Add Fragrance to Your Summer Home

At FrenchGardenHouse, I’m known for my attention to the smallest details, or as I consider them, the finishing touches. The key to setting something apart is in the small details. Our everyday rooms can be made luxurious with a few simple touches. Today I’m encouraging you to add Fragrance to Your Summer Home!


Add Fragrance to Your Summer Home


Both here at home, and when imagining YOUR home, I believe strongly in not just styling our rooms with a glorious mix of antiques, textiles, pillows, and furniture, but also flowers and plants. and…..there is something else that can bring beauty to your home interiors that we often under-estimate.


It’s SCENT! The scent of your home is really the first thing everyone notices upon walking in the door. No great home is ever completely decorated until it has its most important accessory – home fragrance. A scent can elevate your interior, lift your mood and that of your guests. This season, I am beyond thrilled to introduce a beautiful potpourri blend for summer.  Made with everlasting botanicals to create a luxuriously relaxing scent. Inspired by the scents and lively colors of Menton, France – the pearl of the French Riviera – the warm climate makes it a favorite French vacation destination. The delicious bouquet of rose and lily notes create the heart of this potpourri – green muguet, fresh cyclamen and citrus add a captivating fragrance.




Years ago {please don’t ask how many, I think dinosaurs just became extinct!} I worked in a very upscale clothing boutique in Newport Beach.  That I ever walked away with any kind of paycheck was half a miracle, but needs must. Rent, food, car payments and gas money were important. What I remember most about working there was the amazing bowls of potpourri the owners placed throughout the shop, it was their signature scent.


It made the whole shop smell amazing. And warm and welcoming, like a home. Even today, when I smell potpourri similar to theirs, I am instantly back there, doing window displays and flitting here and there between designer clothes and antique furniture. It’s the reason why I sell potpourri, so that we can all have a pretty bowl filled with a seasonal scent in our favorite rooms.


French potpourri


Potpourri is an old favorite with plenty of contemporary appeal to make your house smell good. Our Menton Potpourri is also an alluring and decorative way to brighten your interior.  A mix of bright colors, with a few little tufts of bright green moss thrown in, each bag is packaged with a refresher oil to lengthen the life of your potpourri. It’s absolutely divine, not too strong, and really looks fabulous when displayed in one of your favorite antique bowls or tureens. The refresher oil? Perfection.




summer le lac French candle


Late every afternoon, in every season, I light one of our signature candles in the living room to set the mood for the evening.  Even though it stays light later in the summer months, I still light a candle to bring a signature scent into our home.

I’m somewhat allergic to candle scents, so creating candles with soft, delicate scents is very important to me. The perfect scent has so much impact on the ambiance of your home. We’ve collaborated on signature scents with the same candle company throughout the years. They have a magical way to translate layered fragrances into our hand-poured, small batch candles.


french summer candle


Our favorite summer candle is inspired by the Château d’Yvoire, nestled in a medieval town in France surrounded by verdant forests and blue waters – our Le Lac Château Candle. It has a refreshing natural fragrance, impeccably blended with a high dose of French charm with green marine notes layered with sea moss, the fresh scent of ice juniper, mint leaves and aniseed, and a subtle touch of amber to create a layered calming scent. In the summer, I add a few of our scented candles to our outside tables on the back patio when we are lucky enough to  be able to eat al fresco.




Last, but definitely not least, scenting your home with filled sachets is so easy and beautiful.  Not just for your lingerie drawers {although delightful there!} I have a few favorites.  The perfect aromatic addition for your home, silk sachets look great piled on an antique plate or in an antique compote.


The Summer Gift Collection


Always on re-order because they are such a favorite, this plush set of three pure silk sachets has a signature Vetiver scent. These are a true statement of living in luxury, beautifully!  Exquisite blue and white designed silk makes these special.


blue silk sachets


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Do you notice the smell of your own home or of other people’s homes?




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4 thoughts on “Add Fragrance to Your Summer Home”

  1. Alice Genzlinger

    I remember being told my car smells like me and my home. I think it was because of the perfume I ware. These days I don’t wear perfume very often and thus I don’t get those comments. This post is a good reminder to life my surroundings with a lovely aroma.

  2. Alice, as I’ve gotten older I’m allergic to most perfumes, which I’m sorry about. Home fragrance is something I’m very careful about too, as many candles etc. made with artificial scents give me a headache. But the potpourri, and the candles we have made don’t affect me in that way. { it’s why we sell them}

    There are so many ways to give your home scent. One of my friends who lives in a charming old home always has a little pan of cinnamon sticks on her stove that she gently boils with water every morning to scent her kitchen. And then there are always those beautiful flowers that can make a room smell like heaven!

  3. Alice Genzlinger

    Lidy it’s rather sad that you have become allergic to perfume. It’s candles sometime that I have to be careful to chose. I have gotten yours because they don’t cause me problems. Thanks for carrying the very best.

    1. I know, I’m not really happy about it either. But I can {and DO} wear lavender oil, so there is that. : )

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