As the fall season is here,  all of us want easy ways to update our homes.

When you walk into every shop and smell pumpkin spice, you know it’s time to welcome fall into your home!





I’ve had a few emails asking to re-post this again, I hope you can use these simple ideas to ease into crisp days, cozy evenings and falling leaves.






One of the easiest ways to update your interior for the new season, new pillow covers make a huge difference!


Pillows with a fall theme and a different texture instantly make any room feel welcoming and cozy.





I brought back your very favorite pillow covers for fall.  They slip right over an insert, have a beautiful texture that looks like linen but is wrinkle free, and they are a great price!  We have just a few left of the squirrel and turkey.






My own secret?   I slip them over other pillows that I already own so I’m not storing a billion pillows somewhere.  And they are inexpensive enough that I use them outdoors in the front garden.  I love how this looks so welcoming for fall!












One of my favorite ways to transition décor from summer to fall is to add cozy textiles. This antique paisley throw is just right, the warm colors and rich texture let everyone know it’s a different season!








During the fall, rich, warm scents make your environment feel right for the transition.


Because I’m slightly allergic to many scents, those heavy sweet pumpkin scented candles are not for me.  I restocked our signature FGH candle in a glass container in my favorite scent, French Poire d’ Saison.


It always reminds me of evening in France, lingering around the table with friends. It is gently perfumed and embodies that special, all too short time of the year.  Inspired by crisp, juicy pears so prized for centuries, layered with tantalizing grapefruit, wild fall blackberries and just a hint of earthy rhubarb.



Candles create a wonderful fall glow in every room. Plus, everyone looks so gorgeous in candlelight – all of us love that, right?


Set your dinner table with tapers, it will make such a difference. A table set with candles brings even take-out to another level.  Our tapers are unscented, so that the only thing your family and friends will smell is your delicious meal.












I’ll confess that I no longer “decorate” like I did when my girls were young and still living at home.


But a few seasonal accents here and there make our heart {and our homes} happy!




In the kitchen, I set up a dessert station on the farm table, I know you’ve seen this before but it bears repeating as it’s my favorite thing. The pie isn’t always there for obvious reasons, but the antique bread board, the silver forks and spoon in the ironstone pitcher and the antique plates are.

This is last year’s set-up, I probably won’t do this until after we return from our last European antique buying trip…but it is a very welcoming sight.


This makes it so easy to have someone over for coffee, it’s all ready to go, all I have to add is something I baked or something I bought at the bakery.



Another seasonal accent that I love is the metal French Country  flower buckets.  This one with the turkey remains a favorite – I like it in my hallway holding umbrellas and walking sticks. It’s a subtle nod to the season.






Fall is the time to bring when in deeper, darker and richer colors. For me, that means more red accents. Deep, glorious crimson, in textiles and decorative pieces like my very favorite French Country floral buckets.


I had these designed for the library of a gentleman who collected Napoleon antique memoribila, and loved the result so much, that I had more made in two sizes.


They serve well for holding umbrellas and walking sticks in the foyer, but also look pretty nice holding floral branches – both faux {pears} and real {with a glass insert to hold the water.} as you can see below.








I always begin each seasonal update here at home in our kitchen. Getting new towels in seasonal designs or with deeper colors are a joy I look forward to each autumn.


It’s an inexpensive thrill!




This is such a whimsical pattern with forest animals running all over it.  It has a hedgehog, which I love!


When I was a little girl in Europe, my aunt and I rescued a little hedgehog, and kept him in our garden until he was well again, much to the consternation of our daily gardener.  Every time I use one of these towels, I remember that with such fondness.




These other towels are new, but are made of that chunky, tumbled linen and are like the towels produced in France for centuries. Their very texture speaks autumn.







During fall, getting out some of your heavier antique French pieces captures the spirit of the season.


Heavy French Country pottery and rustic French cutting boards set the scene in our kitchen here at home.



