Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens

I know, I’ve done posts before about collecting antique linens. Thank you for humoring me, while I talk about my addiction  passion. Antique tablecloths are always a good idea! So are antique linens of any and every kind, they bring beauty, history and so much charm to your table. Even the grumpiest guest can’t help but be charmed by your table layered with exquisite hand worked antique linens, can they?! Our latest Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens add everything to your table settings, and also make beautiful gifts for those summer weddings.

I am sharing some of the exceptional antique linens we have been fortunate enough to acquire for our FrenchGardenHouse shop this month. If one of these steals your heart, grab it because they are one-of-a-kind treasures made with amazing skill, love and attention to detail.


Lots of antique and vintage Madeira embroidery, the finest!

Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens


Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens


antique Madeira napkins

Antique Appenzell embroidery hand towel.

Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens

Amazing antique set of two large hand towels with hand made lace, monograms and cutwork.

Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens

Antique Needle lace tablecloth with cherubs.

Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens


Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens

French linen runner.

Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens


Antique linens also make fabulous gifts for people who “have everything” because I guarantee this, they won’t have one of these!  We will wrap your antique linen gift with care and ribbon, to delight anyone you gift them to!





Collecting antique and vintage Madeira Linens


How to Choose Antique Table Linens
How to Choose Antique Table Linens

Antique French lace monogram napkin
How to Preserve your Antique Linens






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13 thoughts on “Antique Tablecloths & Table Linens”

  1. Alice Genzlinger

    Be still my heart. These are so beautiful Lidy. I want all of them but my budget doesn’t allow neither does my storage. I appreciate the article on how to care for our linens.

  2. Thank you for sharing my appreciation for these masterworks, Alice. Taking good care of all your beautiful pieces makes the joy even more!

    1. Jeanie, I’m always always in awe of the incredible work-woman-ship !!

  3. Hello Lidy, I, too, am smitten with antique linens and really enjoyed your recent blog post on them. I have long been searching for information on an antique handkerchief that I inherited from my aunt, and think it could be an Appenzell Wedding handkerchief. Is there a way tell if a piece might be authentic?
    Thank you for any information!

    1. Denise, it always amazes me how beautifully made antique linens are. So much love and time was lavished on them.

  4. Marta Shamblin

    What a beautiful post, Lidy. I have curtain valances purchased years ago called Paperwhite. I’m wondering if you ever see them in your travels? I can’t seem to find them anymore. The scalloped tea towels reminded me of them. I would love to know what info you might have. Thanks so much!
    Fondly, Marta

    1. Thank you Marta. I think you might have linens from the company Paper White, they created beautiful bed, table and window linens, some with embroidery, in the later 1900’s. I don’t think they are in business any longer, a quick internet search did not find them.

  5. Marta Shamblin

    Thank you for your help. I’m disappointed to hear that they no longer are made. I’ll use your tips to take the best care so they’ll last, hopefully.

  6. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Absolutely. Beautiful. Masterpieces!! Love!

  7. Noreen

    such exquisite table linen, embroidered by fine needlewomen! This post reminded me of my mom’s beautiful embroidery, will we ever have another generation who dedicated so much of their time to creating heirloom handcraft?

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