I’m so excited to share our Guest Bathroom reveal!




  After talking about it with you all on Instagram




I promised to do a blog post about it.



and finally, HERE IT IS!






Our bathrooms have always been last on the list.




It was always on MY priority list,




but life always got in the way with unexpected costs for other things.




So here is the before picture : {it’s not pretty!}






 I’ll admit that it looked better styled with our antique pieces, and linen shower curtains.




But it was stuck in the 1960’s, and not in a good way.




I felt I had to add a border to the photo, to dress it up a little- because it was pretty bad.  : )






It’s surprising how little time it took the work guys to gut this little bathroom.




And it proves my point when I say that California houses are basically cardboard and a few posts.






To say I feel amazingly blessed to have been able to remodel





our guest bathroom and master bathroom is an understatement.




After the quick “tear down” it took a while to get it to where it was on Easter.




But first this happened.






Because we were remodeling part of our bedroom, our closet and our bathroom too

{I figured might as well!}




Everything from our master, our walk in closet, our bathroom, the guest room,

and the photo studio here at home {our temporary bedroom}




had to go in the living room.





Somewhere in that huge ugly mess I just carried on!





I actually even took some product photos using my light umbrella and a small table.





 Our contractor, knowing that we were going to go ahead and host our annual Easter Egg Hunt




{with a living room filled with furniture all the way up to the rafters!}







Was nice enough to move the toilets off the front porch to the side of the house





and rig up this temporary sink situation shown above for Easter Sunday.





Because holidays happen! No matter what your house looks like.




Luckily Easter happens in our back garden!









I had such a great time choosing all the fixtures, the cabinets and counters!






I loved them so much, that I chose the exact same look for our master bath.








Our guest bath is a very small bathroom off the main hallway




 I kept everything white and soft grey to make the space look brighter and bigger.




The cabinets are stock cabinets that we dressed up with gorgeous handles.




I forgot the name of the slab we bought for the countertops in both bathrooms,  but it does save money when you do both of them the same!








My design began with the sink I fell in love with at the showroom- a square Kohler sink




but it was too big for the smaller vanity – so I found a similar one.





We used the one I love in our master bathroom instead.





The Kohler Memoir sink  has a complementary toilet

{which I LOVE!! Who knew it would make such a difference?}





I kept the faucets and shower and bath figures fairly neutral





and decided to use the same ones in both bathrooms.





They are by Delta, and I love their classic design.







Choosing just the right overhead light proved to be a little challenging.





I had my heart set on some type of chandelier, but the ceiling was too low.





After ordering and returning a light that was WAY bigger in real life than I thought it would be





The Calypso three light crystal overhead light was perfect!




It has the feel of a chandelier with the glass drops but hugs the ceiling.






It’s gorgeous when lit!








It reflects light beautifully, and has a traditional classic look while still being contemporary.






I haven’t finished the decor in this little guest bath




but love the antique French gilt mirror and the French framed pochoirs I hung







to compliment the clean classic and contemporary look of the design.







I LOVE how this bathroom turned out!  Every time I go in there, I have to pinch myself,





because it’s so elegant. It’s like a five star hotel bathroom.







ps. I’m styling our guest bath with our new soft dove grey Napoleon Bee toleware pieces.




So many of you asked about the marble, it’s a marble look tile called Calacatta Dorado Polish.

{I used real marble rounded end tile though, where the tile meets the edge of the wall.}






Thanks so much for joining me today, for our guest bathroom reveal



and for all your emails and comments wanting to share my excitement about the remodel!

à bientôt

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    I love what you have done. Bless you all the way. I owned Amaryllis Interior Designs in Elizabeth City, NC for 32 years. I loved my work. My favorite always was to do bathrooms and Master Suites. In one of my designs I put in a gold toilet and marble sink per my clients request. The gold against the black marble was so stunning. He lived on the Albemarle Sound. Your redo reno reminded me of that project. I enjoyed it so much and I have enjoyed seeing your project.
    I now live in Richmond, Ca – since 2013 – and I miss my business so much.
    I so enjoy your emails and news letters. THANK YOU SINCERELY.
    Mary K Warburton

    1. Mary, thank you so much for your kindest compliments! I can only imagine the beauty your created for clients, that gold toilet and marble sink sounds magical! I am so happy that you are a part of our circle of friends here. xo Lidy

  2. Lidy, your guest bath is definitely 5 star. It is so elegantly appointed with your new fixtures and beautiful accessories. I know you are beyond excited to have this project finished…remodeling is not for wimps. Have a beautiful Labor Day Weekend sweet friend!

    Pam xoxo

  3. Vicki Palmer

    Lidy, It is absolutely gorgeous. I love every detail. Enjoy your new bathrooms.

    1. Thank you so much Vicki! I kept the design very simple, white and soft grey, marble and gleaming stainless steel with a gold accent!

  4. Lidy your bathroom is lovely. Construction is not easy but bathrooms and kitchens are the toughest. Doing this during Easter couldn’t have been easy. Like you said you have your stunning garden.

