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I love a great faux, you too?  While fresh flowers will always have my preference, I love the look of flowers in every room, and I just don’t have the time to take care of a lot of fresh arrangements. Clients often ask how to keep our flowers and arrangements looking their best so here are my Faux the Best Tips!


Faux the best



Our beautiful but low maintenance flowers and potted topiaries are such a fantastic way to add color, texture and personality to your home.



I’m excited about this 2021 fresh new collection of our Les Belles Fleurs faux florals and stems, and hope that you will be too!  Here are my best tips for keeping your florals in beautiful condition to enhance your home decor.


red faux roses



Most of our flower stems can be shaped by gently bending to create the designer look you want. If you need to cut the stems a shorter length, I suggest you invest in a good pair of wire cutters. The wires are strong, so don’t use your scissors or pruning shears!




faux the best




Try to arrange your blooms like you would a real bouquet, bend the wire stems to fall naturally.





Clean your topiaries, floral arrangements and blooms with a hair dryer set on the lowest, cold air setting. I also sometimes use a clean paint brush to gently whisk away dust, if dust sits on your flower petals too long it can damage them.



faux the best






Keep your faux flowers looking fresh longer by displaying them out of strong sunlight. The dye used in most of our faux flowers and greenery can fade in sunlight.




Faux the best





Our faux blooms and arrangements are very strong, but sometimes a little petal can come off. You can easily stick it back with its friends with a little spot of glue, hot glue works wonders!




Your faux flowers will last longer if you take care of them. However, they DO have a shelf life. It’s been my experience that most faux florals probably should be “re-evaluated” ever 3-4 years or so.






One way to keep your faux flowers looking fresh, the individual stems anyway, is to change things up every so often. The same flowers in the same vase gets stale after awhile. Use a different vase, add another kind of greenery or flower to brighten the arrangement and make it new.


faux the best

For faux arrangements, look and see if you can use them in different places in your home. You will be surprised how moving things around make these floral beauties liven up again!



soft luxury faux flowers


Faux flowers are a wonderful addition to your home decor, and completely safe for pets and children, unlike some real flowers. Many of our clients are allergic to fresh flowers, and the faux provides them with the flower therapy they love.





With these Faux the Best Tips you can make sure that your beautiful life like floral arrangements bring their joy to your home as long as possible.



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Faux the Best. Yes, or no at your house?




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14 thoughts on “Faux the Best Tips”

  1. Eileen

    I enjoyed this post. I am not in a position nor do I want to venture out these days to buy fresh flowers. I have gone a little nuts over the years buying all kinds of silk flowers as well as vases. I am starting to mix up the bouquets to provide a little interest rather than a vase of all the same thing.

  2. Eileen, thank you so much, it’s always a great idea to mix things up. Happy re-arranging!

  3. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Once again, you are generous with wonderful tips for us and our faux flowers. Don’t you just love that word, ‘faux’? It looks and sounds so much better than the word ‘fake’. 🙂 I love the hint of using the hair dryer on cool and low!

    Thanks for always being so kind and helpful to us, Lidy!

    1. Yes, it does make it sound so much better than fake, doesn’t it? I would use pretend over fake any day. Thank you for your sweet visit Sharon!

  4. Jean Van

    Bonjour, Lidy,
    Happy New Year, even tho it is not to Happy but will be soon~
    Yes I to love fresh flowers, but I have bought faux flowers a lot and the nice ones do look real. It helps to place them in the vases to make them look better. I have some now and also a few on my porch in lovely pots and people think they are real. Soon Spring will be here and we can all enjoy fresh flowers from our gardens again. nd Love all that you have shown. Take care and be safe.

    1. Jean, I agree, it makes the faux flowers look much more real depending on how you place them! Wishing you a wonderful and healthy new year too!

  5. YES! I’ve used faux flowers & greenery for about 40 yrs now. I have made them for other people and even done silk flower weddings for people. I learned early on to only invest in faux flowers that look like real flowers. All of your tips are spot on and your collection of florals is amazing! It brings such beauty, warmth, calmness, joy and happiness in subtle ways. Thank you so much for showing all of us what faux flowers can do in our lives. Especially when some people can’t be around real flowers to liven their lives. Happy New Year Lidy and blessings always, Edie Marie

    1. Thank you so much Edie Marie. : ) Flowers always bring joy, don’t they? Real or “pretend”, they remind of us of bright, sunny days ahead. Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Lidy, these are such helpful tips. Since the pandemic, I have had to resort to using more faux flowers. Especially in the winter months, when my gardens are asleep until spring. You have so many beautiful faux arrangements in your collection. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Take care, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Shannon! I have had to rely more on the “faux” too. Wishing you a blessed and relaxed weekend, friend. xo

  7. Gloria Pulliam

    I have a number of faux flowers I purchased a year or two ago from your site. they still look wonderful. I wish I could include pictures of the arrangements. they always look fresh. during our flowering season here I add vases of fresh flowers from my garden around them, They are a shirt lifter. Using a brush is an added tool to keep they dust free. I usually us a blow dryer, thank you for another great tip.
    Have a wonderful January.

    1. Gloria, I love hearing that! They are a spirit lifter, aren’t they? Wishing you a blessed week ahead. I’m unpacking some gorgeous antique linens, they always make me think of you!

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