Elegant Christmas Table Setting

Are you excited about the holidays this year? I know I am, and I’m pretty sure you are too! One of my “new” traditions I began last year is to have a fancy tea party in our master bedroom with my little people. There is enough room for a small table there, and it’s a special treat we all look forward to. This year I decided we’d have an Elegant Christmas Table Setting. Because little people love to be treated to our most elegant table-settings, and I’ve found that they are very, very careful with everything!


Elegant Christmas Table Setting


This little tea party is really our annual Spirit of Giving Board Meeting.  My grandchildren are young, but they are never too young to start thinking about others and being generous. At our special board meeting, we talk about a few different charities and decide where we will donate our holiday money gifts.  {Last year we read a book called Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt, about a little girl who discovers that her best friend has no food in her fridge because her family can’t afford it.  I had each one of my little people take a turn reading out loud, and we talked about hunger.}

They are so darling, last year we narrowed it down to two local charities that help homeless families, and they could choose one, or both. Of course every single one of them chose both, because they didn’t want to hurt any feelings. They divided “their” dollar amount exactly in half. 🙂 This year they are supposed to bring some of their own money to the table. We’ll see how that goes.


Elegant Christmas Table Setting




Pam, Mary and I are sharing another look at the beautiful magnolia wreaths from The Magnolia Company we each received in early November. you won’t want to miss their posts, because as usual they inspire and amaze with their talent and creativity!

A special thank you to The Magnolia Company for this gorgeous wreath, I received it in November, and it is drying up so beautifully I decided to use it for the centerpiece on the table.


Magnolia wreath with candle


Elegant Christmas Table Setting: Centerpiece


One of my goals for this table was to use the beautiful magnolia wreath from The Magnolia Company.  It still smells like Christmas thanks to the fresh juniper, and the gold and muted green colors suit my table perfectly. I encircled the wreath with my favorite faux rose leaf garland, and placed a crystal compote in the center.  Right now it has a holiday candle on the top, surrounded by reindeer moss, but for the actual party I will put all the macarons and cookies in this bowl.

Because I wanted something white to tie in to the small white Christmas tree in this room, I clipped a few of Mr. FGH’s white roses and placed them on the wreath.  If you would like to do this, and you want the flowers to last, simply insert them in those little florist water tubes filled to the top.


Christmas Table Setting

Elegant Christmas Table Setting


Elegant Christmas Table Setting : Place-setting


The tablecloth is an antique matlase spread that I just couldn’t bear to part with. Over the years it’s graced many tables here at FrenchGardenHouse, from wedding shower buffets to holiday events. It’s great because it has lots of texture, and is not so precious that I would hate to see a spot or two on it. AND….it’s white, so it can be bleached!

My plates are stunning antique gilt plates with floral centers, layered on top are our beautiful Arte Italica gilded plates.  This way my little people have all the delights of an antique plate that does need to get some gentle treatment, but the glass protects them should one of them suddenly decide to scratch their fork back and forth over the plate. {none of them have ever done that, but still!} On the top are these amazingly gorgeous little antique white milk glass sorbets with gilt rims. Not sure if each one will hold a pretty holiday cupcake or a few pastel macarons.


Elegant Christmas Table Setting

Christmas plates in white and gold

antique French gold plates


Elegant Christmas Table Setting : Linens


Antique French napkins are simply folded on top of the plate stack.  These antique napkins are large, so that each little person can cover their whole lap. Although I try not to serve very messy treats, one of them invariably drops something in their lap, or opts for hot chocolate and all the chocolatey smooshy stains that can cause. These napkins cover up their party clothes, and I can put them in the washer to come out quite lovely again. They are tough, they’ve lasted for generations already.

Bonus point: it’s always fun to talk about whose monogram the napkins might have belonged to. Who were they? How many napkins did we think they might have ordered? Who embroidered the napkins? Or did a bride-to-be embroider them herself long ago? It’s a short, interest inspired history lesson around the table. I sneak in some history and love for antiques while plying them with chocolates and macarons!



Thank you so much for joining me today for my holiday planning and ramblings. I hope that my little people will cherish and remember these special Spirit of Giving Teas {for Board Members only!} and know just how much I loved them. If, in the joy of enjoying a special treat with me that their parents are NOT invited to, they learn a thing or two about the spirit of giving and true compassion and generosity, my mission has been accomplished.



Thank you so very much for joining me today during this busy time.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this Elegant Christmas Table Setting, for my littlest loves and our By Invitation Only Spirit of Giving Board Meeting!  I think for them half the fun is that their parents are NOT invited.


I wish you a truly memorable holiday season, sharing laughter and wonderful, happy times with the people you love.



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Elegant Christmas Table Setting

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Elegant Christmas Table Setting
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Elegant Christmas Table Setting

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35 thoughts on “Elegant Christmas Table Setting”

    1. Linda, thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family too! xo

  1. Dorothy

    What a wonderful, thoughtful tradition. Something I definitely will host when I have grandchildren. Thanks for the inspiration- Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année.

    1. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année to you and your family too, Dorothy. xo

  2. Lidy, I adore your elegant party for the Littles. I love that it is also a teaching time, which is so important. I do the same with my Littles, every opportunity to teach I hopefully take. The table is set so beautifully and again they can be taught to enjoy but take care of the lovely things that are there. The wreath looks so pretty as the centerpiece.

