Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece

Happy Monday! Spring has arrived here in Southern California, and just in time for me to share some Easter flower therapy with you. This Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece will have everybunny ooohing and aaahing! Easy to make, I’ll show you how.

Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece


Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms! This time our theme was Easter, you can find the links to more floral inspiration at the bottom of this post. I know my flower friends will be inspiring with their gorgeous Easter floral creations.


Monday Morning Blooms


I designed an easy Easter centerpiece in an antique garden trug, but any basket will work perfectly fine for this.  It’s so easy to assemble using a few potted plants and flowers from the market.

To make your own blooming Easter garden basket centerpiece, start with a basket you love. I used this antique garden basket that is huge, but really any size or kind of basket will work. If you are worried the basket might get wet, you can line it with a layer of plastic- grocery or smaller trash bags as a precaution.  I didn’t do this, since the only vase I’m using is an antique crock for the tulips, ranunculus and hydrangeas.


DIY Easter floral arrangement


Using a block of dry floral foam helps stabilize the elements on the bottom. I used the special florist tape from our FGH Flower Arranging Kit to tape a grid on the crock that will hold the flowers in water to help them stand up better. Mr. Rabbit is nestled on one side.


DIY Easter basket


I love cabbages with flowers, so large green cabbages from Trader Joe’s join pink tulips, a potted white freesia, a few ranunculus and some blue hydrangea flowers. {Besides, it’s a well-known fact that rabbits love cabbages, so my little bunny is thrilled!}

The  cabbages I used are ornamental cabbages that are specially grown for the flower industry, they have extra long “roots” or stems. I put them in a small glass jar with water in front of the potted plant. You can easily substitute small cabbages from the vegetable market, you will need to look for some that are either not tight or simply gently peel open a few layers. You don’t need to put these in water, just nestle them in the open space in front of the potted plant.


Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece


After stripping all the leaves from your flowers that would be below the waterline, cut your flower stems at a 45 degree angle for maximum water intake. If using, add floral preservative, and give the water a little stir. Because tulips only really like cold water {unlike all others that prefer luke-warm water} I added cold water for all the flowers in taped-off container.


pink blooming tulips


“Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair

to strength and beauty and happiness.”

Floyd W. Tomkins


Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece


I had a few blue hydrangeas left from last week’s flowers, and added those. But…there were only two…and an uneven number always looks so much better. A tiny blue faux hydrangea came to my rescue! {Don’t tell the other flowers it’s not real!} A basket like this is so wonderful, you can fit in more plants if you have room. A trailing ivy would look spectacular. The other bonus of a floral arrangement like this is that once the tulips and friends are done, you can replace them with other flowers. This basket can give you joy all season long!


flowers for Spring


You can cover things with moss but I didn’t have to since the plants and flowers covered all the spaces and no pots show.



I had such fun setting this table!  I began with this beautiful airy white ruffled linen tablecloth from Pom Pom at Home, classic and romantic, the Lily Tablecloth is a subtle showstopper for your table. This pristine white cloth is an heirloom piece that adds opulence to your table. I love the large 4″ ruffled edge, so luxurious!  {ps. it’s on sale!}


Arte Italica Lace plates


I wish I could show you layers of plates in a “plate stack” but while I adore how that looks, in our real life here it’s just not practical.  Two plates on top of each other is the most I can give you…and only if we eat salad before the main course.

For this outside table I used my favorite romantic lace plates from Arte Italica at each place setting in two sizes, a dessert|salad size and a dinner size plate.  They are not only stunning, they add another layer of texture. The pink organic linen napkins have a tiny ruffle, a dressmaker detail that I love. We’ve had napkins like this for over ten years at home, and I wash them in the washer and then toss in the dryer. I don’t iron, just smooth and fold when they come out.


French hare tags for Easter

Linen tablecloth for easter


Mr. FrenchGardenHouse sometimes goes crazy and irons them, but I love the casual rumpled linen look and just have them as is. My Grandmama probably wouldn’t approve, but I know she’s in heaven thinking thank goodness I married a man who irons them sometimes!



Spring bunny flower arrangement


The French Country Hare Gift Tags make a delightful name tag at each plate, for Easter I’ll write a personal message on the back and a Scripture.  The flatware is the ever popular Napoleon Bee pattern from Wallace Silversmiths.


Blooming Easter Basket



{P.S. some of you have asked if there is still time to order something from our SPRING COLLECTION for Easter. The answer is YES! And we’ve added a few new things to the mix!}



Blooming Easter Basket


pin for blooming Easter Centerpiece

I hope you are planning some spring beauty for Easter this year. Do you go all out with decorations for the holiday or keep it simple and let Mother Nature speak for herself?


Please visit my friends for more Easter inspiration:


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Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece

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31 thoughts on “Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece”

  1. Good Morning Lidy, Your blooming Easter basket with bunny is gorgeous! Your antique garden trug makes a such a handsome basket and so generously sized to add your potted and cut flowers. I love the addition of the cabbage too. Such sweet French Country Hare Gift Tags to top your plates! I had to chuckle at Mr. FrenchGardenHouse pulling out the iron. 😉 My hubby doesn’t even know where the iron is. As always, it’s a treat to share blooms with you. Thank you for the flower therapy this morning. Happy Monday <3

    1. Good morning dear Mary! Thank you so much, it was such a fun arrangement to create and super easy. I know, my Mr. loves ironing – I think he’s a little weird, but he is a keeper and very nice. 🙂 When we were first married he said I didn’t iron his shirts like his mother did so I told him he could iron them himself then. haha. Ever since, he’s a whiz at ironing.

