Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection

The Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection.

One of the delights of having our very own Les Belles Fleurs collection of faux florals is the wonderful emails I receive from clients. My favorite story this month was from a Mom who purchased a hand tied bouquet of flowers from our collection for her daughter who needed to stay in the hospital a few days. {Her daughter has severe allergies to real flowers.} When she picked up her daughter to go back home and took the bouquet, the nurse said “oh, no, you can’t just take that bouquet out of the vase! The flowers will die on the way home and that would be such a shame!”

This is exactly the reason I wanted to add some “all done” drop in bouquets to our Les Belles Fleurs Collection, because so many of you let me know that you are allergic to real flowers but miss them in your homes. I hope you love this collection of faux couture flowers and wreaths!


The Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection


Our Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection has stunning designer quality faux couture florals. Perfect to dress up your autumn and holiday home! Our new Drop In Collection comes without a container, so that you can use these floral designs in your own favorite vases. Designed to be very flexible so you can rotate different drop-in bouquets with different vases you love. Perfect to change your seasonal decor at home.


I’m showing you a few of my favorites {actually, shhh…they’re all my favorites since I design them – they’re my babies!}  I’m sharing some “fool the eye” tips in this post, too – so no one will guess your beauties weren’t birthed by Mother Nature!


autumn fleurs


We are completely smitten with our Deluxe Dahlia Bouquet with rich, luscious blooms with large deep burgundy wine Dahlias at it’s stunning center. The Bordeaux ranunculus flowers and woodsy blackberry stems are just the right complement. Feathery golden plumes, lamb’s ear and  eucalyptus pull it all together into a lush display. Arrange at home as you wish, it’s a fabulous way to add a luxury touch of autumn with a twist!  Here it is in a different vase:


The Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection


The  Crysanthemum Drop In Bouquet is effortlessly arranged, a luscious combination of large mums, a golden glow hydrangea, cream blush rose, complemented by ecinops, and leucadendrom sprays. I show it two ways, one in a clear vase {keeping the stems bound together as they come} and one in a black tole ice bucket.  The vases create a totally different look each time!


designer florals


autumn collection silk flowers


A favorite, this Parisian Rose Topiary is rich in personality and deep red color and guaranteed to bring your rooms to life. The round ball of velvety roses is planted in a hand painted black pottery pot, with a gilt laurel leaf wreath painted on the front. Tied with luscious silk ribbon, this is perfect for holiday decorating and gifting.


Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket



Many of these arrangements will look great through Thanksgiving, even the holidays….just add a few sprigs of evergreens!  Our Heavenly Dahlia Drop In is a stunning combination of heavenly large dahlias, peonies, mums, and a pink velvety succulent stem gathered to lift your spirits.


The Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection



Dahlia Fleurs


This sweet beauty, the Hand Tied Magic Blooms Drop In features our stunning realistic deep pink rose and the rich tones of bramble blackberries, red thistle flowers, ruffled pink mums, and French Country raspberries to create a perfect display. A hand picked wild look, pinky red berries and fluffy golden green cypress add further depth and interest.


The Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection


The new faux flowers look so real. They can fool the eye, especially when mixed in with some real greenery!


If you want to convince your family and friends that your faux flowers are real, here are my best tips. It will be our little secret!





Make sure you choose a vase that fits the length of your flowers.


If you choose a vase that is shorter than the stems in your bouquet, you can trim the stems of your flowers to the right length with wire cutters. Sometimes I reseal the ends with Elmer’s Glue. If you think you might want to use a taller vase later, select a solid {vs. clear} container and bend your stems inside to fit. That way later you can straighten them out again to fit a taller vase.


Just like you do with real flowers, remove any leaves from the lower parts of the stem. {we have already done this in our bouquets for you.}


If you take the drop ins apart from their binding, you can arrange your flowers like you do real ones. You can bend them gently, so that some of them fall naturally over the side of the vase.


Sometimes when we have guests, I put a little water at the bottom of a clear vase.  Adding some fresh greenery or branches from your garden in the vase really makes the bouquet look “real” – be sure to dry them off after 1-2 days.


Nothing spells f a u x more than dusty flower petals! To keep your flowers clean, use your hairdryer on the cool setting.  If there is something really not pretty on your flower, you can use a slightly damp cloth to gently blot and remove.


One of the wonderful things about designer silk flowers is that you can re-arrange them to suit different seasons to make them new. For instance, our Heavenly Dahlia Drop In looks beautiful with softer pinks for spring!  You can do it… just play around with your flowers until you love what you see!


I hope you find just the Les Belles Fleurs Drop In or arrangement for that spot at home where nothing thrives but it could use a bright pick up floral!


There are still a few florals arriving for our Les Belles Fleurs Collection for holiday, they will be here soon.



FAUX – for you, oui or non?




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7 thoughts on “Autumn Les Belles Fleurs Collection”

  1. Thank you so much, Shirley! Our special, seasonal florals tend to sell out quickly, because they are made in very limited quantities. Many are one-of-a-kind exclusives. We love that they have such a loyal following with our clients, and delight in each new collection.

    1. Thank you Sandra! Not real, but pretty realistic! Hope you are having a lovely week!

  2. Gloria P

    My dahlia’s in my garden are at the season end. The thought of not having blooms for my tables made me very sad. But you came to the rescue. I can’t wait to receive the Heavenly Dahlia Drop In I just ordered.

    1. Gloria, I hope you love these! They combine well with other faux “blooms” you may have already! xo

  3. These make for gorgeous arrangements, Lidy. I’ve always preferred dried flowers, but lately I’m tired of picking up the bits and pieces they shed and not being able to easily store them. I’ll take a look at your shop. Maybe something for Christmas?!?

    Sending my love,


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