    Love the elegant touches especially the mirror.

    Enjoy your Labor day weekend.


    1. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend too! {We will be “laboring” here! : ) } Thank you, Cindy, it was a bit of a mess, but knowing what was on the other end certainly made it much, much easier!!

  5. Oh Lidy, you made me laugh this morning! You reminded me of the craziness that goes on during a remodeling project. It is definitely not for the faint at heart! Your bathroom is absolutely stunning! It looks so elegant and timeless. All of the fixtures you chose are perfect for the space, and I adore the chandelier you selected. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, sweet friend!!!

  6. Shannon, thank you! It was so exciting, that I really didn’t mind it. I just made up my mind that our house was going to only have about one live-able area for day time {other than my office} and one room to sleep in. It was really nice to be all a l o n e after the bathrooms were done,?

  7. Katherine

    This is beautiful! I have a bathroom about this size, and wonder how you managed the tissue roll placement. Mine is attached to the side of the vanity, but would love to move it.

    1. Katherine, thank you! Our tissue roll is there too, unfortunately, there really is no other place to attach it!

  8. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    What a gorgeous bathroom, Lidy! Design perfection! Thank you so much for sharing with us! It was worth ‘the mess’ 😉


    Love the Scottish jug in the guest bathroom. Janet

  10. It looks like you changed the tub, but no mention in your article or anything about the vanity countertop. The bath does look fabulous.

    1. Karen, we changed everything about the bathroom. I didn’t mention the counter, you are right! Probably will when I do the master bathroom post in a little while. : )

  11. Sharon Reimers

    So perfect, I have to keep going back and look. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Sharon, there aren’t that many photos, I’ll try to do better with the post about the master bathroom in a little while. : )

  12. Oh, Lidy — It’s perfect in every way! Are you going to share the rest of your remodels?

  13. Lidy, your bathroom is lovely. We have been through several remodeling projects and it isn’t easy. I know you are happy it is finished and turned out so nicely, Thank you for sharing.

  14. Denise Carlson

    Definitely worth the wait. I never mind the mess, just dreaming of the finished project is worth the inconvenience. Your bathrooms are beautiful! Love, love, love the products that you chose very classic and clean, good to be back to normal, congratulations!

    1. Thank you Denise, I chose things that I thought would last a while, since our poor bathrooms were so desperate for a make over, I wanted to give them the best I could. Happy weekend!!

  15. It’s beautiful, Lidy, and I can imagine your excitement! It also reminds me of our bath remodel in 2017 (a little PTSD seeing your pileup, can’t lie!). We even chose the Delta Cassidy fixtures too. Caution, though….we sold soon after the remodel, and had no intention of doing that! Enjoy your new, 5 star bath!

    1. Thank you Rita! {I can relate to the little PTSD pileup 🙂 } I don’t think we’ll be selling anytime soon, I’m finally getting a fireplace in the master bedroom that I’ve always wanted!

  16. Tammy Rey

    It looks so beautiful Lidy! I’m sure you’re thrilled to have it finished. Does this mean the master and bedroom are done too?

  17. I am Tammy! The master bathroom and closet are done, the bedroom not yet. But getting there.

  18. Well done, Lidy! Bathrooms are easy to gut but the challenge is to get everything you want in a small space! I love so many things about your guest bath, it’s pure elegance. The stone in your shower, that beautiful sink…and I’m definitely going to look into your overhead light fixture. We are in the process of redoing one of our two full baths in Chicago. I’m keeping the rough hewn shiplap walls, the original tub and sink (from the 1940’s), and we are using leftover stone flooring from the lakehouse baths. It’s exciting.

    I think you carried off Easter very well. And its savvy to tackle all the projects at once. Like having triplets–nine months and you’re done! 🙂

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  19. Donna Milazzo

    So pretty and how fun for you! Our master bath is long overdue – planning a redo soon!

  20. It is lovely ! I am in process of doing the same. Lidy, I think you would like mine too. The original owners put in antique dresser with brass sinks and Black marble top. Big problem the sinks are terribly stained (hard water ) so I am replacing with Black porcelain, brass and crystal faucets. On one wall I have a Vitrine with my very special Limoge pieces, which show up beautifully and I can enjoy them every day!
    Your blogs are so enjoyable, and I love everything you show !

    1. Bonnie,

      Your bathroom sound absolutely magical, I love that you show off your prized Limoges in there!!

      You truly know how to live with beautiful things, and it made my day to read this.

  21. Kathy Hughes

    Lidy, love this bathroom! Also, I like the mix of gold and silver. Is the light fixture gold or silver in tone? I can’t tell from the picture, but I love it!
    Thank you,

  22. Susan M

    Love the remodel. I just redid our present guest bath with a similar tile that you used in the shower, except I put it on the floor. Luv it. Getting ready to build and am going for the same soft, clean and timeless look in the new home. Wondering what you did on the floor since nothing is shown. Did you do a small tile?

    1. Thank you Susan! I actually put the same exact tile on the floors, in the shiny not matte finish also, except that the floor tiles are 24 x 24. I love it!

