NEW | Luxurious Alpaca Throws

Elegant, sophisticated and incredibly soft, we are head-over-heels in love with the latest addition to our Le Cadeau Parfait Collection, Luxurious Alpaca Throws. I’ve received your requests for some more in depth posts about a few of our new items – so I’ll be featuring them off and on here on the blog. These luxurious alpaca throws are heirloom quality.


New | Luxurious Alpaca Throws


Among the highest prized fibers and luxury materials, alpaca fiber is an all natural renewable resource. Alpaca wool is the highest quality, during the Inca empire only royal family members were allowed to wear it, they valued it more than gold or silver.

Alpacas are a highly revered animal in South America dating back hundreds of years. It’s a way of living for the entire family. Often three family generations take care of their alpaca herd, which may have about 30-50 alpacas.

Luxurious Alpaca Throws

Luxurious Alpaca Throws


Alpacas are eco-friendly. Because they have soft, padded feet, they can explore their natural habitat in the Peruvian Andes Mountains without causing damage. Unlike cashmere goats, they don’t destroy the root system of the plants they eat. These sweet alpacas are easy on the land and promote a sustainable habitat.

Alpaca keeping, shearing, then knitting and weaving of the soft fleece has been an honored craft that has become part of Peru’s cultural heritage. Providing income to thousands of families, the American company who makes these beautiful throws works directly with local breeders to not only ensure quality but to also provide these artisans with a great opportunity to secure a sustainable future.  I love that! It means that by purchasing one of these luxury alpaca throws or shawls, you are having an impact on the environment as well as indigenous family communities too!

Alpaca fur is a naturally organic fiber requiring no mechanical or chemical processing.

Each year between January – April, alpacas are sheared for the warmer months, giving them a breath of relief from the warmer temperatures ahead. They actually love to be sheared, it allows them to re-grow their coats during summer and avoid heat stress. The shearing is done with scissors, very carefully and gently with love and care, it takes four shepherdesses to give each alpaca a hair cut. {they are a little wiggly, like a toddler!}

designer blanket

You will love this collection of luxury alpaca throws. {Wraps are coming too!} They have a luxuriously silky feel, are not itchy, and are hypoallergenic since the alpaca fur has no lanolin, which is what causes human allergies.

All of the throws are hand woven on wood looms using the same methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years. Produced in small batches using sustainable production practices, each one is heirloom quality. Strong and soft.  I hope you will love these as much as we do! {The only problem with them is that I can’t decide just how many we need here at home!}



Baby Alpaca


Baby Alpaca is the finest, softest, and most coveted grade of alpaca fiber. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, it is gentle to the touch, giving warmth and luxury that is pure, practical indulgence. These are fabulous, dry clean.

designer pink cashmere


baby alpaca throw


Reversible Alpaca Throws


Made of a signature blend of alpaca fiber, this home accessory alpaca blanket was designed with superior warmth and softness in mind. It’s also lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. 70% alpaca, 30% acrylic which allows these to be washed on cold|gentle cycle in the washing machine.

reversible blanket

Meadow alpaca throw

reversible alpaca blanket

Alpaca throws have a natural sheen and drape beautifully. One is perfect for the foot of your bed, on your favorite chair or sofa, and to wear outside in the garden for a chilly evening.

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  1. Mary Eman

    Lidy, the alpaca throws are indeed beautiful. But I was quite taken with the clothing (vests, jackets, skirts) the women and children are wearing. The vibrant colors and the wonderful embroidery, all hand stitched, and meticulously done. Just amazing.

    1. Mary, aren’t they beautiful? They are such careful and creative artisans, each woman stitches such bright, happy clothes!

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