how you blended the shades of green with placemats and dishes. It works well. Of course, your signature touch of antique pieces isn’t unnoticed and is so elegant and charming.

  6. Thank you so much Bonnie! I am pretty sure that I, too, have always thought that the amni visnaga green mist was Queen Anne’s Lace. But now it makes sense why it always lasts so much longer than the Queen Anne’s Lace from the garden. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

  7. Alice Genzlinger

    Love the cabbage roses. Must make a stop at Trader Joe’s to see what they have in the flowers department. .We usually serve corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick’s day. It’s one of my husbands favorite. And it’s fun to make a nice bread with caraway seeds to serve along side. We still have snow laying around waiting for the next snow. We can have large dumps in March. Colorado is so dull in Winter. There is no color, just white or brown. So green has become my favorite color. I love this posy!!

    1. Alice, thank you! Your corned beef and cabbage sounds delightful, I know that Mr. FGH would love that too. Hoping spring is popping up just around the corner for you! Happy March. xo

  8. Lidy, I am so sorry I am late in commenting, something came up that needed my attention. Everything is fine, just to let you know. Oh my, the flowers are exquisite. I would never find such beauties around my little city. The green cabbage roses are truly amazing. I am not familiar with this Queen Anne’s lace cousin, but she is quite lovely. I grew Dara last summer in my garden and she is also a cousin. It must be a larger family than I realized. Your table setting is gorgeous. Love all the shades of green. Your guests will be so impressed with all of the loveliness of your table.

    It is always a joy to share Monday Morning Blooms with you!

    1. Happy March to you dearest Pam! Thank you so much, it’s always a joy to share our Monday Morning Blooms with YOU, too!

  9. I love green and white (MSU Spartan colors!). And the photos are lovely. I do love those napkins, too. Beautiful, Lidy.

  10. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Lidy, your flower arrangement is a showstopper! It looks gorgeous! I have never heard of lemonade roses before. They are so pretty. The green majolica plates are such a lovely addition to your place settings topped with the pretty CLD napkins. It is all so beautiful. Happy Monday, sweet friend!

  11. Miss Lidy, thank you for reminding me about the lemonade roses —
    they were always my fav!

    Lately, when I go to meet a friend, I bring another type of green bouquet —
    a tussie mussy of herbs. If they don’t use them for cooking,
    they appreciate the bouquet as a lovely fresh scent to fill up their kitchen…
    Just sayin’…
    missing you!


    1. Missing you too, my sunny friend! I hope you are well, and looking forward to spring. I love your tussie mussy herbs idea…so good!

    1. Me too! Green is such a perfect color in spring, isn’t it?

  12. Theresa Keller

    Lovey post, your flowers are stunning and your table setting too. I love Paté but have never made it yours sound delicious. I may have a few neighbors in for asparagus yukon Gold soup or a casual Reuben sandwich! Happy March to you & the luck of the Irish

    1. Thank you Theresa! Your dinner sounds delicious! Happy March to you too!

  13. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    What a lovely sparkly table! The pre-made arrangement was beautiful especially in that antique preserving pot. And I was particularly enamored with those darling little pate tourines! They caught my eye right away!

    Thanks to you and your friends, Lidy, for always blessing us with lovely Monday Morning Blooms!

    1. Thank you Sharon, it was so nice of the restaurant to provide them! Hope you have a beautiful week ahead!

  14. Gorgeous arrangement Lidy,especially the roses,never heard of them.

    1. Thank you Anja, I hadn’t either, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they come from Holland!

  15. Marion

    Have a wonderful ST.Patrick’s Day
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion


    Bonjour, Lidy,
    Great site and all that green and the dinner out table so special and sparkle, love it and all the special saying’s, keep dry and safe with out crazy weather~~~~Jean~~~

  17. Jean, thank you for your visit! And yes, we’re lucky to be safe and dry here. Xo Lidy

  18. Lidy, I’m embarrassingly late! Not sure why I didn’t get over to this post last week. Your green flowers are gorgeous, and love the sprinkles on the table. How fun for your friend’s birthday and perfect to add sparkle to your green table. Your pate tureens are wonderful. Happy St. Pat’s Day!

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