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Classified as one of Les plus beaux villages de France – one the most beautiful villages of France – Roussillon is a tiny colorful village in Provence filled with charming houses, cafes, and galleries along its colorful lanes. The inspiration, no doubt, for the area’s prolific artists,  this magical town is a maze of picturesque little streets and squares. Here are my notes from the road, in addition to a few tips on what to do, and where to stay when you Visit Roussillon, France.



Visit Roussillon

Roussillon is famous for the rich deposits of ochre pigments found in the clay near the village. The large quarries of Roussillon were mined from the end of the 1700’s all the way up to 1930.




Charming streets wind up the hills, dotted with areas where the ochre deposits are clearly visible. The houses in Roussillon are ochre-washed in shades of yellow, orange and red, a striking reminder of the area’s history of ochre mining.


visit Roussillon



Stunning houses with glorious balconies overlooking the valleys below sit perched on the hillsides.  Each is a jewel in its own right, colored in complimentary colors as if by chance.



visit rousillon



visit Roussillon






Ready to discover this picturesque hillside French village?



Here are some of my best tips on what to do, and where to stay when you visit Roussillon. {The area is so beautiful, you won’t really need any help deciding what to see and where to go!}




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Sentier des Ocres. The ochre quarries and cliffs of Roussillon are one of the most famous sites in the Luberon region. You can walk through the red and gold landscape and take in the town’s beauty. Depending on which tour you choose, it will take about 30 to 60 minutes. There are steps, and it’s quite a bit of walking, but so worth the effort.

Be sure not to wear white, or white shoes…they will never be white again! Black doesn’t fare well either, I suggest old shoes or washable shoes, the ochre dust will stick.

Avenue de la Burlière, 84220 Roussillon
Tel: 04 90 05 60 25
Hours: Vary according to the time of year from 11am-3:30pm in winter to 9am-7:30pm in summer
2.50€ Adults, 1.50€ for groups of 15 or more, Children under 10 free.

visit Roussillon



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Like most towns in Provence, there’s plenty to see in Roussillon. The charming village center is small, and wandering through the winding streets won’t take you too long. There is a beautiful 19th century bell tower and clock, and some really old sundials that are worth looking for.

Roussillon has wonderful art galleries! There are many galleries around the town, most owned by the artist who paint the works they sell there. Place de La Marie is also known as the Town Square. There are charming little shops, cafes, restaurants to visit. It’s a wonderful place to eat and also shop for souvenirs.



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At the top of the town, filled with the most beautiful architectural crypts, and final resting places.  Also a great place to park, it’s a secured lot, and an easy and quick walk back down to the center of town.



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If you’re visiting Roussillon on a Thursday, there’s a small market that’s open from 8 am and has over 30 vendors.  They offer fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables, Provence soaps, lavender products, oil, wine, delicatessen, cakes and candies, clothing and household goods. For some reason, even buying the most simple household goods at a Provencal Market is special!









Visiting Roussillon can easily be a day trip, but there are wonderful options for over night accommodations.

LE CLOS DE LA GLYCINE A boutique hotel located in the very heart of Roussillon. With beautiful views of the red cliffs, the valley as well as the village, it’s a modern take on Provencal hospitality and decor. Contintal breakfast is served each morning under the wisteria in the It boasts picturesque views of the village, the red cliffs, and the valley. Each room comes with AC, free WiFi, and charming Provencal decor. A continental breakfast is served every morning, and the hotel has a charming restaurant, Restaurant David.

LE MAS DESTONGE  2.7 miles from the Ochre Trail, the renovated farm property offers guests a flower garden, a terrace, and a shared lounge.  You can use the kitchen to make a meal to enjoy outside. There is an outdoor swimming pool, and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy an apertif or glass of wine. There are just 5 rooms, and a small cottage, which makes for an intimate stay.

LA COQUILLADE: If this is your trip of a life-time, and you are ready for a splurge, La Coquillade is the place. Majestically perched on a hill overlooking the Luberon Regional Natural Park and surrounded by vineyards and lavender fields, Coquillade Village represents the pinnacle of Provence hospitality. Located just outside of the town, it features an on-site spa, restaurant, and a  gorgeous and huge outdoor pool. They have decided to stay closed for the 2020 year, but are taking bookings for 2021.









Roussillon if filled with charming cafes and restaurants that serve delicious local and international cuisine. There is plenty of choice for inexpensive and delicious options for lunch, and dinner. Most post their menu outside either on a card displayed in the front window, or on a chalkboard sign.

LA GRAPPE DE RAISIN  Their terrace overlooks Roussillon. It’s an unassuming restaurant that serves up delicious food. Think cheese plate and fresh salads, delicious steak frites. Lunch and dinner, it’s an affordable option.

LES VIGNES ET SON JARDIN This restaurant, part of La Coquillade offers breakfast, and dinner.  They have perfected fine cuisine using fresh herbs and vegetables from their own garden. During the summer season, the terraced Jardin dans Les Vignes (garden in the vineyards) offers grilled specialties along with unparalleled views, especially during stunning sunsets, over the vineyards. Spectacular! {They are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays}

SO’GLACE  The best ice cream and sorbets!  Try the lavender ice cream, most of the shops in Roussillon sell it, but this one has a fantastic flavor.



French hotel and restaurant



In conclusion, I have to admit I do miss traveling and visiting little towns in Europe.  Buying trips are such a delight, they combine my love of quaint little European towns and French antiques!



Here’s hoping that we are back to traveling our beautiful world again soon. After that, I hope you’ll be able to visit Roussillon, France in the future.  In the meantime, I plan on taking you all with me to explore more of France’s most beautiful areas!



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  1. Lidy, I haven’t traveled extensively in France but I’d have to say my favorite place is Annecy. Sitting on Lac Annecy in the Alps there is something there for everyone, no matter your tastes. A beautiful town with a vibrant market, I only hope I can return one day!

  2. Lidy, I have been to Roussillon and absolutely loved its charm. The ochre deposits are amazing and the quaintness of the village is perfect. Your photos brought back many wonderful memories of Provence. Happy Monday my friend.

    Pam xoxo

  3. Lidy Baars

    Pam, it’s such a jolt of gorgeous colors, isn’t it? So happy to bring the wonder back today. Happy Monday!! xo

  4. Sheila in SF

    Only had a short 2 day visit in Provence: St. Remy, Avignon and Arles. So visiting other charming towns through your eyes is a treat. Not sure if I will ever return, though wish I can. Roussillion is so colorful.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit, Sheila, and for sharing your wonderful memories with me!

      I’m not sure when we can travel there again either, but for now I’m enjoying the “armchair” travel right along with you.

  5. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Loved this little excursion with you and looking forward to many more!

  6. Lidy, thank you so much for this article on Rousillon. We have rescheduled our May Provence trip to October and are crossing our fingers and holding our breath now that will even be possible. Looking forward to staying 5 nights in Bonnieux and visiting all the lovely surrounding towns. If you can share any experiences from Bonnieux I’d love or hear it! Great to dream while waiting to get back there!

  7. Certainly planning on a visit now delayed. I can only dream about being their now as I visit The Paris Hotel in my home town of Las Vegas
    Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of what’s to come

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