Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection

Welcome to our Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection! Celebrating the radiance of fall, our  Autumn Collection is here! Relish this glorious season by surrounding yourself with the rich colors and bountiful delights autumn has to offer. By now you know that of all the seasons, I love autumn best.

Thank you for loving each seasonal collection of petit gifts and decor finds, I take pride in sourcing things that bring more beauty, joy and savoir faire to your life.

Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection


Autumn weather calls for coziness and comfort, for bringing the colors and textures inspired by the changing landscape into our interior spaces, where nature’s prismatic palette both brightens and becalms.


Dress Your Home for Fall

When nature’s color palette takes that turn towards the rich, golden colors of fall, we all delight in cozying up our homes with a few small touches.  I hope this collection inspires you to settle into this gorgeous season with an array of petite autumn finds that will wrap your fall home in warmth and beauty. Each part of this collection was chosen with you in mind, both to treat yourself with a touch of fall at home, or to give as a lovely and thoughtful gift.

You will find returning favorites, and a few new “favorites in the making” this season, too. I’ve highlighted our best sellers season after season, but there are more wonderful pieces than what I can show in one blog post.

Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection

Oh, for goodness sakes: stop talking and let’s go SHOPPING ! >


Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection


fall collection 2022




It’s never more true than in autumn, your elegant home is not completely decorated until it has its most important accessory – home fragrance. Since so many of you asked for a larger variety, I bought two scents for autumn and two scents for later, holiday. A signature scent can elevate your interior, lift your mood and that of your guests, too. I chose these potpourri blends for autumn, they smell so good, and the decorative elements bring the visual magic of fall inside your home. Both look stunning in an antique wood bowl as the centerpiece on your living room or dining room table.


Citrouille d’Automne is made with the finest botanicals, a special blend of aromatic fresh oak, juicy orange, roasted pumpkin seeds, cinnamon sticks and warm syrup.


best French fall potpourri


Epices d’Automne is inspired by autumn in our family’s cottage kitchen in a small town in Europe. This scent infuses oak leaves, baked vanilla, clove, ginger, nutmeg, orange and a hint of pumpkin. Exclusively packaged with care for us, includes refresher oil.


French Country SPice Potpourri




We are so excited about our French Country Sachets for this autumn season. Made exclusively for you by Parisian Atelier, in stunning linen fabrics with the rich jeweled colors of autumn.

The subtle scent of lavender will bring a new meaning to luxurious relaxation at home. Not just for linens or your clothing closets, a little bundle of these in an antique French bowl on your table is decorative and brings a calming atmosphere.  Calming French Provence Lavender, it’s a beautiful and good thing this season.


Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection


We were able to have a few sachets made with the last of our vintage Ralph Lauren fabrics, too. Always classic, always beautiful, Mr. Lauren is unsurpassed in his sense of style, no?


Antique Paisley sachet







To take full advantage of waning autumn days, add warmth with the flickering glow of candlelight to your home. I have searched for a long time for a candle like our new French Tomato Vine Candle. It is my all-time favorite scent.


antique tole tray with candle


Inspired by the fresh tomatoes on the vine in the farmer’s markets of Provence. Our designer candle is hand-poured in recycled green glass with the highest quality ingredients to provide you many special moments. Scented with the fresh scent of tender heirloom tomato vines warmed by the afternoon sun. Earthy and green, perfect for a gardener or, if like me, you just adore this amazing scent.


French Tomato Vine Candle



Our own French Les Bois designer candle is Inspired by the verdant woods in France, and our family forest. Perfumed with the fresh scent of fir balsam, cedar and grapefruit, the fragrance flourishes into orange, eucalyptus and bergamot.  It’s our best seller for a reason, it is a scent that is not overpowering, but just right.


Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection




There is nothing as magical as the glow of candlelight, especially now that the evenings are beginning to get dark earlier. Aside from the designer candles, our tapers are once again available in a few new colors. Wrapped with satin ribbon and complete with a box of decorator matches, this is a “go to” host and hostess gift. Buy a few sets to have on hand. And don’t forget to buy some for yourself, too.



Aside from our best selling larger tapers in navy, bordeaux, and le marron {aged brown}, I also bought 9″ tapers, because they are the perfect size really for a long dinner party. The 9″ colors are so deliciously fall. Pumpkin, wild chestnut and bayberry green. They burn for about 7 hours, and have such a clean burn. No drips, no smoke, and clients are ecstatic that they feel safe using them with their heirloom antique tablecloths without worrying. {Aside from the fact that candle light makes everyone look glowing and beautiful!}





Once again, this season I am thrilled to offer bayberry candles. These bayberry candles are the most wonderful candles. Only available during the holiday season because the company only produces one batch each year. They are my “go to” host or hostess gift, always joyfully received. I packaged them in a cellophane bag, with oversized boutique matches, and a printed card with the legend of the Bayberry Candles. Tied with a bow and our own exclusive tag, ready for gifting.  Traditionally gifted at holiday time, but we love them here at FrenchGardenHouse so much we burn them all autumn and at Thanksgiving. They are a natural beautiful color, and are such a classic tradition.


bayberry candles


A simple, classic lit candle will elevate everyday meals to special, the kind of meal where family or friends sit around the table and share stores and laughter.




