Celebrate the season with this enchanting Pumpkin Centerpiece that is easy and done in under 30 minutes!


It’s easy, and the jewel-toned flowers tuck into a pumpkin vase for a seasonal floral arrangement everyone will love.








Pam, Mary and I are showing you flowers and pumpkins together. Because…well, it’s a natural in the fall, isn’t it?


And so super easy!  You can create a pumpkin flower arrangement in less than 30 minutes!





Now that autumn’s colorful return is here, celebrate with flowers in a pumpkin that bring the glory of this beautiful season to life.



Draw inspiration directly from the beauty outside, and incorporate branches and greenery from your garden in your design.





A pumpkin arrangement is an elegant take on fall decorating: adorning your mantel, to use for a centerpiece on your table for a special dinner, even as a host or hostess gift! I know I would love to receive one of these gorgeous pumpkins, I can’t imagine anyone not loving such a gift, especially since you made it.


I had such a beautiful photo shoot here this week, for a collaboration with chef Lisa from DeliciousTable.  We will be sharing our Autumn entertaining posts soon, but in the meantime you’re getting a sneak peek at the flowers for one of the settings!











Get a pumpkin that sits fairly flat. I chose a pumpkin that was on sale, it wasn’t the prettiest one, but she looks magnificent with her crown of flowers. Then choose a few seasonal flowers in an autumnal color palette.  Clip some branches, twigs, and berries from your garden {or someone else’s if they say you can!}


A variety of colors, textures and shapes will make your arrangement stand out and be visually enticing.








Cut the top off your pumpkin and and hollow out the center by scooping out the seeds. You can either fill the center with a block of oasis floral foam that you have soaked for at least 20 minutes, or do what I did, which is to insert a glass filled with water.


Make a grid with your floral tape on top of the glass container to help stabilize the greens and flowers.  Once carved and “seeded” your pumpkin will last about a week.








Begin by clipping your branches of leaves the right length and inserting them into the pumpkin. Try to have something hanging over the edge of the pumpkin to soften the look. Once you are pleased with the look, you are ready for the main ingredient!








Make little groups of “like” flowers and colors together for greater impact, and begin inserting them into the greenery base.


If you really want a quick centerpiece, you can buy an already arranged bouquet at the flower shop or market and cut the flowers to the right length and insert into your pumpkin.








Stand back and say “Wow. I made a gorgeous arrangement!”  Very easy. Absolutely stunning. And you made it yourself!






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Thank you so much for visiting me today. Be sure to go see what Mary and Pam have designed. {you know it’s going to be fabulous, right?!}



And please continue to keep our Shirley in your thoughts and prayers as she battles breast cancer. Thank you!!!





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  1. So gorgeous Lidy! Don’t you just love using a pumpkin as a vase for flowers? It looks like you had the perfect weather and light for your photo shoot. What a delicious collaboration you worked on last week, I’m drooling over your crostini bar…all my favorite toppings! I know your daughter’s baby shower must have been a success and treat for all this weekend in your beautiful home. As always, it’s a treat to join you for some flower therapy and Monday Morning Blooms. <3

    1. Mary, it was such fun to do another pumkin floral, wasn’t it? Yours is beyond gorgeous. The collaboration was not just fun, but such great ideas for entertaining. Can’t wait to share more soon. The baby shower was just about perfect too!! The girls did an amazing job. xo

  2. Very pretty blooming pumpkin, Lidy! I like the flowers and greenery you chose. My eye went to the seeded eucalyptus right away. I like the flowy looseness it adds and that touch of color. Adding the cut pomegranate was just the right accent.
    Your photoshoot sounds intriguing. Thanks for the sneak peek. I look forward to your autumn entertaining posts coming soon. I just did a fall entertaining post with my granddaughter. Our fall weather has arrived and we are so happy.

    1. How fun to do a post with your granddaughter Bonnie. That seeded eucalyptus, it’s so lovely, isn’t it? This one looks almost blue grey, I hope it dries well so I can use it again. : ) Happy Monday Bonnie!

  3. That is magazine worthy, Lidy! You did it the old-fashioned, harder way by actually carving out the pumpkin, but it is gorgeous. Love the pomegranates beside it, and that spread looks truly amazing. Hoping to see more of that collaboration you speak of!

    1. Rita, I did it the old-fashioned way, I got an old-fashioned inexpensive pumpkin! 🙂 The shoot was so fun, I can’t wait to share all the recipes etc. with all of you. xo

  4. You have created the most perfect centerpiece for fall and I love the detailed instruction guide – can’t wait to try!! Happy Monday, Lidy!

  5. Thank you so much, it was such fun to be part of this gorgeous shoot! {I cant wait to share} Happy Monday!

  6. Lidy, your floral pumpkin is just beautiful, I love your mix of flowers, isn’t autumn just luscious? I can’t wait to see your collaboration with Delicious Table. The sneak look with the crostini bar certainly piqued interest. Thank you for the tutorial explained so well anyone can follow. It is always a pleasure to join you my friend at Monday Morning Blooms!

  7. Thank you Pam! Since my pumpkin was of the “regular” variety, I had to carve it. : ) This was such a fun floral arrangement, because really, following the steps, you can’t go wrong-everything works and makes a beautiful arrangement. It’s such a joy to join you for our special Monday Morning Blooms!! XoLidy

  8. Joan munoz

    You’ve given me hope, I have all thumbs but I think I can do this. I love you site

    1. Joan, you can totally DO this!! It’s easy, honest. If you want to make it even easier, buy a premade bouquet and just clip the stems shorter to fill your pumpkin. I hope you let us know how it turned out! It will be wonderful, I know it.

    1. Wishing you marvelous autumn days too! Sandra, thank you for your sweet compliment, I feel the same about you! xo

  9. Maryanne

    Gorgeous colours. One of your best, those flowers just say “autumn”.

    1. Thank you so much Maryanne. I just love fall, there is something about these autumnal colors that bring joy, isn’t there?

  10. Beautiful centerpiece of gorgeous Autumnal Blooms! Your tutorial was perfect! The crostini bar was beautifully styled. All of my favorite toppings!
    Thanks for the peek at your photo shoot… looking forward to when you share with us!
    Happy Week to You!

    1. Thank you Nancy!! I hope you have a gorgeous fall week too! xoxo

  11. So gorgeous Lidy, Pumpkins and flowers, two of my very favorite things, united!! Love all the blooming pumpkins this week!

  12. Lidy,

    So beautiful and you did such a great tutorial. The colors of the flowers with the pumpkins is perfection.

    I noticed pomegranates. I was thinking of adding some to my Christmas decor this year. Can’t get the answer I’m looking for online. If I leave them closed do you know how long they will last?



  13. Cindy, thank you! I love pomegranates. I think depending on how fresh they are when you buy them, they will last “closed” for about 1-2 weeks. It also depends on how warm the rooms are in your home. 🙂

  14. Kathy Hughes

    Lidy, always love your blog! My question has to do with the guest bathroom light fixture you chose last spring. Is it gold or silver? I cannot tell from the picture, but I love it! Everything you chose was perfect!

  15. Kathy, thank you! My light fixtiure in the guest bath is silver. : )

    1. Kathy Hughes

      Thank you! The link took me to a gold fixture which I like very much. Since you mix stainless and gold, I may, also. ?

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