White Christmas Flowers French Country Style

White Christmas Flowers French Country Style. An elegant and easy way to create a flower arrangement with candles that works everywhere!


Merry, merry Monday, dear friends! I can’t believe it’s already the third Monday of December, can you? I hope that your home is decorated, a fire is glowing in your hearth {or if you don’t have a fire place that a wonderful candle is lit} and you are cozied up with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and are ready to enjoy some flower therapy.



White Christmas Flowers French Country Style


Welcome to our last Monday Morning Blooms of the year!  Mary, Pam, Shirley and I are so happy you are here to join us. I’ll be sharing their links at the bottom of this post, so please be sure to visit them for holiday inspiration.




Monday Morning Blooms



Here at FrenchGardenHouse, I’m putting the final touches on our celebration.  We are not as “decorated” as in other years, there will be no holiday parties and teas with friends and neighbors. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t decorating, nor that we aren’t celebrating Christmas.


I actually made this arrangement before I decorated the mantel, as you can see. The first three weeks of December are pretty busy with the shop, so sometimes the mantel doesn’t get done until the week before Christmas. It also means I can buy fresh garland, and use that. Here in Southern California, although it’s not warm at this time of year, my garland seems to dry to a crisp in a few days.



White Christmas Flowers French Country Style




In the living room, two of our bergere chairs are cozied up to the antique French wedding armoire, with a little table in between. I have such fond memories associated with that little table. I bought it {really them, there are three that slide into each other} when my Mom was still alive. She loved to visit and watch me decorate the Christmas tree, but always complained that she had to hold her cup of tea in her lap! The little tables were perfect for her, I could pull one out and place it right next to her chair at Christmas time and any other time she was in the living room.



White Christmas Flowers French Country Style



White Christmas Flowers are my always favorite. This French Country style arrangement is such an elegant and easy way to create a flower arrangement with candles. An arrangement like this works everywhere! On your dining room table, on a little table like I’ve shown it here, or on your mantel.




Make White Christmas Flowers French Country Style.



french antique jardiniere



Start by selecting your container. I chose this antique French jardiniere. Then line the bottom with plastic, either a plastic bag (best choice} or a couple of layers of plastic wrap if you can’t find a bag big enough. This is to catch any water that seeps from your floral foam that you’ve soaked in a bucket of water for at least 1/2 an hour.



christmas centerpiece how to




Then put the wet flower foam {oasis} in your container.  I stuck three long white tapers right into the foam, because I will add enough greens and flowers to keep them upright.  Once you’ve positioned the candles, fill in around the base with greens, in this case I used a variety of eucalyptus and pine sprigs.


The flowers are a single bunch of white hydrangeas, and a bunch of white hypericum berries.



White Christmas Flowers French Country Style


french jardiniere with holiday flowers


White Christmas Flowers French Country centerpiece



Because this is mostly eucalyptus leaves and pine greens, if the flowers wilt after a week, it will be easy to replace them with fresh ones! Just make sure that you water your foam. Because this antique jardiniere has a hole in the bottom, I lift out the block of foam and soak the whole thing {greens and all} in a large bowl in my sink in the kitchen.



White Christmas Flowers French Country Style


White Christmas Flowers French


White Christmas Flowers French Country Style


And, if you either can’t get fresh greens, pine or flowers, you can always faux it a little!  This season it’s been a little bit more challenging than any other year to get a variety of holiday flowers and greens, so I won’t feel bad at all if I have to replace some of this with a faux holiday sprig or two…..and you shouldn’t either!



White Christmas Flowers French Country Style


White Christmas Flowers French Country Style





Thank you so much for your visit and your caring and gracious comments.




I wish you a week filled with blessings and all the joys of this season!







Please be sure to visit my dear friends Mary, Pam and Shirley.

SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs

MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs


PAM at Everyday Living

White Christmas Flowers French Country Style

and me, LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse




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16 thoughts on “White Christmas Flowers French Country Style”

  1. Lidy, This is just so beautiful, calm and serene. I love the addition of the candles with your hydrangeas and greenery. Your French wedding armoire is such a stately and handsome piece and the perfect backdrop for your arrangement, flanked by your chairs and sweet nesting tables. As always it’s a treat to join you for some flower therapy on these Mondays. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas week and the blessings of the season. <3

  2. I love white arrangements too, Lidy. Very calming, and beautiful. Merry Christmas! You & the other bloom gals have certainly been a welcome sight through this year.

  3. Your arrangement and furniture grouping are so elegant. Your words calm and bring sweetness. I love the story of pulling up your little table for your mother’s cup of tea.
    An all-white arrangement is always so beautiful with candlelight. Thank you for your tutorial for putting this arrangement together. That is a gorgeous jardiniere. I have not seen the white hypericum berries before. I love the eucalyptus, white hydrangeas, and white berries together.
    You do lovely graphics to pin. I started a new scripture board.
    Lidy, may you have a very joyful Christmas.

  4. Lidy….you are the master of all things French Country. This arrangement is gorgeous and what a backdrop with that glorious armoire!….I love the white flowers for Christmas…so elegant and peaceful…a true example of your home. Loving the candles added to your arrangement. I look forward to 2021 of Monday Morning Blooms with you….I wish you and your family a most joyous Christmas…yes. the Christmas table of many of us will be different this year…but I count my blessings in so many ways. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to our MMB’s of 2021 together! Merry Christmas Lidy!

  5. Lidy, you take the simple and elevate it to a glorious arrangement of greenery, white hydrangeas, and candles. The backdrop of your fabulous French wedding armoire is stunning. I love that you shared the precious memory of your Mom and the sweet table. I wish you and yours a most meaningful Christmas and I look forward to another year of sharing our love of flowers!

  6. Donna Carman

    Your posts are always beautiful, informative and gracious! You gently encourage and inspire. Thank you for that! I adore the story of your Mother needing a place to set her tea, and of course, you provided. God’s blessings and peace to you and your family. Merry Christmas!

  7. Lidy, your arrangement is beautiful. It brought back memories of how my mom decorated for Christmas. Our old home had deep window sills and in the dining room she had three silver pots that she always planted with white amaryllis. And, she used white silk ribbons with her fresh greens. She would have loved your arrangement. We are fortunate to have our memories.
    Wishing you and your family the love, peace, and joy of this magical season.

  8. Denise Carlson

    Lidy, I wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and better new year. I have had many pleasant hours enjoying Monday morning blooms! Thanks to the 4 gals for such floral inspiration. Love the white arrangement my favorite is white also.

  9. Alice Genzlinger

    Love this Lidy. The French wedding armoire is beautiful too. I’ve used white Satin ribbon left over from my nieces wedding for several years even wrapping the packages with it. Each year I save the ribbon and reuse it making big bows and long tapers. The renovations to the house were completed in November just in time to decorate for Christmas and the back and white tile floors just called for white. May God grant you and yours a healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

  10. Debbie Joens

    Lidy, what a lovely arrangement! I love the whites and metallics for my formal dining room so this is perfect. Thanks for showing the step by step – this really gives me confidence to try an arrangement on my own.
    The ladies of MMB are just my favorite! Merry Christmas!!

  11. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Yaaay for MMB! Always the most wonderful way to start a week! What a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

    I love the simplicity of the white and greenery together! So calming and peaceful in the midst of last minute to do’s this week before Christmas! And what a great idea to put your candles right in the oasis!

    Many thanks to you and your friends, Lidy! May you all have a very blessed Christmas!

  12. Lidy — your arrangement is beautiful! Thank you for your instructions and comments on how to recreate it. Best wishes to you & yours for a joyous and healthy holiday and New Year! You have been such a lovely bright spot in this challenging year.

  13. So gorgeous Lidy! Every time I’m here, I’m reminded of how much I love your blog and your wonderful decorating! Thank you for so much perfect inspiration. I hope you have a great New Year!

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