Create a Door Basket for Summer

Are you looking for an idea to dress up your front door {or any door} this summer? Learn how to create a door basket for summer. Summer is in full swing, and I’ve been working at giving our front porch as well as the little FrenchGardenHouse in the back garden summer appeal.


door basket french country style


A hanging door basket is a great alternative to a wreath and only takes a few minutes to put together.  You can fill yours with annual plants, faux flowers, or real flowers as I’ve done for this arrangement.


Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!



Pam, Mary and I are thrilled you’re joining us on this warm summer Monday! I’ll share their links at the bottom of this post so you can enjoy their door floral baskets too. I hope you are enjoying a cool lemonade or lemon water today while you are reading this.


Create a Door Basket for Summer


Since I always like to change things up a little, this time instead of using a hanging basket I’m using one of our European Vintage Zinc Buckets.  We have one hanging on the wall by the front door, filled with ivy, and I love how they look! They have a hole for hanging, and a stenciled number, each one is unique.


French garden


Our back garden is not blooming as beautifully as a few months ago, but there is still plenty green and gorgeous to see.  My little button fern is such a survivor! It has been in front of my little garden house {my little “FrenchGardenHouse”} for over twelve years.  Once in a while it dies back, but when we cut it all the way to the soil, it springs back up green in no time!


French garden design


Our potted plants really like this area of the garden, it has dappled sun most of the day, due to our huge gingko tree that is just in front of the garden house.


Create a door basket for summer
Gorgeous antique French bucket


The hanging bucket filled with flowers looks so pretty on the antique French doors of our garden house. The colors are muted for this time of year, soft pinks, purples, golden apricot yellows, the sage green of seeded eucalyptus, and then a few purple sage that I popped in for an accent.


*Pink Pompom Mums

*Pink Alstroemeria

*Golden Apricot Alstromeria

*Mexican Purple Sage

*Seeded Eucalyptus

*Purple Hydrangea



french floral arrangement


I’ll tell you a secret, the hydrangeas are faux. They are part of the new flowers for our fall Les Belles Fleurs Collection of long-lasting faux boutique blooms. I didn’t find nice hydrangeas at the flower market and our own hydrangeas are a little droopy and not great, so I thought I’d just stick them in the arrangement. {see tip #5 : ) }


French country garden antiques


I love this area of our back garden, I like to fill it with displays of French and English garden antiques.  This small garden trug is perfect to hold heirloom tomatoes to carry to the kitchen for dinner.


antique English gardening trug


This rare to find huge garden trug with original paint holds the small trug, antique pots, seed dibbers and more!


french country garden antiques

Create a door basket for summer


Little French Country pottery pieces double up as vases outside on bright and beautiful summer days.


antique French COuntry pottery


Extra large Antique French cheese molds are great to use in the garden when they are not serving things indoors. They can hold a few handfuls of berries, but I use them to dry out small flower bulbs, or hold seed packets.


door basket from France


Here are My Best Tips for How To Create a Door Basket for Summer.



It’s really helpful to choose some kind of color scheme ahead of time. If you are anything like me, once I see the flowers, I love almost every single one so much that it takes a long time to choose. Knowing what color scheme you want ahead of time makes it much easier! {I’ll be honest and often I just go with what I love, color scheme or not!}

*Monochromatic – This color palette uses one color in a combination of tones and shades. {You can mix the color with white to add depth and contrast.}

*Complementary– This color palette uses colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. Blue and orange, yellow and purple, red and green are all examples. You can find a color wheel easily online.

*Triad – This color palette consists of three different colors equally spaced from one another on the color wheel. There are two triad combos, red-yellow-blue or purple-orange-green.



For my arrangement, since I’m using a little container of flowers instead of plants, I used a vintage canning jar for the water. I first placed a piece of plastic in the bucket. While this is not strictly necessary, in case the water sloshes around while opening the door, it will be contained. If you are using a basket, this will be especially important.



Use the thriller, filler, and spiller method to think about what flowers or combination of flowers and plants to put in your basket. A thriller is basically the strongest most statement making flower in your arrangement. Fillers are flowers “in the middle” that connect the thrillers to the spillers. And of course, the spillers are either greens or flowers that spill over the edge to soften the whole look of your floral design.



Since flowers don’t always do well when they are “spilling” I like to tuck in a plant to be the trailing part of a door basket. Just remember to water it in the summer! The bonus of the plant is also that while your flowers will come and go, that plant will stay. {I had planned on this for the door flowers today, but I had so many flowers I skipped the plant. But plants are handy for filling in and if you only have a few flowers.}




While there is nothing like fresh flowers, if your door is in the sun or you live somewhere where the summer heat is wicked, go for faux! There is nothing wrong with that…as you know I have been known to mix the real with the silk flowers often here at FrenchGardenHouse.


Shop garden antiques


Do you think  you will try creating a door basket {or bucket!} for a gate or door this summer?

