Pretty Winter Flowers with a French Twist



Hello! And Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!  Thank you so much for joining me, and my Monday Morning friends, on the 1st and 3d Monday of every month. You will find their links at the bottom of this post, be sure to visit, as they create such beauty each time!  Today I’m sharing pretty winter flowers with a French twist.



Can you believe it? Not only is this a whole new year, it’s also a new decade.  I hope that you all had a wonderful celebration during the holidays, with all the people you love. 








We had a very quiet New Year’s celebration {as in we went to bed early} because right at the end of 2019, this happened:



Our youngest daughter delivered a beautiful {isn’t she?!} little person.  I still think it’s a miracle each and every time a baby is born.Yes, we want to sit all day and stare at her, and would, if we could, believe me. But lets go past the baby “I’m completely in love” talk…I know why you are here.  Flowers.


After the holiday decorations are back in their boxes and out of the house, do you feel like I do? That your interior is a little blah, a little empty?  I always think flowers are a brilliant way to liven up your home.


Fresh flowers are lively, and cheerful, and bring a touch of savoir-faire to any space. This winter white floral arrangement will make your January home decor shine.





At this time of year, the look I love most for flowers is winter white, livened up with green and a little gleam of metallic gold.   For this flower arrangement, I’m using a few wonderful winter choices for this post-holiday floral fun.


The arrangement couldn’t be easier with our gorgeous Elegant Gold & Cut Glass Floral Arrangement Vase which you can get for your own floral fun too!




I love the tightly packed, all one color flower bouquets we so often see in the beautiful French florist boutiques.  For this pretty wintery floral bouquet, I used only white and green.


The hydrangeas have a slight tint, but only until they fully open, then they are pure, pristine white!



WHITE ROSES:  Roses are almost always in my bouquets at FrenchGardenHouse, because they remind me of my grandparent’s garden in Europe.  They last long, are beautiful, and romantic. They look great with almost every other flower.

EUCALYPTUS: Eucalyptus is always a favorite, especially if I can find the berried kind. The green-gray tint of the leaves works well with the creamy white of the roses, and the pure white of the hydrangea. Bonus: eucalyptus dries really well. I used stems from my holiday arrangements for this floral arrangement. Eucalyptus adds a lot of coverage area, it’s what my florist friends call “a lot of bang for your buck.”

CEDAR: Also left over from the holidays, when I buy fresh greens I prefer cedar. Cedar is soft, drapes well, and very long lasting. It dries pretty nicely, too.

HYDRANGEA: If possible, each arrangement for us here at home includes hydrangeas. They are big. They are showy. They are fluffy and beautiful. They are a little fussy about how they are prepped – READ HOW TO HERE – but after that they perform like the super star they are.

CHAMOMILE:  These little flowers are so delicate. They wilt quickly if you don’t give them a sharp cut and fresh, clean water after getting them home. But…they are so sweet!  Be sure to remove all the leaves before trimming and inserting in your bouquets because the leaves turn yellow and droop quickly.

SPRAYED GREENS:  I have no idea what this is. They are left over from my daughter’s baby shower, which was in October! The hostesses sprayed them with gold spray paint. They have lasted as if they are plastic, but this is their last time I think. Something to try at home?




I’ve been looking for a pretty, easy to use flower vase for the shop for quite some time.  Some of my BFF’s love flowers, but either don’t have the time or quite the knack of putting flowers together.  They want to create beautiful bouquets like they’ve seen in the Parisian florist shops {tightly packed, all one length beauties.}


This vase makes it so easy! The custom fitted top has small openings that are perfect for inserting one or several flowers and greens in. It makes arranging French florist style bouquets a snap for your home.



Be sure to de-leaf all your flowers and greens before you start inserting them into your vase. Leaves that are below the water line will mold and will severely decrease the life of your arrangement.


Add the greens first. I usually cut the green stems double or 1-1/2 x the width of the vase. Next, cut your roses 1-1/2 X as long as the width of your vase and insert.  Cut the hydrangea 1 x as long as the vase, so that they nestle into the leaves and other flowers.  Finally trim the chamomile at different lengths and stick them in where they fit and where they look best. The gold painted greenery – there are just 4- go in last.




This restful white and green floral  is perfect for a January arrangement.  It breathes life into the house without being out of place.  Even though we don’t have snow where I live, white is such a soothing way to begin this new year filled with hopes, dreams and wonder.


This arrangement was the perfect complement to our oyster buffet set up here at home. A fun festive way to begin this new year. I’ll share that in another post soon. I am so excited to see what this whole new fresh year has in store for us!





2019 was an amazing year.  I was so inspired by the magic of every day.  We were able to travel, to see beautiful new places, to meet wonderful new people who soon turned into great friends. Dream opportunities, and more blessings from God than I ever imagined, were a part of our 2019.


Sharing my passion for antiques – FrenchGardenHouse – always inspires me. I’m surrounded by beautiful things from long ago that speak to me, and to you. But what really makes every year great, besides on a personal level, is the people I continually meet.  Clients, designers, blog readers, fellow antique dealers. Just like the antiques I so love and sell, each with a story of their own to tell. And I am eagerly awaiting to get to know more of you!



I hope that this coming year your days are filled with the magic of every day beauty.  That you learn, grow, and stretch your dreams and hopes. And that God gives you more than you ever expected.


