Paris Sidecar Cocktail

Cheers to the first month of the New Year!  What better way to spend a wintry evening in Paris than by meeting up with friends for a cocktail at the world famous Bar Hemingway? The mythical Hemingway Bar, hidden away right at the back of the hotel, claims one of the world’s most expensive cocktails: the Paris Ritz Sidecar Cocktail. I’ll teach you how to make an easy and way less expensive Sidecar Cocktail.


Paris Sidecar Cocktail


The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris is something you should definitely put on your bucket list. Settle into your leather armchair, order a legendary cocktail and make a toast. The bar has just 25 seats, no music to intrude on conversation, it looks and feels like an exclusive members’ club.

One visit and you’ll understand why it is a “must go to” for most visitors to Paris. The intimate decor is just right, with a typewriter like the one used back in Hemmingway’s day on display. Rumored to serve one of the most expensive cocktails, the Ritz Sidecar, which costs over 1,500 Euros {it features a rare, fine Champagne cognac that dates from the 1850’s} I’ve never ordered it {you figured that right?!} but there are plenty of other cocktails in mortal price ranges and French champagne and wine.


The claim to fame of the Sidecar is not an exact science, as historically others attribute it to the invention of an American army captain on leave in Paris, still other cite a British inventor.  It also achieved fame at Harry’s Bar in Paris, and is still a classic French drink.

Make a French SIdecar


I’m sharing a favorite cocktail: The Paris Sidecar Cocktail.


Sidecar Cocktail


The Paris Sidecar


1 1/2 oz Cognac or Armagnac, or bourbon
1 oz Cointreau or triple sec orange liqueur
1/2 oz lemon juice
Lemon twist for garnish


Sugar for rimming {optional, but makes a beautiful presentation}

To Make:

Rim a chilled cocktail glass with sugar.
Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
Shake well.
Strain into the prepared cocktail glass.
Garnish with a lemon or orange twist.

**The better quality Cognac, Bourbon or Armagnac you use, the better this will taste!

Et voilà ! Enjoy this classic French Cocktail. 

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6 thoughts on “Paris Sidecar Cocktail”

  1. John Paul

    Darling, this is the most wonderful summer drink! We served this when our little town’s Mayor came for dinner, and everyone loved it. thanks for the recipe, we can always count on you to bring a touch of elegance to our little town!

  2. It’s a fun drink for a Friday evening in winter! Best in Paris, but delightful anywhere! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Alice! xo

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