Do you swoon at the smell of cinnamon



and pumpkin spice and long for Fall colors?








Then the bold colors and rich textures of fall in this easy autumn arrangement will make your heart happy.










we’re sharing an autumn monochromatic flower arrangement with you,




and we’re hoping that it will inspire you to make something beautiful at home.





WELCOME to Monday Morning Blooms!



Shirley, Mary, Pam and I are so happy to have you join us.





Some of you may have read on our darling friend Shirley’s blog that she is fighting a battle




with breast cancer, and that is why she is taking a short break from our beloved MMB.




She is in the trenches, and we covet your prayers on her behalf.







Summer is almost over and I know some of you mourn that carefree time of year.



But there is plenty to love about fall!




Shorter days, cooler weather, and a season of more entertaining and time spent with family.







You don’t have to give up the summer pinks you love,  just mix them in with their darker friends.









For this  Fall arrangement, I bought flowers all in one color family,





deep burgundy dahlias and alstroemeria, and pink mums with hints of dark wine.









Mums are basically fall’s version of peonies, and they come in so many gorgeous colors.




They also symbolize optimism, joy, and longevity, something every home needs, non?







To make this arrangement look fuller, I added a few snips from a bush that grows in our back garden



to the tea pot first, then the alstroemeria, the larger dahlias,



and then filled in with the pink mums.





The jewel tones of the flowers seem to glean an extra glow from the brass antique tea pot.







Two single blooms off to the side are nestled in the French antique cider bottles,




they compliment the antique lavender ironstone plate and the color of burgundy linen napkins.



Purpleberry Dahlia

Pink Cushion Mum

Burgundy Alstroemeria

Branches from the garden






To extend the vase-life of your arrangement, make sure you place it out of direct sunlight and away from heater vents.


Change the water every few days by carefully tipping the vase just enough to drain the water over the edgeof the vase.


Fill vase with fresh water and check the water level frequently as large arrangements can be thirsty.


To keep bacteria at bay, I usually add a few drops of bleach to the water.







Thank you so much for joining us today!



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à bientôt

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  1. Lidy, Your vibrant colors in your arrangement DO make my heart happy. I love your burgundy and pink mix of blooms and your antique brass tea pot makes the perfect vessel! Fall is my favorite time of year so I love your quotes too! As always it’s a treat to visit and share some flower love with you on Monday. Happy Almost Fall. <3

    1. Mary, it is such a joy to get together with you on our special Monday Morning Blooms! Now all we need is for autumn to actually arrive. Wishing you a fall-isa kind of week ahead, sweet friend. xo

  2. Lidy, your burgundy and pink arrangement is so vibrant and welcomes the autumn season so perfectly! I love the mix of a silver tray with the antique brass tea pot, mixing metals is always a good idea. The antique lavender plate completes your gorgeous vignette! It is always a pleasure to share Monday Morning Blooms with you…we certainly miss our Shirley!

    1. Pam, those deep vibrant colors always speak to my heart. And I agree, mixing metals is always a good idea….I have so enjoyed your beautiful sunflower arrangement with that lovely yellow color…gorgeous! Love being together on our special Mondays, friend. xo

  3. So beautiful, LIdy! I love your choice of flowers and shades of pink and burgundy. What a delightful vignette with your lovely antique pieces. Your photography and graphic art talent are lovely too. Beautiful quotes. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you so much Bonnie, you are such a sweet friend. Wishing you a gorgeous Monday!! xo

  4. Oh Lidy I LOVE that quote about autumn being the magic hour on the yearly clock! Your pinks make my heart sing, I am a pink lover and what a unique choice for your fall arrangement. It is a happy welcome to the new season! I am drooling over the French antique cider bottles

  5. Jenna, isn’t it such a perfect quote? I love it too! It’s always a good time for pink, spring, summer, fall and winter, isn’t it?

  6. Oh, how lovely! Autumn is surely my favorite season of the year – I long for it. I am so sorry to hear of dear Shirley’s health battle, and I am praying for her now. God bless all of you dear ladies!

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl, for praying for our darling Shirley!!

  7. This is lovely! That’s really a unique teapot that you used for the flowers! The colors you chose are perfect for fall!

    1. Thank you Liz! I love the way the deeper wine colors compliment that brass golden glow of the tea kettle too.

  8. Donna Milazzo

    Beautiful arrangement Lidy! I have a question about the buffet on which it sits. Did you paint this or purchase it this way? I just got a used dining set and am looking for painting ideas!

    1. Donna, I bought the French Dresser especially for those beautifully painted floral touches, but if you have the talent, you could certainly do that on your dining set!

  9. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    I do love and look forward to your Monday Morning Blooms, Lidy, and today was especially beautiful as it was in shades of my favorite color – red! You are always so kind to help us with the ‘how-to’portion as well! Thanks for a Monday brightener! ???

    1. Sharon, thank you so much, we so look forward to it too! Our floral Mondays together are a treat, aren’t they? Xo

  10. This is a gorgeous arrangement, Lidy. I never thought to use varieties of a similar color. And now that we won’t be able to cut our own flowers here in the Midwest, floral shops and grocery stores will be my go to. Thank you!


    1. Jane, thank you! As for flowers- same here- I have to get flowers from the shops now. But luckily there is always a good variety.

  11. Oh how very beautiful!

    I loved how you compared Mums to Peonies! Fabulous analogy!

    Now… last but not least… that teapot… perfection!

    Beautiful post my friend…

    And I continue to pray for our Shirley!

  12. Thank you so much Nancy. Both for your kind words and for your prayers for Shirley.

  13. Oh yes, the magic hour!….and you captured that magic hour so beautifully and I love the comparison of the mums being the Fall’s version of the summer Peonies…love it! Love the gorgeous arrangement that you so beautifully tucked into that exquisite brass tea pot! What a statement it makes…A beautiful Monday Morning Blooms that warms my heart!…Miss you all!!!

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