Wood accents add a note of autumnal bliss to our side table.  Anything wood, with dark patina and stain will create enchanting vignettes during this season.







Flowers, branches, moss, leaves, and fruit – whether fresh or faux – will bring the beauty of nature inside to your rooms.  This is a sneak peek into Monday’s post about decorating a fall mantel with clippings from your garden.







Not all you flowers need be “real”, there are so many realistic looking silk flowers that easily fool the eye.


I designed the Autumn Floral Collection to look real, hand tying bouquets of flowers and branches to display with joy in your home.  Little topiaries to add a touch of autumn everywhere!








Berries and rose hips look delightful in this vintage hanging bucket in our kitchen. { I adore these hanging buckets, they’re so versatile! Made from antique waste bins in Europe, this one show its number 14 with pride.}


It doesn’t take much to bring a touch of nature inside, and the effort will change the whole look of your interior.




Seasonal fruit always makes a statement. It’s apple season here in California, and I’m looking forward to going out to pick apples at an orchard nearby.


Rosy apples piled in a linen bread basket look so cheerful, don’t you think?








One of my favorite ways to bring the season to life here at home is to dress our table with fall linens, plates, cups and accents.


Table settings are an enjoyable  way to make your home feel more inviting. Updating your place settings and centerpiece with fall colors will bring autumn beauty to your dining room or breakfast nook.


You can go very neutral-






or big and bold –





I hope you have enjoyed these many ways you can bring a touch of the season to your home!  







à bientôt




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  1. Lidy, such beautiful photographs to inspire us for autumn. I love your tip on the pillow covers…that helps so much with storage. Pillows can take up a lot of space. Thanks for sharing all of these pretty fall ideas. I’m running behind on my decorating, and your ideas are helpful. Take care, and enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!!!

    1. Shannon, isn’t fall the most wonderful time for decorating! I hope you have fun decorating your new home, you are so talented and your rooms always look so inviting and welcoming. xo

  2. Alice Genzlinger

    I look forward to your post because I gather ideas from each one. The antique bread board is beautiful and my next pie will have the honor of sitting on the antique breadboard my husband gave me last Christmas. A little pitcher will hold the forks and spoons, like yours, and whatever dessert plates I chose will sit just beside the pie. I love your kitchen and your Wolf range, the table right there for family gatherings, the bread boards available to use and lots of light. Goodness, I want everything you have In your shop but space stops me. Looking forward to seeing what you chose for us on your next antiquing trip.

  3. That is so sweet of you to say Alice! Our home doesn’t have a dedicated dining room (well, technically it does but we made that into a cozy family room) so at times I mourn that. But I do love the friendliness of that big table in the center of the kitchen! This little set-up makes it so easy to invite someone over- all you add is a treat of some sort, and a drink and you are entertaining a (or many) friends! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  4. Gloria Pulliam

    Hello from Raleigh. Finally found linen with monogram that I can use on the table. Although it is my husbands LP. I will just say it is an old family monogram. ( I won’t tell them it is not our family). I just purchased the set of six French LP monogrammed linens. They will be perfect for Christmas along with the other red highlighted linens I purchased last year. Your site always has such beautiful linens. Love them all.

  5. I am so revved up to start fall decorating tomorrow after this post, Lidy! I’m particularly drawn to your styling on your farm table. I have always wanted to have a little display of fall dishes and what nots on my din ing table…I just thought it would look a little weird. I’m diving in!

    Happy Fall!?


    1. Jane, I hope you go for it! I thought it would look a little weird the first time I did it, but I love it now. And…it’s so perfect for hosting someone at the last minute. I try to keep something sweet in the fridge for last minute invitations, all I have a problem with is not eating it myself. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Dianne. I am eagerly awaiting fall temperatures, now that fall has started! : )

  6. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Everything is so lovely and inspiring, Lidy! Thank you for the many suggestions and ‘how to’! Now to get busy!

    1. Sharon, I hope you have fun adding some fall touches to your home. It’s the cozy season!

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