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31 thoughts on “Pretty Winter Flowers with a French Twist”

  1. Lidy, Your arrangement is stunning! I love the overhead photo of the blooms with accents of gold foliage. Your entire vignette with the mirrored tray, sparkling silver, monogrammed linens and sweet birds is gorgeous. Your vase-arranger looks like it would be an instant best seller and it would make a wonderful gift for any flower lover! As always it’s a treat to start my day and share some flower therapy with you. Congratulations and welcome to the sweet addition to your family. <3

  2. Alice Genzlinger

    Lady, the newest addition to your family looks like you! What a sweet Christmas gift from heaven. I look forward to seeing her grow into the young lady she will surely become with your guidance. Flower arranging might be one of the things she will excel at because of your instruction. Beautiful again.

  3. First of all, congrats on the addition of that beautiful baby girl to the family!! I know how excited you and your family are to welcome another “little person” in your lives. I LOVE that flower container…what a wonderful staple to anyone’s home it would be!…I of course LOVE the Winter White with the French twist combination of flowers to create that very special look and feel you always do. So happy to be able to join in the fun of Monday Morning Blooms again. Happy Monday and have a most beautiful week and Happy New Year Lidy!!!

  4. Lidy, your arrangement is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful way to start off my Monday morning! Congratulations on that sweet, beautiful baby girl. What a most precious gift! Happy New Year, sweet friend!!!

  5. Lidy, once again congrats on the beautiful baby girl. I know your family is overjoyed with this bundle of joy. As I said on Instagram, she looks just like you.

    Your winter white arrangement is stunning in that most perfect container, making flower arranging much easier. Any flower lover would be so pleased to own one. I love your selection of flowers, I agree roses are always perfect. I haven’t ever seen chamomile in my area, it is so pretty and delicate. Your styling is always elegant. It is a pleasure to join your for flower inspiration and Monday Morning Blooms! : )

  6. Marianne Braun

    I think the new baby outclassed the flowers today. Thank you for sharing
    her with us.

  7. Lidy,

    What a wonderful way to usher in the new Decade with a beautiful bundle of cuteness. Your heart must be overflowing with joy and love.

    Beautiful arrangement as always and you have many treasures.


    1. It is…she is a bundle of cuteness. I can’t wait to see and hold her again. Thanks so much, happy weekend Cindy!

  8. Sharon

    Amazing, new granddaughter looks just like you, Lidy! So precious.

  9. Congratulations on your new blessing Lidy, yes every baby is a miracle! Your flowers are gorgeous, and I must try the sprayed greens, a touch of gold really adds a great pop! Happy 2020, Monday Morning Blooms is always a special treat!

    1. Jenna, the sprayed branches have stayed forever! I love the way they add just a pop of gold to flowers, too. Happy New Year friend!

  10. Theresa R Keller

    Love winter white!! & your arrangement is beautiful.

    congratulations on your new grandbaby, she is beautiful:) Enjoy….

    1. Thank you so much Theresa. I love winter white too, here in California,at least by the ocean, we don’t get the “real” winter white…so I make it happen in flowers. : ) Hope your week is wonderful!

  11. Lidy, your floral arrangement is gorgeous (and so it the vessel), but nothing tops your granddaughter! She looks like a mini Lidy! ?? congratulations to the family!

    1. Thank you Rita. I hope 2020 brings lots of joy, love and fun with the Traveling Tote your way!!

  12. Janice Zencka

    Lidy loved the flower arrangements. Yes, the house looks so bare when the holiday decorations are taken down. Loved the way some winter greens were used in with the beautiful white flowers.
    Congratulations on your new grandchild she is so beautiful, and born with such a full head of hair. So much fun to welcome a new precious gift of God into your
    lives. So very Happy for you and your Family. Happy New Year.

    1. Janice, thank you! She is truly a blessing. : ) I hope you are able to get some flower therapy to liven up your own home this weekend!

  13. Denise Carlson

    Congratulations Grandma, a perfect little pinkie in every way! I love white floral arrangements. Always stunning and beautiful any time of the year. Your arrangement in that beautiful vase is spot on, great post -Love me some Monday Morning Blooms! Always a pleasure!

    1. Thank you so much Denise. Nothing compares to little people, does it? So nice to start off the new year with friends like you!

  14. JEAN VAN

    Happy New Year Lidy,
    Well another sweet soul you and your family have, darling, nothing like a new baby to hold and love and spoil, congratulation to all of you, I am so looking forward to mine in July, love all the flower’s so pretty, enjoy that darling baby Grand Ma-mA~~~~~~~~~~~
    Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Thank you sweet Jean! I hope your new year is filled with wonder, love and joy! And…in July!! Exciting!!

  15. Congratulations on your granddaughter! She is precious! How wonderful for your family!

    And your bouquet does remind me of French bouquets!
    So lovely!

    1. Nancy, thank you So much. A new baby is always such a blessing, isn’t it?! I wish our flowers were as inexpensive as flowers in France, but at least they can look like them! Xo

  16. Linda Hovgaard

    Your new adorable granddaughter is such a doll! She looks like you….beautiful! Love your flower arrangement and setting too….beautiful also! I think that sweet little vase needs to be added to my collection. Happy New Year Lidy!

    1. Happy New Year Linda! I’m just so thrilled, and wish this little darling lived right next door to me!!

  17. Hi Lidy,
    I’m sorry, i’m a bit late, but first of all a very Happy New Year to you. And what a great start you had with the beautiful grandchild! So sweet and so magical indeed. I can imagine your joy and happiness. This is what life is all about! I enjoyed your flowers. Very pretty, all of it! I hope you will have another fantastic year ahead of you filled with pretty flowers and lots of happiness and foremost a good health!
    Groetjes uit Nederland!

    1. Hi Ingeborg, thank you so much! You are right, it IS what life is all about. Hope your weekend is wonderful in Nederland. xo groetjes!

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