Whether you use flowers, plants, real or faux, it’s a beautiful way to greet sunny summer days with pure joy!

pin for French door basket


THANK YOU so much for your visit to our back garden! I hope that you have enjoyed this little floral treat on a Monday.  Be sure to visit my dear friends Mary and Pam, by clicking on their links below.


white summer hydrangeas

Mary at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs

door basket with bright flowers
Pam at Everyday Living

Gorgeous antique French bucket
and me, Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse.





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19 thoughts on “Create a Door Basket for Summer”

  1. What a wonderful idea Lidy,just not for our front door then it will be gone in no-time but for our backyard

    1. Thank you Anja! It always surprises our European family that we have things standing in the front garden or hanging on our gate here in California, so far, no one has ever taken anything over all these years!! Stay cool, it looks like another hot week where you are!

  2. Good Morning Lidy! I love your blooming vintage zinc bucket! I would not have known your hydrangeas were faux…they blend and are paired beautifully with your alstroemeria, mums, sage and eucalyptus! I’ve never seen your little FrenchGardenHouse and namesake before. ? Your button fern is thriving and so happy there and I love seeing your antique treasures…trug, dipplers, cheese molds and pottery. As always, it’s a treat to share blooms with you on these Mondays, Happy August! <3

    1. Happy August dear Mary! I’m surprised you’ve never seen my little garden house before, she has peeked in here and there on the blog. She used to be quite charming, but after FrenchGardenHouse opened, she became a shipping house. {But sooner or later she’ll be an artist studio.} It’s always a joy to spend our Monday Morning Blooms together with you dear friend.xo

  3. Happy August, Lidy! I just love the vintage zinc bucked filled with a lovely combination of flowers…pink mums, pink and golden apricot alstroemeria, purple sage, seeded eucalyptus, and faux hydrangeas. I would have never guessed the hydrangeas were faux. The garden trugs are fabulous, as are the little French country pottery pieces. The area surrounding your French Garden House is lush and beautiful. I am always impressed by all of your antique and vintage pieces, stunning array of garden treasures. It is always to share Monday Morning Blooms with you!

    1. Happy August dearest Pam! In this hot summery month, I like to cheat mother nature a little for flowers that are outside. But not in the actual garden beds and pots, those do so well, just need a lot of watering and talking to. It’s always a joy to spend one of our Monday Morning Blooms days together with you!

  4. Lidy, I love your thriller, spiller, and filler method! How clever! Thanks for your useful tips.
    As always, you create with antiques, and as always, it is delightful. Your vintage hanging bucket filled with lovely flowers is perfect for your garden house door. How fun to have a little garden house and perfect for you to name it ” French Garden House.”I love the nameplate. Your flowers are beautiful. Those faux hydrangeas are stunning. So realistic.
    All the other antique garden items are both useful and charming.
    What an enjoyable and informative MMB. Thanks, Lidy.

    1. Thank you for this visit on a gorgeous summer day, Bonnie. I wish you were really here, but love having you on the blog, too! I actually had named the garden house Little French Garden House before using it as my shop name! It was a gift for my birthday from Mr. FGH one year.

  5. Your vintage bucket is so attractive Lidy, and it’s so smart to mix faux with real, it makes them look real too! Love the colors and types of flowers you combined…I will remember the “thriller, spiller and filler” method!

    1. Happy summery Monday, dear Jenna! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer season!

  6. Shirley @Housepitality Designs

    Of course I would see an “out of the box” or bucket container for your FrenchGardenHouse garden house door!…LOVE!…What beautiful vignettes you have created in front of your garden house.I feel as it I was admiring a beautiful and quaint cottage in Provence…The flowers arranged both in the vintage bucket and jar are magnificent…So great to see you lovely, lovely creations today!….You Bloomers are the best!! xoxo’s

    1. Thank you for your visit friend. You are missed with your beautiful floral creations! I hope you are having a magical summer! xo

  7. Oh Lidy… I love your door arrangement! How smart to add faux to real. I also enjoyed the whole area around your door hanging. I felt like I was in France!
    I will always remember the Thriller, Spiller and Filler method!
    Happy August!

    1. Nancy, thank you so much! I hope you have a happy August too!

  8. Alice Genzlinger

    I also agree with the thriller spiller filler way to have a beautiful basket. I have one on our garden gate. Potato plant spills out and as you say they must be watered more frequently. Yours temps me to get out when I get back home and make it more “Frenchy”

    1. I love potato plants! Especially that bright, bright green colored one. I bet your basket on the garden gate looks wonderful!

  9. That’s a beautiful arrangement – just enough messiness to make it uncontrived, very French, of course. Happy Monday and Happy August, Lidy!

  10. I love that – “ just enough messiness”! That seems to be my floral,style, slightly messy. Thank you Rita, wishing you a very happy August! Xo Lidy

  11. Lidy, your zinc bucket filled with blooms is gorgeous. You have me thinking of what I might fill and add to our terrace. I love your mix of flowers, and the tips are great. Thank you! Happy August

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