  2. Happy Monday (Morning Blooms) Lidy! Where do I begin? Oh that awesome basket!! Such a most fabulous basket for your table and of course the arrangement. I so love how you curated the various flowers/plants/veggies. How wonderful that you are able to obtain the amazing cabbages at your flower market. Yes, you won’t see them at your grocery store!…I considered trying to grow pretty cabbages; however, the wildlife here love them and I cannot put a fence around the garden in our backyard (ARB rules ?. Oh that gorgeous tablecloth!…I love the ruffles! So very romantic and perfect for Spring! Yes, the gift tags also make wonderful place cards as I have used yours just for that reason! Also, in love with those goblets! Gorgeous color!….So happy to join you for our Monday Morning Blooms days my friend!! Have a wonderful week Lidy!

    1. Happy happy Monday Shirley! This table and floral arrangement were so fun to create, because who doesn’t adore spring and Easter? I can’t wait to celebrate. Hoping the weather is glorious in your part of the world this week, I know y’all have had a lot of severe weather to cope with lately. It’s time for your spring to begin. xo

  3. Good morning, Lidy. The garden trug is a beautiful statement all by itself, but you have arranged the perfect spring garden flowers to fill it. The ornamental cabbages are fabulous and the addition of the sweet bunny adds whimsy. How do you keep the bunny from eating the cabbages? (Lol) The ruffles on your cloth and napkins gives it a romantic feel, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?! It is always a pleasure to join you in your garden for Monday Morning Blooms. Have a lovely Monday!

    1. It’s always a pleasure to join you on our Monday Morning Blooms too, Pam. Easter is such a favorite, for so many reasons! Have a wonderful week, dear friend. xo

  4. Good morning Lidy, and thank you for the smiles and inspirations! I adore your bunny basket arrangement, so perfect for Easter and Spring! Love the purples, soft pinks, white and yellow of your table and the candy eggs scattered is perfect 🙂 Cabbage and tulips and a bunny combine to make delightful Easter eye candy! So pretty in your beautiful garden setting…I hope you have a blessed and happy Easter!

    1. Jenna, thank you for your sweet comments – it’s always so nice to begin the week with friends and flowers! I wish you a most blessed and happy Easter too, friend. xo

  5. What a great basket full of spring goodness! I love how you loosely arranged all of your items, and how it pairs up so nicely to the white ruffled tablecloth, especially against the amethyst glassware. It highlights the pink ribbon and tulips. Perfect for spring and very nice!

    1. Thanks Rita. I am excited for you that you have a garden again, I know you will be creating your own beautiful tablesettings out there as soon as your weather permits.

    1. Renae, thank you! It’s super easy to do too, you can literally make it in any basket with any combination of plants and flowers. Hope you have a beautiful week!

  6. The basket arrangement is fabulous! I’m glad you showed how you built it. Truly a inspiring design! The dishes, napkins and place cards are Beautiful too!

    1. Thank you Liz! It’s so easy, and actually would look great at any time of year with different plants and
      “accents” don’t you think?

  7. I’m going out now to buy some plants and stop at Trader Joe’s to make a smaller one of these for a neighbor with reoccurring CA.

    Great idea.

    1. Linda, what a very sweet idea! I know your neighbor will be so cheered!

  8. Lidy!

    What a beautiful Easter arrangement and table setting!
    I did sigh when I read that Mr. FGH would willingly iron. Even linen napkins! Another sigh . . .


    1. Janet, thank you so much. I am anxiously awaiting Easter! And yes, he does iron, even LIKES it. What can I say? He likes silver polishing too…go figure. It’s one of the many reasons he’s a perfect match to an antiques loving wife. Hope you have a happy week!

  9. Does he also like to cook and do the dishes? Ha! Even if not, you married an angel!


  10. Denise Carlson

    Perfection I love the Easter table arrangement! I have never had the pleasure of having freesia or ranunculus but they look so beautiful and who doesn’t love hydrangeas. The bunny with his pink ribbon to compliment the tulips is so sweet for Easter and Spring. Love the gift tags they carry out the theme and make the table so special! Beautiful table thanks for all the inspiration another great Monday Morning Blooms!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Denise! It’s always a treat to get some flower therapy, isn’t it? Hope your week is wonderful.

  11. Lidy, i think putting together a basket of blooming plants along with fresh flowers is always a winning combination. Add in a cute bunny in a bow, and well, It’s perfection! I pinned this for instant inspiration. Love that old garden trug. Your alfresco table setting a welcoming spot for celebrating Easter!

    1. Sarah, thank you, I agree! I love this season, and bunnies always add fun to everything, don’t they? xo

  12. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Love, Love, Love…everything is so beautiful! Thank you for all the tips, Lidy and the instructions – you are always so good to us! Have a wonderful week!!

    1. Thank you Sharon…hope you are having a lovely week, too!

    1. Amy, thank you so much. I love this time of year because everything is so fresh and new and beautiful!

  13. Lidy, your garden trug filled with beautiful flowers, cabbage and bunny is just amazing. I just swooned when I saw this magnificent arrangement. God has given you so much talent. I seldom comment but follow all your beautiful posts.

    1. Thank you so much, Dianne! It was a fun arrangement to put together. It’s so nice to hear from you too..that way I know you’ve been here. xo

  14. Marion

    Thank You Lidy for sharing your Beautiful Easter display.

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