The Holiday Gift Collection

The  Holiday Gift Collection is here!



The WInter Collection


 Home for the Holidays.

Spare me the blahblah…just take me to the shopping!    >


The Holiday Gift Collection is here!

This season, with one of a kind gifts and special table settings,

create joyful long lasting memories with holiday classics from FrenchGardenHouse.


I’m so excited to share this collection with you, filled with favorites and curated gifts for giving and your home.


holiday collection



Scents of the season, beautifully packaged products to spark joy at home or to give as gifts.





Luxury linens, both fun and elegant, to set your prettiest tables. {Look in our linen category too!}



the winter collection


the winter collection




A few decadent luxuries for yourself, because it’s been a year!!




The WInter Collection


The WInter Collection



Hand made balsam sachets with French balsam that smells of the woods, and the holidays.



The WInter Collection



Artisan made plaster relief treasures for your tree, and your home.




Each one is a special classic decorating accent touched with gold leaf.



The WInter Collection




Lots of special little gifts curated by me, for you. {and me, if I’m honest!}



I hope you will enjoy this holiday collection as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it all together.





Let’s make this holiday season one filled with joy!








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9 thoughts on “The Holiday Gift Collection”

  1. Lol, spare me the blahblah…too funny. I read it anyway to see what you’ve highlighted, and now I shall peruse the lovelies…..

  2. Rita, : ). One of my clients used to say that {and still does, it’s become a tradition!} when she called me “spare me the blah blah, just wrap it up – I’ll take it, I’ve fallen in love!” Thank you for reading it anyway! Xo

  3. Lidy, so many wonderful pretties for the holiday season! A couple of weeks ago, I received some items from your lovely shop. My mother in law is always difficult to buy for at Christmas. So this year, I’m doing something different. I’m making her a gift basket of various items I think she will enjoy. I ordered some of your pretty tea towels and one of your FGH candles to add to the basket. That candle smells heavenly! It is going to be difficult to give it away! I think after Christmas I may have to order one for myself. I am always impressed with the care you take in carefully packing the items. Also, the sachet of lavender was such a nice surprise. I hope you have a blessed holiday season, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you for visiting, Shannon, it’s always a treat to “see” you! I love the idea of a gift basket for your mother in law. And thank you for honoring FGH by adding a few of our treats to her special gift. I hope you are having a gorgeous week, friend.

    1. Thanks, Shirley! I love the Joyeux Pillows too, they are fun as well as beautiful.

    1. Thank you Sunday! I’m really looking forward to the holidays!

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