  23. Lori Simon

    Love this bathroom, can you please share the make and model of the glass shower piece.

    1. Lori, thank you so much for visiting! The glass shower piece (door that does swing open) is custom made, most of the glass doors like this will need to be custom made because of your particular sizes and also the code requirements of your area. There are specialists who make the glass doors.

  24. What color gray did you use on the walls.
    Is the showered wrapped in some type of shower marble product.

    1. Kelly, the grey color is by Dunn Edwards, it’s called Silver Spoon. The Marble on the shower is marble, they are large marble tiles.

  25. Beautiful bathroom! What did you use for the shower walls? It looks like a slab of marble, not tile. Thanks

      1. What size time did you use in your beautiful shower they appear to be 24×24?
        Thinking of using a marble look tile. Calacutta Super White. It has a very soft large vein and it comes in 30×30, 24×48, 48×48.
        The smaller sizes would look a lot like yours and the largest size would be more dramatic. Trying to decide. Did you use the same tile in your primary bath as well ? I Dont want it really busy although yours is beautiful it’s what attracted me to your post.

        1. Hi Susan, I used the large square tiles on the floor, but the shower tiles are 24×48 horizontally. Yes, I used all the same tiles in both the smaller guest bath and the master bathroom, it just made it easier. Our tile had a slight vein, and it looks classic and very clean and elegant. Good luck with your remodel!

  26. Kimberly

    Absolutely timeless! I love white marble with gold accents. I’m also using the same Delta faucet for my bathrooms but I can’t decide, polished nickel or chrome. Which one did you go with? I’m building a new home and can’t decide which one to pick?

    1. Kimberly, I chose the chrome, only because the color was less grey. The polished finish is a little bit more high maintenance than brushed, you literally have to dry off the chrome after each shower because it does show water spots. But it’s worth it, it’s beautiful! I think you would want to put all the finishes together to compare, and you’ll be able to see the difference. No matter what you choose, it will be beautiful!

  27. Jervae Hornung

    I am new here but would love some links to your fixtures and sink…can you help me?

  28. Hi Lidy, I’m not sure how old this post is about your guest bath, but hoping you can answer a question. I love the shower door and thinking about doing the same. I was wondering how easy it is to open with the toilet so close? Thank you

    1. Tish, we bought the toilet and the tub at the right height for this, so that the glass door can swing over the toilet seat. It has to be able to open all the way in our city for it to pass code. I first wanted a door that didn’t swing, but that wasn’t permitted so we went with this one. As long as the door can open over the height of your toilet, it works!

  29. JJMomma

    Lidy, your bathroom is absolutely beautiful! I’m about to embark on a 1950’s remodel of a hideous beige and brown bathroom with a similar footprint as yours except the toilet and vanity are flipped. Love your space and decided to go with a white tub and toilet. Where did you find your Koehler sink? Is your sink all-in-one? Did you have a hard time deciding on the tub? Overall, gorgeous room.

    1. Thank you so much! I bought the sink at a showroom here in Southern California, it is undermounted. It was actually one of the few we could use for this small guest bathroom because otherwise I couldn’t have the drawer space that I wanted! Same is actually true about the bathtub, it had to be a certain size to fit in the space already there and to meet the building codes. I chose one that had super clean lines. Good luck! You will be so happy when it’s done, I’m excited for you!!

  30. Not sure if I will get a reply as this post is from 2019 but hoping you can tell me what size tile you used in the tub surround? I am trying to achieve the same look and I have been unsure how big of a tile to go with. I don’t want it to look too “chopped up” Your bathroom is stunning btw! 🙂

    1. Tina, thank you! I love both our bathrooms now, so much. The tile is 24″ x 12″. I used the same tile on the floors, they are 24″ x 24″.

  31. Lidy, your guest bathroom is the
    most beautiful one i have seen. Can you tell me what the name of the marble tile is that you used in the shower and the manufacturer? If it was purchased in southern California, can you tell me which store you bought it at? Thank you.

    1. Valerie, it’s actually tile, not marble. We looked at all the pros and cons of using real marble, and the tile won! It is not only much more budget friendly, for this guest bathroom which does actually get quite a lot of use, tile seemed much more easy to care for. I bought it at STONE AND CERAMIC SURFACES in Southern California, it’s called CALACATTA DORADO POLISH, I bought the 12×24 for the shower walls and 24×24 for the floor. Lots of people tried to talk me out of the polished surface, saying it would be slippery, but we have not found this to be true, and the shiny surface really makes a luxurious statement.

  32. Leanne

    Gorgeous! What floors are in the renovated bathroom and in the hall/room it adjoins, please?

    1. Leanne, thank you! The floors in our bathrooms are large 24 x 24 calacatta shiny tiles. Our wood floors are really old, they are pecan. Sorry, that’s all I know about them!

  33. Can you provide a link for the shower marble tile please? This is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! The tile is actually not marble, it’s ceramic. Our contractor’s tile person did an amazing job fitting it all together to make it look realistic. It’s called CALACATTA DORADO.

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