For this season, warm up your kitchen with these warm and glorious Chestnut colored linens! I chose drying towels, runners and napkins in this new, exciting color to bring the beauty of fall inside your home, and ours. LOVE!


Chestnut Linen Towels

French linen runner

French Country luxury linens


And then, because I adore linen bags for shopping and more, I added this gorgeous tote bag! My favorite fall bag for a carry-all to use on weekend trips, farmer’s market shopping, or a day in the country. Super roomy {it’s HUGE!} to hold every single thing you need {phone – check. Chanel lipstick – check. water – check. book – check. secret antique shopping money – check. You know, necessities.} Now in this glorious French Country Chestnut color.

Our totes are not only stylish & utilitarian, they’re easily collapsible and packable. Beautifully made of enzyme washed natural Linen, amazingly soft, machine washable.


chestnut French linen tote bag


Luxurious Tag Sets


By now, our seasonal over-sized luxury tags are a fan favorite. Each year, I select antique prints from our own collection and have them printed on quality linen textured stock. The tags are then hand cut, and tied with silky ribbons.  They are delightful to use for gifts instead of a card with plenty of space to write your personal endearing message on the back.

I love when customers let me know how they use the tags, they are used to tied to wine bottles, as place-cards at autumn tables, with poems, scriptures and quotes written on them to bring a personal touch to each setting. One customer uses them at her B & B to tie room keys to {LOVE that!!}, another uses them for her annual hunt breakfast {although there is no hunting…just the breakfast tradition carried on} and yet another ties different tags to bottles of wine that match up to place setting cards so that guests match their tag at the end of the evening to get the bottle of wine their host personally selected as their parting gift.


Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection

Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection

Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection


Des Bonbons


We’ve opened a small French candy shop! {not really, but it’s always been my dream ever since watching the movie Chocolat!} I am thrilled to introduce you to these Organic French Bonbons if you haven’t met them before. Made by a French family of bee keepers from Aquitaine, France, this candy is a taste of France you will adore. I fell in love with these delicious gourmet petit bonbons, and I know you will too. Each of the small leaf shaped candies contains 15% organic honey, and is inspired by the fruits and desserts of France.


best French candy


These are made with honey from the bees on their bee farm, and flavored with organic fruits. There are three different flavors, exclusively packaged for you. Do order one for you, and one for gifting, because once you taste these little gems, you won’t want to give them away! Packaged exclusively for you, because I wanted a larger 10 oz. size, these are a beautiful gift to give.  {And I wanted French ribbon and a gorgeous tag, too – I’m picky about working with another company for our FrenchGardenHouse clients. You!}

Limited quantities this season, made in France. Three flavors: Elderberry and Lemon, Honey and Poppies, and Honey Rosemary Apricot.


Honey candy from France


Our French Luxury Fleur de Sel Caramels are back by your many requests, they are the most delicious French Fleur de Sel Caramels you’ve ever tasted outside of Normandy. Packaged exclusively for FrenchGardenHouse clients. If you, or someone you love is in need of an infusion of  French savoir faire – this is the perfect gift. Don’t forget to order some for yourself, or make sure you DO NOT taste one. Once you do, you won’t want to give these away.


Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection


Our exclusive slide boxes are lovely, tied with a luxurious satin ribbon. There are two versions this season, I added the “thank you” box as I found myself gifting these so often as a host or hostess gift. This way it’s all ready for you to give, no wrapping required!


luxurious french salted caramels

french hostess gift


Vin Collection


With wine growing in popularity {was it ever not?!} we are once again offering a small selection of gifts for those of you who adore a glass of wine.  The aged metal vintner’s wine signs are a witty addition to your kitchen, wine cellar or even outdoor area. Inspired by antique signs used in the old wine caves, these are made by a metal artist. All have varying degrees of aging, sprayed with a clear coat. Rustic, so please only adopt if you love that! Choose your favorite {or all of them} to display your favorite vintage.


antique French wine signs


I found a small collection of antique and vintage wine pulls from France, each was used in a bistro or cafe for decades. A small and fun gift to tie to a bottle of wine as a gift, or give one to each member of your wine or supper club the next time you host.


Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection


Our wine tags are back, a whimsical way to gift a bottle – simply tie the tag on bottle with the ribbon, and write a votre santé on the back!


Bring Home French Bistro Style


And last but not least, our ever popular ribbon selection. Most are French wired ribbons, a few do not have the wires since many of you requested smaller ribbons without a wire for gift wrapping and decorating for fall.  {Always best sellers, I will admit that I simply choose the ribbons that I personally want to use here at FrenchGardenHouse!}


le cadeau parfait


Thank you for being as enthusiastic as we are about our curated petit gift collections each time.   We’re proud of our highly-edited home decor and accessory collection that celebrates the art of French living by enjoying the small decorator touches of autumn. I hope you will find some things that will give you joy this fall in our Le Cadeau Parfait Autumn Collection!

autumn gift collection




Shop for the best in French Antiques, furniture with the patina of age, vintage accessories to delight you and your family & friends, and French Country utilitarian pieces. Treasures that make your home fresh, beautiful, inspirational and above all uniquely yours. Visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.com

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