    It is always a pleasure to join you for Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas week as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

    1. Thank you dear friend. Wishing you and your precious family a joyous celebration too. xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful! They will remember and they will cherish the memories.
    I’ve found that my Littles have better manners and are more careful then some adults who have come to our table. The table is now set appropriately depending on who is coming for dinner ~ Prettige Kerstdagen

    1. Hetty, Prettige Kerstdagen!! I agree, our little people are very careful, and I think they know it’s special just for them. xo

  4. Lidy, You have been missed!
    Your elegant table for your little people is so elegant and beautiful! I can image the excitement they will feel about sitting at your special table for them and talking to their grandmother about meaningful things. Great memories.
    Wishing you and your family a very special Christmas.

    1. Bonnie, Merry merry Christmas friend! Wishing you and your family blessed holidays. xoxo

  5. What a wonderful tradition Lidy, I know your little people will feel very grown up having tea at this beautiful table set with very special things! Your wreath makes a lovely centerpiece and I’m sure eyes will be popping when the compote is filled with goodies! I love that you are teaching them the importance of helping others. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Jenna, I hope they enjoy it as much as I do! : ) Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas too! xoxo

  6. Heritage Hall

    Lidy – Bless you for the elegant beauty you share throughout the year
    and your lessons in giving of time and talent. How can a child not gain
    great advantage from having sat at your spirit of giving board meeting
    tea? Delicious.

    1. Thank you so much! Wishing you memorable and blessed days celebrating the holidays too!

  7. Nancy Brantley

    Beautiful table but the tradition with the littles is so sweet and special! Blessings to you and family this CHRISTMAS!!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy! Wishing you blessings and a joyfilled Christmas too. xo

  8. What a wonderful idea, Miss Lidy!
    How little do you have to be?
    I want to come, please!

    1. You’re pretty little, and totally young at heart, always dear friend. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!! xoxo

  9. Lidy, what an awesome family tradition you’ve begun with your littles. This is something I’m definitely going to remember. And I love how special you’ve made it with your treasured details – from those gorgeously layered plates and milk glass sorbets to the embroidered napkins. Lucky you to have Mr FGH’s white roses in bloom to breathe new life into that already pretty wreath.

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year beginning.

    1. Rita, thank you so much. I hope they will enjoy it each year, I’m hoping now that they’ve grasped the concept that they will do most of the talking and the choosing of charities. My little grandson already said this year he’s proposing an animal charity! {He’s all about animals of any and every kind!} Merry Christmas, dear friend!!

  10. Lidy, What a wonderful tradition and teaching time for your little people! I know it must feel so special to sit down with you at a beautiful table that you have prepared. What a great idea to use your beautiful Arte Italica glass plates over your antique floral ones as protection and to enjoy the beautiful gilded frame around them. Your centerpiece looks beautiful with the addition of your roses, leaf garland and glass compote. As always it’s a treat to join you on these Mondays. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and Merry Christmas wishes to you and your family. <3

    1. Mary, what a wonderful treat to join you this morning for our beloved Monday Morning Blooms! Wishing you a very merry week ahead too, and Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  11. Allison Wade

    Such a gorgeous elegant table setting….fit for Littles of Royalty! I especially loved the ending poem of which I printed off to frame to include in my display and spread the importance of the season. Holiday happiness to all…a Blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Lidy! Truly, Ally

    1. Thank you Ally! Wishing you and the people you love a joyous and blessed Christmas too! xo

  12. What a most glorious table Lidy!…the wreath makes such a fabulous centerpiece among the exquisite table settings. So wonderful that you share a tradition of giving with your Little People. Sometimes it is hard for us to choose our “end of the year” charitable contributions, but it was not hard this year. i often wonder too when I hold an old monogrammed napkin..who sat at the table?…did they love entertaining? Thank you for the beautiful inspiration today and sharing traditions.
    I wish you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas. Have a most joyous time with your family! Happy New Year Lidy…looking forward to MMB’ing with you next year!!

    1. Thank you so much Shirley! Wishing you and your beautiful family a very merry and blessed Christmas! xoxo

  13. Wow – how special is a holiday board meeting?? What a lovely (and practical) idea Lidy! If I ever have any grandchildren, I’m going to borrow your traditions, right down to the beautiful table! Thanks so much for your gorgeous inspiration all year, and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you so much Barbara! Oh, I do hope you have grandchildren one day, they are magical creatures! 😉 Wishing you beautiful and meaningful holidays, friend. xo

  14. Alice Genzlinger

    Mission accomplished is in your future.. you are making long held memories. I’m still a child at heart and I think you are also because you love to play. Even so you are teaching the littles and they haven’t a clue. This year the posts have been very inspiring possibly because we aren’t locked up in our houses (yet). I love the use of the matlase for a table cloth and using the best for the little. Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much Alice! {you are right, part of the joy of having grandchildren for me is that they play, which means I get to play!!!} Wishing you a blessed and very merry Christmas too, friend. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Renae! I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  15. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    I was so blessed by the idea your annual Spirit of Giving Board Meeting! What a wonderfully loving and giving tradition and to include your little ones is fantastic and so inspiring. I made note of the book you read last year, so that I can purchase it!

    As always, your table is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us!
    Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année to you and your precious family! May you and yours be blessed, Lidy!!

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! This year’s tea was a success…the little people chose an animal charity in their own neighborhood, and one that helps foster children with mentors, tutors, and a stability they often don’t have, also in their own city of Seattle. xo

  16. Lidy, I’m so late arriving at this beautiful post, but life has been full of distractions. I’ve had little time to spend on line, but didn’t want to miss any of your posts. Your table is gorgeous, and I love the way you broke it down to share each special element.
    Your Christmas dinner was truly elegant. Happy New Year!

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