Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement

On any hot summer day, all I can think of is a tall glass of iced tea, with lemon! You too? {okay, besides a dip in a pool in the Provence or a snow covered cabin in England} Lemons are not just refreshing, they are perfect to add a touch of bright sunny summer to your flower arrangements. Today, I’m sharing this very easy Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement.


Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement



My friends Pam, Mary and Shirley and I are featuring lemons today. Because…summer just begs for light, bright lemons!

Be sure to visit them for the lemony goodness they have designed for all of us to enjoy by clicking on their names at the bottom of my post!


Monday Morning Blooms



My Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement is a little wilder than most of the flower designs I usually do. It’s summer, so a little wild is perfect. It echoes the gardens, which tend to get a little wild in the summer, too!


My original plan was to take this floral arrangement outdoors for a summery table set under the trees, but oh my goodness, the wind was whipping trees, and the parasols blew over out there. I can take a hint from Mother Nature….I moved to an “indoors” plan!


Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement


Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement


For summer I changed a few of the furniture arrangements here at FrenchGardenHouse.  I recently found this gorgeous French style wood piece with the gesso and plaster decoration, and put it where our gold mirror used to go.


lemons and roses floral

Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement


I love how it looks so much, I don’t think this piece will make it to the shop. It seems very happy here at home!  Our summery Luxury Orangerie Potpourri makes the whole house smell like lemons! {it comes with a bottle of scented oil to refresh}




For this arrangement I used:


  • Foraged greens and branches from my garden
  • Garden Roses in Pink
  • Deep Pink Roses
  • White Queen Anne’s Lace
  • White Hydrangeas
  • Little Blue-purple Asters



Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement



HOW TO make this Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement:


1. Create a grid over your container with floral tape, then add water.  If you are using heavy branches, flowers and big lemons, a large flower frog on the bottom is an extra help.



2. Fill the base of the bowl with a layer of greens, I used foraged greens and branches from our garden. Let some of the leaves and/or branches drape over the side of the bowl.


greens for a summer flower arrangement


3. Add fruit! It’s summer, the lemons look spectacular with flowers. They are heavy, so it’s wise to use wood skewers as stakes for each fruit. I love the pop of happy sunshine color the lemons give to the flowers. I usually “prep” the lemons, using skewers full length. Once I start adding the skewered lemons to the arrangement, I can cut them to the right length.




4. Keep filling in greens and branches, I usually do a circle of greens all the way around the container. The large flowers go in next, so that you can space them out how you like them.  Be sure to cut their stems at an angle.  The roses add beautiful color, and focus to this arrangement. Fill in the spaces with smaller flowers and/or your filler which can be either small flowers or more greenery.  These add more depth and texture to your finished arrangement.



5. Add the staked fruit in the bowl. Vary the height, and put them in clusters so that they are more visible. This will add depth to your beautiful flower arrangement.



Ta da!  You’ve created a gorgeous floral arrangement, a Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement!



Be sure to check on the water level in your bowl daily. In mine there are a lot of branches and thirsty flowers, so I made sure to check also on the first day at night.


Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement



Be inspired by some other floral arrangements I’ve made with citrus fruits:


You can see my French Country Citrus Floral Arrangement HERE >


And this cute Citrus with French Country Charm centerpiece HERE >





hydrangeas and lemons
MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs


sunflowers and lemons flower arrangement

PAM at Everyday Living

SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs


Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement

and ME- Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse


Summer flowers and citrus fruits, is this something you do or could love too??




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38 thoughts on “Lemon Fresh Summer Floral Arrangement”

  1. Lidy, your flower arrangement with the beautiful roses, asters, Queen Anne’s lace, hydrangeas, and lemons is summer perfect. The flowers look so gorgeous on the fabulous chest underneath the new wood piece. I think you should keep it for yourself. I am sure your home smells so lovely with the FrenchGardenHouse potpourri. The smell of lemons is so refreshing.

    It is always a pleasure to join you for flower therapy and Monday Morning Blooms. Have a wonderful week ??

