Do you share our love affair with blue?


Design and color trends come and go,


but our love for this classic, chic hue is never-ending.





Especially in summer, blue brings memories of summer days, luxury vacations and island get-aways.



Blue is always crisp, stylish and tranquil.



Can you tell we’re in love with blue?



Shop some of our sophisticated decor & gifts below; blue is always a favorite!


Antique French Grainsack Pillow | French Linen Pillows | 19th Century Platter | Bleu Candles | Dark Blue CandlesDelft Chinoiserie PlateSeaside Blue Arrangement | Summer Silk Sachets | Breton Stripe Weekender



à bientôt


9 thoughts on “SAY HELLO TO BLUE”

  1. I like a bit softer blue. All the pieces in the collection are pretty.

    Enjoy your weekend


  2. Rebecca Dexter

    Love the Breton striped weekender…I didn’t see it for sale?

  3. Rebecca, it’s linked at the bottom of the photo, you can click on it! I’ve sent you an email with a direct link. Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!


  4. I love blue! Cannot get enough of it!! Thank you, Lidy, for a wonderful article!! You, your blog, and your curated items are the best!! Have a wonderful weekend — Janet

    1. Thank you Janet! Hope your Saturday is wonderful. xo Lidy

  5. Lidy, I love, love, love blue. Especially the faded and worn blue. Makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it. All the pieces in the collection are lovely. Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Lidy, I have always loved blue since I was a child. Your collection is perfect my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings always
    Pam xoxo

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