I hope you will love what Mary, Pam, Shirley and I have prepared for you today.




I will give you my friend’s links at the bottom of the page.






Today we’re creating a flower arrangement in an urn.




I have had “sneak peeks” of their flowers, and they are    





so.     very.     beautiful.










At FrenchGardenHouse, we’re remodeling our master bedroom & bathroom,






guest bathroom, and our small walk in closet too!










It’s a delight to gaze at these gorgeous flowers in our bedroom,





because this little area is the only one that doesn’t have flooring,





boxes, tile and an all-around m e s s everywhere.








There are so many enchanting summer flowers





to create a lavish arrangement in an urn with –




both in the garden and in the shops.










Since peonies are still available here





I choose these softest pink ones to be the star of this arrangement.




And lucky for me, we just received a shipment of antique cast iron urns





from France in the shop!







 The patina and aged silver grey is the perfect compliment to the





soft colors of this summer arrangement, don’t you agree?








Lavender Stock flowers

Pink chrysanthemums

Pink peonies

Ivy cuttings from the garden

1 small cutting from our pink trumpet vine










You will need:

An antique French urn or similar container

1 glass container (drinking glass) to fit in the urn

clear florists tape

floral scissors

A selection of flowers.



 Start creating:

1. Tape off a grid with the clear florist tape on top of the glass.

2. Fill glass with water, and insert into the urn.

3. Start by adding the tall lavender stock flowers to the urn to build your shape.

4. Arrange the ivy cuttings to the base of the urn.

5. Now add the soft pink chrysanthemums, trying to fill in the gaps to make the arrangement fuller.

6. Once you have all the main flowers in, add the peonies. I placed my bunch where they would really shine,

since they are the stars of this arrangement .







That’s it!



Thank you so much for joining me today



in my remodeling mess!



I hope to show you the completed reveal in  a month or two! {fingers crossed}







For this arrangement and all other floral designing around here





I used our FrenchGardenHouse Flower Arranging Kit.







Please visit Pam, Shirley and Mary by clicking on their links too!




PAM at Everyday Living





SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs





MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs











à bientôt

If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.


  1. Hydrangeas are my favorite with the peonies coming is a close second. Love, love that French urn! The arrangement is so beautiful with the background of your master bedroom in it’s state of remodel. Looks like it is coming along beautifully!…Seeing these beautiful urns of my MMB friends today is making me continue the hunt for a great garden urn. May you have a most wonderful and safe 4th of July and as always, so fabulous to be a part of this great group of flower ? inspiring friends!

  2. What a beautiful combination of blooms this morning Lidy! You’re so lucky to have peonies still available and I love them paired with the lavender stock and pink mums in your gorgeous urn. Your bedroom looks so serene and soothing…I know you’ll be thrilled with your remodel is behind you! Thank you for the beauty this morning. I love starting my Mondays with my flower loving friends. Happy July! <3

  3. My Peonies are just now blooming here in Wisconsin. I was looking at them in the garden yesterday while sitting on the porch. I was thinking about going out and cutting some to put in a vase. Your idea of putting them in a urn looks lovely. I will have to look through some of my treasures in the basement, I’m sure I have one down there. My stocks aren’t in bloom yet, but a quick drive to the market and I’m sure I will find some Stocks and Mums to complete the arrangement. Thank you Liddy for the lovely idea . Pam, Mary and Shirley have some lovely arrangements as well. I do think my favorite flowers to decorate with are Hydrangeas. My gardens
    have several varieties. Hope you have a great 4th of July Holiday.

  4. Just beautiful Lidy. Monday Morning blooms is a favorite. The peonies against the French urn is so beautiful. The soft pink throw adds to the beauty of the arrangement. Serene and georgeous! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Lidy, love, love, love the French urn with its marvelous patina.! There are no peonies to be found around here, but I can certainly enjoy your beautiful pink ones arranged with the lavender stock…love the pairing of those two colors, they are so soft and pretty together. Your bedroom looks perfectly charming, hang in there with the remodeling, hopefully it will soon be finished. It is always a pleasure to share MMB’s with my friends!

  6. Love the soft colors of the flowers and the vintage urn Lidy, so calming…probably just what you need in the middle of a messy remodel! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite flower, but peonies and hydrangeas are at the top of my list! Your flower tips are always wonderful and much appreciated, thank you!

  7. Beautiful summer arrangement. Bless you, with the remodeling!
    I love the patina of your antique French urn and your choice of soft color flowers is so soothing and elegant. I adore peonies and stock is the perfect complement as is the chrysanthemums and your garden pickings
    .Hydrangeas are my favorite summer flower.
    Have a lovely week.

  8. Your French silver urn and the soft pinks of the flowers are like a dreamy ballet scene, and yet you speak of turmoil surrounding! Amazing how the mind can be tricked into thinking all is perfect through photos, isn’t it? It is beautiful, and I bet you’re thinking the renovations will never end, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. And I just know it will be stunning. Do share the befores and afters, please!

  9. Allison Herron

    I’m sure it wil be stunning and comfortable when you are done. Just not fun going through it, is it? Bonne Chance!

    1. Allison, it will be freshly painted, and beautiful I think! It’s such a blessing to be able to design a bathroom from scratch! I had a really good idea of exactly what I wanted with an image board- so our friend brought me to her tile place and all we had to do is order the right tiles, fixtures etc. It’s coming together!!

  10. Darlene

    Thank you for sharing all this beauty and your design…it made my day!
    Love Mondays thanks to you gals!

    1. Thank you so much Darlene. It makes me so happy that you are enjoying the floral beauty!

  11. Denise Carlson

    The sweet roses of summer, and coming in a close second is peonies! Great Monday morning blooms ladies as always.

  12. Lidy your summer arrangement is almost surreal in it’s beauty. The colors are perfect and your surroundings certainly didn’t look in dis-aray. Peaceful and calm is the way I would describe it. I adore pink and lavender and the addition of a pretty vase and I could lie down and take a nap easily. The peony is one of my favorite flowers and sadly, I can not grow them here in SW Florida, so I will have to enjoy them virtually from your lovely gardens.

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