    1. Thank you Pam. I love the colors, and those garden roses are so lovely. It’s a blessing to join together for our special Mondays!

  2. What a most gorgeous backdrop for your flower arrangement Lidy!…The flowers add the most beautiful pops of color to this most exquisite seating area. I am loving the “freeform” arrangement more and more and have been “experimenting” with this technique. You nailed this technique Lidy1… I am so in love with your new French style wood piece…outstanding look for summer. I wish you a most beautiful day enjoying your beautiful blooms!!

    1. Thank you dear friend. Those “free-form” arrangements are becoming my favorites…easy to do once you don’t worry too much about spacing out everything. : ) Hope you have a gorgeous week ahead!

  3. Theresa Keller

    Lidy your flower arrangement is stunning!
    Nice way to start a Monday, have a great week!

  4. Phyllis

    Your beautiful arrangement looks like a still life painting, especially in front of that gorgeous piece. Great job!

    1. Blushing…thank you Rita. The flowers were so beautiful, they couldn’t help but make a pretty display. Wishing you a gorgeous summer week, friend. xo

    1. Well, that is a big compliment coming from you my uber-talented friend!! Hope you are enjoying a gorgeous summer!

  5. Swoon Lidy! Your arrangement is SO beautiful! I love your choice of floral material paired with the lemons. I agree with Rita, it’s magazine-worthy! Your plaster wall panel is a beauty, I would have a hard time parting with it too! As always it’s a treat to join you for some flower therapy. Happy Monday <3

    1. Thank you Mary! It turned out well even after most of my “outdoor” blew over…our weather is SO unpredictable this year! It’s a joy to join you each time for our flower therapy.xo

  6. Lidy, wow, this is a gorgeous arrangement! Your entire vignette with seating says, “Come stay awhile and lets chat.” Your new plaster piece is a great find. I think each detail in this seating arrangement is stunning. Thanks for the step by step to create this arrangement. I’m saving this!
    Happy 5th of July!

    1. Happy 5th of July Sarah! Thank you – I would love for you to arrive and sit here with me for a while. And chat, of course. xo

  7. Denise Carlson

    Oh my this arrangement is gorgeous, wouldn’t it be nice if this was silk and found a home there all the time? I just love it, the bright yellow lemons put it over the top!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful summer blooms bouquet!

    1. Denise, it would be…but I’ll be honest, I love changing things up too much! Next week I might have a big candle there, or a fern. Thank you for your visit!! Wishing you a beautiful week!

    1. Thank you so much Maristella! I wish you a beautiful week ahead!

    1. Thank you so much Alice! Hope you are having a gorgeous week.

  8. I love this floral arrangement. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to arrange one for
    My home

    1. Thank you Carole! Flowers make every home happy, don’t they?

  9. Your arrangement is stunning Lidy! It looks fabulous in front of your new wall art, and I love the fullness and bright colors. You have such a knack for combining citrus with flowers…I can see a painting of this in the near future! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Jenna! This would make a beautiful painting by you. xo

  10. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Lidy, your arrangement is absolutely stunning and belongs in a magazine! The whole setting with the pretty flowers and gorgeous French chairs makes my heart sing. I always look forward to your beautiful creations. Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

    1. Thank you so much dear Shannon! I hope you are having a beautiful summer!

  11. noreen

    Thank you Lidy for sharing this lovely post, that was a wonderful visit to view your gorgeous arrangement. I can smell the uplifting fragrance of lemons from this side of the world, where we are in the throes of winter!

    1. Noreen, thank you so much for your lovely visit. It’s the fun of our inter connected world, isn’t it? We can visit each other in a totally different season! Hope you have a blessed week ahead. xo

  12. Mary Coleman

    Oh Lidy, thank you for my 53 anniversary bouquet! We had a tropical storm here on our beautiful island and my garden is askew and waterlogged but all is well and the birds are back at their feeders.
    Blessings to you and the beauty you bring us. Mary

    1. Mary, Happy Anniversary! Thank you for always being such a kind friend. I love the birds at our feeders too, although sometimes they fight, little rascals. : ) xo

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